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  1. You are wrong. Everyone in PR can revive by picking up medic kit. Everyone can revive hurt nothing in squad
  2. Statement.

    @Atlan clans aren't here to fulfill your needs. They fulfill theirs. But most of them would claim they actually want to win... and as there's no one using "definitely yours game winning tactics", it shouldn't be that hard to get couple of people together and win all games... so far you only talking empty words though instead of doing anything now the fun part, guess if (many/most) developers play the game and in which clan, and go ask them why the game is the way the game is
  3. FDF Mod - Finnish Defence Forces

    Don't care about being real, but from gameplay perspective, you are a giving great suggestion. Infantry/vehicle separation was always a problem (since BF2:PR). In a game about combined arms and teamwork, it's will force them to work together instead of being independent actors. It will be impossible to win without proper cooperation in lack of mobility on larger maps too. It will significantly diversify factions, as armor is now properly compensated by speed. It solves lone camper problem where 1 MG destroys multiple trucks with full squads inside and makes it not viable tactics to lone wolf camp (except rambo HAT ofc) Positives all around the scene, and as drawback, hurr durr I just wanna shoot stuff not speak population getting rekt properly, so buying COD instead, so OWI doesn't get the money, so it's not gonna be implemented. Possibly, creating map layouts where you can define what assets each layout get will someday be easy enough and whilelisted (we know it won't) so server owners can pick assets they need for their rotation themselves. But I don't think FDF devs are the ones to blame here anyway.
  4. I mute a lot of people especially SLs and I'm better than you in-game It's the best Squad feature implemented by developers so far, and definitely need further development and QOL improvements In reality of low quality communication, where people use in-game communication as some kind of public chat for dating, venting, learning, acting, singing and refuse to follow simplest efficiency protocols, muting is the only thing preventing open toxicity as response
  5. Coax on right mouse button.

    The post you are quoting to is merely shitposting as answer to shitposting. Good controls doesn't mean arcade. Right now RMB not used at all for vehicle gunners, and the excuse to not having coax on RMB is only technical: legacy weapon selection system where each separate weapon is binded to own inventory slot. The need to reload the tank rounds each time is most probably connected technical problem.
  6. Coax on right mouse button.

    But so far you are the only one mentioning not adequate dev skill in the thread, while implying I did it. I said exactly what I said and the rest is your implications which is what rude for me, for example. Talking about rudeness, advertising game as BF2:PR successor and dumbing it down to arcade shooter is even more rude to me. And oh it's on the forum where your posts get removed and you suggested to contact Lead Moderator and page with the list of members doesn't work.
  7. Coax on right mouse button.

    Similar systems that we should remake to have it working well enough - you have to reload your gun each time you switch to shovel/grenade/medic kit. I don't think it will be too much for anyone, ADD TO THE GAME NAO
  8. Coax on right mouse button.

    There are dozens UI bugs I'd fix in new for me project in matter of minutes and they are in Squad for years Nothing is simple for squad devs, here you are right
  9. Coax on right mouse button.

    The problem is that you guys expect some quality of life improvements and properly implemented controls in the spaghetti code and expect understanding from people who don't even properly read (:
  10. FPS limiter

    there's FPS limiter in-game on top of one of setting tabs
  11. SL and FTL suggestions

    It's probably another good time to state that "hardcore squad gamemod" shouldn't have any 3D markers, and we need it separately from "classic squad gamemod". Your suggestion will fit fine into 2nd one
  12. SL and FTL suggestions

    Minimal HUD and lack of built in 3D markers is thematic for "realistic shooters". The chance of Team Killing due to lack of information on target too. Ability to get lost if not paying attention to the battlefield. There are dozens more negatives which you can't see there, any 3D markers are cazualization. When I want to have 3D markers, I play Planet Side 2. And if anyone is dumb enough to disable it there, he will lose huge amount of potential performance. When I play squad, where "wE cAnT hAvE sNiPeR rIflEs, they are not used in common forces", built in 3D indicators into eyes shouldn't be built in too
  13. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    how do you measure competitiveness? is BF2:PR less competitive?
  14. SL and FTL suggestions

    Let's not spam the world with artificial markers at all, and if we do, then why only those? All map markers can and should be displayable in 3D