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  1. Stop crew taking damage in flipped vehicles

    Oh shit you don't even know how (most of) combat vehicles work, do you? They are specifically designed to work on steep surfaces unlike civilian cars and are not afraid of flipping. You are obsessed with idea that Squad is realistic so you find any excuse to fill the hole with your shit, but it's not. Squad isn't realistic one bit, it's not even trying to be, all the surface level mechanics are laughable and even all the shit about how it could be in your head are much more complicated than how those Squad mechanics are. Unless main Bases round start full of flipped vehicles, or vehicles sent to the Low Earth Orbit due to little collision is what your idea of realism. I thank you for you effort into popularizing this thread, I had quite the amusement laughing of you thinking that when you flip in your car, you will start losing health and die in next 30 seconds. But this is the last message I've ever read from you on this forum, still please keep posting <3
  2. Stop crew taking damage in flipped vehicles

    > obvious > realism > realism attribute in the programming of the game > designed to punish the user for being careless > spent many hours actually programming first of all, you still didn't send us a video of you being shot in the head and then revived by a medic, so further discussion with you is senseless. second, it's obvious that you aren't a programmer or even remotely connected to it, your ability to evaluate how long it takes to write this isn't even close, so why are you even trying to answer something you have no idea about?
  3. Currently when a vehicle is flipped for some time, it starts to take constant damage. So do everyone manning the vehicle during that time. What's the point of a crew taking damage in flipped vehicles? If someone tries to unflip/operate it until it's destroyed, he shouldn't die before the vehicle dies from magical flip damage.
  4. I don't think, I know how it works. Why do you think I wrote I message?
  5. First come first server solves your problem by removing admin from the equation
  6. "no enemy within X* metres (this should be a large enough number to reduce cheesing, 200 metres for example. The enemy check would be similar to the rally check. *X indicates a number to be determined.)" Pls stop with the magic enemy detectors
  7. leftover vehicles (my solution)

    Gamy vehicle respawn 10 minutes after death times is pretty stupid anyway If choppers do it, why not anything else
  8. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Suppression is at decent place right now, desires of TS have nothing to do with logic.
  9. Is this game still active???

    Of course they don't. They can sit on empty servers otherwise. Then after several hours if miracle happens and other 79 people join, crash on the map change and do it all other again. BTW nobody garantees you will ever play online, all public servers in private property not provided by the game developer, so enjoy your offline gameplay, you join a server and get kicked "to make space for an admin" and get back in bugged infinite queue. @Backdoorsurpris Also before you buy, check all "the game is still unplayable" threads in support forum without any responses
  10. Is this game still active???

    not worth it, wait release/discount or Planet Side 3, or you will wait in server queues for hours of your life
  11. FPS drops since V16 update

    https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/videocard/ Lee suggests to update for 15% of all steam users
  12. > might be linked to death in a vic then being revived often happened to me without death in a vic (mine or anyone else) yearly in the round on capping uncapped flags Firstly introduced with RAAS, I'd bet it's connected to RAAS mechanics of unable to see flags and spaghetti code <3
  13. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    It's not made for it. Show me where does it state that it's made for it? Show me where does it state that Squad as any other arcade First Person Shooter doesn't encourage winning? What competitive mode are you even talking about? > People played Project REALITY for the immersion not the win I know a lot of people who played project reality for win and not immersion, even though I personally don't care about winning in public (non-competitive environment outside of pre-made team-clans), I know hundreds of people who played for it. > i remember the mod was created to not affiliate with those players. What? Project Reality Tournament was supported by developers of PR, they participated in it, sponsored and helped with its organization. Sorry, but it seems you live in parallel reality, that's beside that you state a lot of things based nothing rather than what you what to believe which is quite opposite to any existing facts, so yes, I give up and clans are obviously ruining squad or mad cuz bad.
  14. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    META: - 3 manned clan member tanks wiping out the whole game since experienced armour is hard to come by and will create a in-balance very quickly- Sitting just outside of main and not really on main and waiting for logi's and other vehicles to come out of main - Full squad of clan members rushing the first flags to cut off the whole chain of the enemy- Constant switching to US and leaving RU and INF mostly with not so experienced people. What is to blame? Your answer: clans Actual answer: game mechanics Many clans accept new players, shape/teach them to play, keep player activity high. In that sense, clans do for community much more than you could ever do, because they are many, and you are alone. Any player searching to win the game through his skill and experience will apply the Most Efficient Tactics Available to archive the win. Anyone who will avoid META either doesn't care about winning or doesn't know how to do it. So why are you blaming clans? Just because the people joining clans are typically the type of players actually able to cooperate/communicate/imply proper tactics, they are ruining the game? The clans are the only proper way to play the game in first place, as they are supposed to provide stable active structure, where you can improve as a group. > also noticed they handing out macros that will create pre-defined named squads attached to a key bind to claim vehicles and heli's faster. And job givers are handing out money so they can buy better SSD and processors to load into the game and create the squad faster. How is it the clans faults? If you server has asset name claiming rules, it's the problem of your server rules, not people who uses them. > Most people know PA server you can solo a tank if you wanted too, yet it almost never happens. Is PA stands for Project Awesome? (I play on Project Awesome and the rules for the longer than 1 last year is that all crewman required vehicles have to be 2-manned and admins are actively and effectively preventing one-manning. And even then, PA has several small stable groups of people playing together, even if they don't have same clan tags before their name, they dominate most of vehicle combat/asset destruction/diversions)
  15. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Nobody here asked to have debris staying after destruction. Nobody asked to have collision on debris or synchronize them on different clients. Squad even have wounded bodies desynced client-side, don't see you complaining anywhere about it?