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  1. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    > I can tell you the following, naming a squad “Warcrimes and Rape” is against our rules. We received several complaints from other players regarding it and followed up on those complaints. Was is in squad chat? Because I monitor allchat / teamchat close to 100% percent, there was nothing in the discord admin channel as well, so why people intentionally tried to report it the way so I didn't notice it? > We do not put our members on a pedestal and we uphold everyone to the same standards on our servers. The member who you mentioned committing the same offense has been talked to and due to this and similar actions, has been placed upon probation for half a year, with one more mistake resulting into a permanent removal from the clan and all services rendered by us. The problem with it, that that particular member wasn't alone in the squad. I don't remember exact number, but I would say that at least 4 members of Blood Bound joined it and at least one of the them was a server administrator. Squad name was standing during the whole round, the same way no one complained about it and admins didn't act upon. Where is all their apologies for doing it? There are none because if I didn't mention it no one would even notice. I suspect that the problem is mostly the word "rape"? The word "rape" was freely used in the game all chat by many players to describe the situations when another team can not give a fight, as expected without warning or bans. You do say that such squad names are unwanted and I can perfectly understand that. Until the incident me or your own server administrator obviously didn't think it's bannable offense. There's nothing in the rules directly stating it's against the rules. I will help you to formulate it, if you want. "1. No racism, sexism, discrimination or sexual content mentions of any sort will be tolerated.Any such chat - whether in text chat, or over comms - will be met with a permanent ban. This includes offensive player or squad names." You can even through in "controversial content" in there to cover your future adminning and justify bans like that. And yes, I am and people like me will try to avoid breaking your rules when you state them in such way. Unfortunately, all admin process I've been through was aimed to remove me immediately without consideration, although some of your members know me, many players do and I never broke any rules during about 500h played. To be honest, talking to the banning admin was comparably more toxic than average honest talk about war crimes as his only intention was not to prevent such cases in future when I mentioned that this is not regulated but screw me over in hate for mentioning it. > Are you honestly standing behind that statement? Aye, unfortunately I do. A lot of important historical events I got learnt about only after I've met people from Croatia, Serbia, spoke with people from Ukraine, etc. You and me know that conversations in the squad created by your member weren't toxic. The same way low IQ people don't end up talking in my squads because there's a kick function. And it's fine if you don't talk to people about things I do. In any way, I came to your server to play and not type something you don't want to be typed, unfortunately I have not given a chance to realize that it's unwanted, because many of your own members acted fine in a similar situations. And your mention that there's difference between me and your members sound like this: you pull out and shoot someone in the head for saying the word "rape" and ask the next one if he thinks it's ok what he did the same. If I asked him before the incident I'm pretty sure he wouldn't say it was a problem.
  2. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Squad Thought Police or how to get banned for opinion TL;DR: I got banned from Blood Bound Squad server for being a squad leader of a squad called "War crimes and rape" for 3 days. I got perma banned from it for answering an admin that I do find such name appropriate. Other Blood Bound members had squad with name "Dolphins are rapey" without consequences. I've been a Project Reality admin for couple of years, I respect any kind of server rules and follow them. It's typically my first action to come and check the server rules if I play on new one. After the initial ban I went to Blood Bound Discord Server to re-read their server rules and ask the admins what exactly I did wrong. The rule I have been pointed to was: "1. No racism, sexism, or discrimination of any sort will be tolerated Any such chat - whether in text chat, or over comms - will be met with a permanent ban. This includes offensive player or squad names." I asked if that was racism, sexism, or discrimination but didn't receive an answer, instead *owner* asked me to come to help desk to discuss. The short talk came to the question if I find such squad name appropriate, then I answered "Yes, as it's not regulated", he congratulated that my ban is now permanent. Nobody on the server complained about my squad name or asked to change it, which I would do if requested. Ban came without warning. It wouldn't be such an issue if it was temporary ban for actions I did i.e. naming my squad the way I did even though it's not in the rules, but it is as I'm banned for my sounded opinion that historical facts are appropriate in the game where the main theme is killing people. If someone is wondering, I do not support war crimes or rape. Instead I call my squad names which are possible discussion topics for in-squad downtime discussion. This leads me to a couple of conclusions: 1. Do not expect to be treated in the similar manner as other Blood Bound members on this server. They are allowed more than you are. 2. Do not be open minded and honest with admins here, they are not there to understand and help you. 3. Do not practice free speech there or go into discussions, you might trigger someone and get banned. Meet you somewhere else, boys (:
  3. Hotkey for SL marks

    Aka "SL Place Map Marker #" for map. yes pls. Doubled here:
  4. Solution is: adding a server setting which restricts graphical setting. Each server will decide if they want it and to what extent. But then the epic client modification fight begins ):
  5. New Revive ability

    There's an urgent need to make people interested in playing medic. In the current mechanics medic is intended to be in every squad, but it's typical that people are avoiding it and there's much less than 1.5 medics per squad in average. Adding optics to make medic kit wanted and players to compete to have will increase overall quality, because it's easier to select better player for medic than to persuade people to be one
  6. New mechanic for kits and team play

    This suggestion leads nowhere. Any decent SL / squadmember knows his squadmates performance. Spend your time on rising good SLs instead.
  7. New Revive ability

    Changes sound good. Give medics optics kit option as well.
  8. Medic progression in Squad

    @Tommy everyone has a map and can see incapacitated on it. It's not medic related. Medics only see bleeding additionally, imo neglectable. But you are right, having the interactive map radar is one the arguable mechanics in Squad. Just as friendly indicators (: @everyone: Getting a decent dedicated to his role medic is one of the biggest problems since BF2:PR. It's the last preferable role for me, but I still have to do it often, cuz it's just not fun to play for majority of the players so they can't be arsed. As SL I'm not even going to force into medic anyone anymore. It feels like the formula of medic is just plain wrong i.e. not fun for the most. I would remove medic as dedicated role for revives and give revive ability to everyone in the squad. Keep the current medic as "Advanced" reviver and healer, so he has better dedicated tools when reviving. E.g. more patches, faster speed. UPD: I've read about July changes after this post. it sounds like we thought alike.
  9. About Radio and noise pollution

    SL coms are trash in current pubs. About 90% typically of talk there is useless/unrelated to the game or my squad situation. Even worse, I can not hear my squad over SL coms which leads to my death / squad being crippled by absent SL. Squad coms should NOT have less priority than SL coms. They are much more tactical i.e. related to what is important right now. You can deal with strategic decisions later. I don't expect SLs quality to go up significantly/fast so there should be a technical solution for the problem. 1) Give SLs options/controls over lowering squad coms when command coms, don't force him into not hearing squad. 2) Give SLs ability to lower sound/mute other dedicated SLs. Otherwise it's indeed easier to use external coms for my squad communication. Can anyone link me suggestion/feedback thread for this?
  10. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Suff Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/paragonid/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 27 Timezone or Region: EU Nature of Interest: Play to win / Play for fun / Competitive Gaming Background: Chronic gamer. 3+ years of BF2:PR including PRT (tournament). Additional Skills: SLing, ignoring SL coms not starting with "Squad #my_squad_number" or mb my nickname, vehicles, pubbing, teaching you how to pronounce "Cyka blyat" properly Status: "Unsigned"
  11. Control "SL Place Map Marker" is great. I would like it to work for Spawn Menu map, so when I want to place a marker on the map I don't have to "Right Mouse Click - Select Marker Type" but just hotkey. Will reduce amount of needed click by two times. Currently if hotkey is pressed during Spawn Menu opened, marker goes to the middle of view screen.