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  1. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    "What i was saying is that the accuracy in this game is unrealistically good. " + Consistency of in game mechanics implying realism =. Need to address realism in aiming argument, so you were wrong
  2. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    Game about super-soldiers keepings weapons straight under artillery shells hitting them on the head and one tap headshotting running targets from 200m away after 3 minutes run and 5 seconds of laying down, no fear of death, no real tiredness or stress. Or are we playing different games? Not sure how you found any reality in it
  3. Leveling progression

    Let's imagine amount of hours you have counted by steam in game is your level
  4. Why do i lag when i see people?

    Chat probably delivered by TCP while most of the rest (e.g. object position) by UDP It's all kinda offtopic though Teleportation or float moving during lost connection isn't exactly "lag when i see people"
  5. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    wake up, it already did exit alpha "kappa"
  6. Unable to see servers in server browser

    there's also black hole discord channel. sometimes devs even react to bug posts in there
  7. Why do i lag when i see people?

    It's strange, especially stuff like blue screen, probably more serious than internet lag. I hope you at least use UPS, if yes, then some of hardware is probably faulty
  8. Jumping gives no aim deviation

    jump not fall. didn't test falling. falling during jump works
  9. Currently healed for a split second by a medic gives access to full stamina. It's very binary, forgiving and abusive in current implementation: it's often not worth to heal anyone fully next to combat due to time deficit Capping maximum stamina % by current health % will encourage to give full heals, stick to medics until properly healed and reduce rambo-ness on 5% health
  10. Why do i lag when i see people?

    internet lag won't cause screen freezes
  11. In B18 jumping doesn't take stamina, doesn't decrease moving speed and doesn't give aim deviation, i.e. gun is perfectly centered in all moment of the jump Same for centered gun during hip fire, monitor crosshair feature lets headshot with ease Arcadish to extreme, please step away from doom inspired shooting handling
  12. Can we add bracing to the game?

    There's no reason for this to be performance heavy
  13. IRL throwing from being prone is hard, much harder than from sitting or standing position. I bet you won't throw 1/3 distance of what you could do standing In game it's safest position to throw, crawling gives ability to longer survive suppression (outnumbered and without teamwork support) in most of low cover fighting, encouraging throwing nades from ammo bag/box/truck prone until enemy come up extremely close to finish you off It's a good little immersive nerf to lonewolf camping situation to reduce throwing range when prone
  14. Rallies not working

    @HamsterPower You haven't seen much then. It's a bug for 1+ year, depending on position of the rally, can happen 5 times for 1 player during round