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  1. New Revive ability

    There's an urgent need to make people interested in playing medic. In the current mechanics medic is intended to be in every squad, but it's typical that people are avoiding it and there's much less than 1.5 medics per squad in average. Adding optics to make medic kit wanted and players to compete to have will increase overall quality, because it's easier to select better player for medic than to persuade people to be one
  2. New mechanic for kits and team play

    This suggestion leads nowhere. Any decent SL / squadmember knows his squadmates performance. Spend your time on rising good SLs instead.
  3. New Revive ability

    Changes sound good. Give medics optics kit option as well.
  4. Medic progression in Squad

    @Tommy everyone has a map and can see incapacitated on it. It's not medic related. Medics only see bleeding additionally, imo neglectable. But you are right, having the interactive map radar is one the arguable mechanics in Squad. Just as friendly indicators (: @everyone: Getting a decent dedicated to his role medic is one of the biggest problems since BF2:PR. It's the last preferable role for me, but I still have to do it often, cuz it's just not fun to play for majority of the players so they can't be arsed. As SL I'm not even going to force into medic anyone anymore. It feels like the formula of medic is just plain wrong i.e. not fun for the most. I would remove medic as dedicated role for revives and give revive ability to everyone in the squad. Keep the current medic as "Advanced" reviver and healer, so he has better dedicated tools when reviving. E.g. more patches, faster speed. UPD: I've read about July changes after this post. it sounds like we thought alike.
  5. About Radio and noise pollution

    SL coms are trash in current pubs. About 90% typically of talk there is useless/unrelated to the game or my squad situation. Even worse, I can not hear my squad over SL coms which leads to my death / squad being crippled by absent SL. Squad coms should NOT have less priority than SL coms. They are much more tactical i.e. related to what is important right now. You can deal with strategic decisions later. I don't expect SLs quality to go up significantly/fast so there should be a technical solution for the problem. 1) Give SLs options/controls over lowering squad coms when command coms, don't force him into not hearing squad. 2) Give SLs ability to lower sound/mute other dedicated SLs. Otherwise it's indeed easier to use external coms for my squad communication. Can anyone link me suggestion/feedback thread for this?
  6. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Suff Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/paragonid/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 27 Timezone or Region: EU Nature of Interest: Play to win / Play for fun / Competitive Gaming Background: Chronic gamer. 3+ years of BF2:PR including PRT (tournament). Additional Skills: SLing, ignoring SL coms not starting with "Squad #my_squad_number" or mb my nickname, vehicles, pubbing, teaching you how to pronounce "Cyka blyat" properly Status: "Unsigned"
  7. Control "SL Place Map Marker" is great. I would like it to work for Spawn Menu map, so when I want to place a marker on the map I don't have to "Right Mouse Click - Select Marker Type" but just hotkey. Will reduce amount of needed click by two times. Currently if hotkey is pressed during Spawn Menu opened, marker goes to the middle of view screen.