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  1. generator sound in main menu

    I have 0% music but still have generator sound
  2. generator sound in main menu

    you guys shouldn't stay in the menu, 100% GPU load
  3. Alpha 15 Released

    > but they haven't reduced the amount of foliage, just made it act a bit more realistically funboism will always find its ways. Amount of foliage is definitely less, with significant areas lacking any foliage now.
  4. Added arrows are great improvement. Besides others, would like to see zone markers, i.e. (front-)lines, circles / quadrangles to mark-fill territories
  5. Add map operator squad role to delegate ability to add map marks the way SL do. SL can give such role to his squad member like FTL promoting. Would improve life of SL.
  6. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Remove chat and increase font size of server messages, so I can enjoy those meaningful non-repetitive messages broadcasted by servers even more. Preferably also add requirement to click "OK" each time server broadcasts the message
  7. Squad sold 1 million copy ?

    Regional price with discount were like 7$ here
  8. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    1: "Five, engage that man, 100m, front." 5: "Copy! I'm on him!" 2: "Where are you?" ... 4: "****! 1 is down! This is 4, I'm taking command." 2: "Where are you?"
  9. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    Main camping is effective due to game mechanics: you will always meet enemy there. If you intend to win there's no reason not to camp main if you can. As it's much more FUN (i.e. not boring) to meet enemy than not to meet him game mechanics is to blame here, not players. Going close to enemy main should be discouraged by game mechanics. Main could be wide area with multiple exists, so there's no guarantee one will encounter enemy camping it (map design), even something subtle as additional defense capabilities (spread infinite ammo boxes, tows/mgs), forward defensive infantry spawns) would help to, something more severe like passive spotting or powerful area attack allowed to be done next to own with a little delay could help. I don't think this problem was properly solved in similar games yet, going where enemy will be traversing without proper support is just too effective to not do if possible. Passive spotting feels promising to me. To implement it main would have something like Zone Control hexes around it, and when enemy enter it, they will increase heat of the hexes. Hexes with heat above certain level (let's say 30 seconds of presence per human) would show up to defenders as dangerous. Heat disappears with delay and slower speed than appearing.
  10. In the matter of fall damage

    Using word "never" so much appealed to me as nothing more than emotional appeal Disregarding all other emotional victimized stuff in there
  11. Suppression

    Suppression feels ok to me too. Suppression works for lmgs and higher, or multiple rifles on same target. Not excessive for close range, effective enough to prevent spotting and immediate return fire on middle ranges. There are sad parts to it, being suppressed through the several meters of buildings when not even fired at you or knowing that it's enemy shooting at your position when not being suppressed, sad meta advantage.
  12. Excited for v15

    hitmarkers and killfeed when
  13. Steam Summer Sale -- 50% off!

    whitelist DLC incoming
  14. Awesome community

    it's you are awesome (cuz it's the only way to not encounter negative part of experience of this community)
  15. Currently: Vehicle claiming function runs on interaction start with the vehicle Should be: Vehicle claiming function runs on entering the vehicle It solves additional problem of "entering a vehicle when another squad claimed it after you've started entering but didn't finish yet"