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  1. Logi passengers able to fire.

    Remove ability to have more than 3 people in the truck. Add more APCs. Transporting people in trucks in a fight is not a realism.
  2. Black Lives Matter

    Here's very fun claim "A police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer. Many have tried, all have failed, to demonstrate that the police are "racist."" As far as I know being armed is lawful right of most of USA citizens. Why lawfully armed excluded from the statistics in first place? Let's get pure relationships of groups. USA has ~800,000 police officers, I doubt that more than 50% on the streets, most probably less than 25%. But let it be 400000 police officers who can kill unarmed black male with 420 million non-Hispanic blacks. There's 1050 times more possibly unarmed black males than police officers, therefore if it's not correlated events, than it should be 1050 times less chances for unarmed black males to be killed by police officer, not 18.5! Re-iterating, all this is statistical manipulation which doesn't itself correlate to anything significant in real world.
  3. Black Lives Matter

    This statistics is comparing apples to oranges besides the fact is not even trying to hide the fact it's pro-police. Here's many researches where "Statistics Do Support Claims of Systemic Police Racism" The fun part the amount of analysis mistakes in both sources are countless. They don't even have control group to compare to. Some error examples are 1. Correlation and causation 2. Spurious correlations 3. Interpreting comparisons between two effects without directly comparing them https://elifesciences.org/articles/48175 Besides the statistical part, the exact meaning of claims are important and not explained. For example, what do you mean by systemic? How many policemen/groups/stations/towns/states have to show to call it systemic? None of the suggested statistics research "Racism" directly and the stated outcome is purely rhetorics and not clear scientific result
  4. And I can't stand joining into games anymore to see nothing but 9 men unlocked free kit squads, without coordination, communication or with it, but it's better to mute them than to listen to their irrelevant bullshit of reports about enemies behind a tree all around the map Squad has failed to show the community the way to evaluate competence. So now there are a lot of veterans with thousands hours who spam G for saying to everyone that they should send their medic to revive the SL, walking to the flag through desert for 10min and superfobbing A1, unloading 3 logies on one fob 5 meter from each other who believe they are great at game I'm getting better teamwork and communication at COD Warzone than from many clan players of Squad, not mentioning competence in all of the rest areas, where people actually stick together and support each over unlike what happens in those open Squad squads. Locked squad and group of friends are the only way to play this game. Anything else is bs
  5. Then you don't understand the problem fully. It's not a grudge against lonewolf. It's the fact that it's META to be one.
  6. Can't lose absent
  7. Nice Ecchi, didn't know it existed. I guess I'm still on same page with PR ideas
  8. Some of the kit restrictions are too harsh/non-sensical. Prime example is scoped RPK-74M being available only since 7 men for RGF. Why? 40 mag AK is probably the worst LMG with the highest restrictions. In standard 38 men team, only 5 people can have it max. Not sure if per team limit is lower, but setting it to 5 max per team and letting 4-5 men squads take it will keep the weapon composition. In linked topic discussed reasons for kit restriction system 1 We want to discourage lone wolf behavior. So creating a new squad won't really get you much fancy gear, optics, 1337 sniperz or rocket launchers. 2 We want to encourage the formation of bigger squads, by both rewarding the SL and the squad members with more options and available kit. The reason being that the more people. there are in your squad, the greater the chance of people accidentally sticking together AND will be able to hear communication - hopefully giving incentive to talk back. 3 We want to have certain factions be more diverse and have the ability to utilize different tactics (stick around for the militia bit!). 4 We want to be able to use as much of our content as possible to give the game depth and replayability. Addressing 1 and 2, it looks like many of this intention didn't work very well with reality. With how public play currently is, the bigger squad I join, the less chance it's actually squad which sticks together, covers each other and work on same objective. The more chance I get a fancy kit and do whatever, and nobody pays attention to my nice marksman kit. Addressing 3, I don't see any diversity, only standardization of squads due to strict member per squad requirement. Addressing 4, people like me who prefer clear but intense communication, so they don't want their squad to be all around the map talking non-actual to them stuff, will keep it smaller and never see RPK-74M at all. Squads should be given the right to specialize (like it's done with marksman/hit/MG) and gun composition should be kept on team level instead. Kit restriction should be eased on squad member number and focused on team based level instead.
  9. 1. One of the ways to increase the benefit of Squad sticking together is decreasing lone wolf efficiency. Currently soldier health is close to binary: you either have more than minimum health i.e. full stamina/no sway, either have have full sway/no stamina. Implementing gradual ability decrease for every bit of health lost will punish staying away from medic (in addition to additional desire to not get hit all instead instead of trading shot for a kill). I.e. current health % will be equal maximum stamina %. Minor but significant stimul to stick together Side effect is that higher damage weapons will actually hurt you more as expected, instead of being equally same 1 shot distance away from death 2. Minimal health soldiers could use more debuf. For example, making painful moans.
  10. Putting it in another light, developer wasn't able to implement "add to favorite" server feature for about a year, leaving it in bugged state, where servers disappears from "favorites" each time it restarts. And it's very simple to do. Don't expect party support in Squad in nearest couple years. With current state of things, probably never.
  11. You tell others that you can have fun without winning, but instead of focusing on your little world, you should make a generalization based on everyone. As there are millions of people who will tell you the exact same, YOU have missed the whole point of "playing". There always will be people having fun and playing for win, the way they want and enjoy it. And there always be people telling you that you are a little 7 years old kid if you are still playing video games instead of working or making kids. It's a game responsibility to make the environment fair for everyone, not the player responsibility to care what your fragile feelings are. If some settings give players advantage, there should be ability to separate such players from those, who don't want to experience it AKA public "Tournament mode" with settings per server instance P.S. "Locking gamma during a match" is not making anything fair, rather opposite creates a difference between experienced/whitelisted and rest. It's one of the worst crutches I've ever seen
  12. A simple leveling system

    Having "Hours Played" displayed for players as well as any other basic stats can do no harm.
  13. I played Post Scriptum for 3 hours during this free weekend for the first time ever. Some called it "Squad reskin", so comparison between two is probably the closest one could get right now. PS has many advantages I always wanted from squad: 1. Dead-dead state management and gore (+ragdoll) 2. I barely grasped but so far enjoyed medic system more 3. Slower movement, less explosive stamina (although duck the canteen) 4. Better suppression 5. Bush (see: cover system) movement slowdown/sound 6. Limited rally 7. Fob resource management (free emplacements and less cri every time randoms still all ammo from your fob) Although it has disadvantages too, e.g. "Invasion" gamemod domination, less "combined arms" orientation, strange UI/controls decisions (aggressive highlighting of friendlies, compass visible only by hotkey, bolt rifles), spread pixel hunting, scope vs. no-scope balance I don't know PS community well and it's hard to judge by such little experience especially during free-weekend, while the infantry engagements are more tactical and team effort based rather than rambo style oriented than Squad, but I'm not sure if it's not enough to make average public player more team work oriented. If you want team-work experience, get friends and improve your experience through training them/together. And don't expect to find many between average PS/Squad clan. At this point, I doubt average public player in both games can satisfy reasonable expectations.
  14. Stuff I like/don’t like about the game

    The exact values of "diminishing returns for revive spamming" aren't published anywhere I'm aware of and completely not controllable to the player from in-game. Knowing amount of bugs in Squad in simplest things, I do not see any reasons to believe it's even working properly. From own experience, I don't ever notice this mechanics in-game, and even if it exists, the "revive until death" timers restores too fast and countered by revive by the medic. Being able to be revived from simple wounds for 5-6 minutes by default doesn't help anything either. I guess we can call that change the least noticeable and the most unclear Squad mechanics ever.