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  1. no freelance in tournoment?

    Yes, go run own tournament please, nobody minds
  2. Speed leaning spam is arcadish gaming technic giving significant advantage for experience players. It keeps your aim stable, prevent headshots on you and gives ability to shoot first. In a sense, it's similar to currently solved dolphin diving. Here's reference from R6, similar to what Squad have IMO It should be discouraged just as dolphin diving in the past. Spam of standing/sitting is a connected problem. Significant body movement should move sight/cost stamina/reduce stamina regeneration/increase sway to get rid of meta of spring bullet evasion style ... as well as bunny hopping gotta go, right now there's no speed reduction at all when you jump each 1-2 seconds and no stamina cost...
  3. Squad Classic

    Go write on the walls then, you have no ability to bring anything useful in the discussion Comparison is pretty much only way I know to base an opinion about the subject. No one else has suggested any other method so far. Squad is claimed successor of BF2:PR (comparison) Classic is a something related to current (comparison) "New player friendliness" inevitable came into mentioning UI, and game mechanics (and comparison between games)
  4. - Using number as a callsign has been popular since BF2:PR. One of the reasons was UI restrictions to easily read SLs nickname. Squad has somewhat improved on it, Caps Lock squads screen has all SL nicknames listed alongside squad numbers (unless SQ name is long). 1. Read SL number from map 2. Read SL nickname from list 3. Use SL nickname instead of the SL number in the communication SL number as callsign works, but when used especially during broadcasting, it will require receiver to acknowledge additional bit of info as number, while there's already quite a lot of other numbered information in game, it brings less attention of intended receiver and more of everyone else. Every SL has to match his number to the number in the message, which is harder than just being called by the nickname. Additionally there's barely any useful messages you could compose using squad number rather than SL nickname. - Use your SL nickname instead of boss-naming (squadlead, lead, leader, etc) - Use soldiers' nicknames instead of their roles (medic, at, etc). You could extend this list to almost everything unspecific in the game to improve your communication. E.g. vehicles
  5. Squad Classic

    1. "took awhile" - did you try asking? it will take 1 min to explain (you did in 1 sentence). I have to answer to people how to place radios, unload trucks, place ammo bags in squad all the time 2. Never been bothered by it, again, 1 minute to realize and never care about. 3. Weapon dispersing is indeed non-common mechanics, will take 1 min to explain though, in Squad for example I have to explain people all the time why they shouldn't switch kits on ammo crates, that they don't get ammo on the rally and how not to click switch kit 10 times in a row and remove 2k ammo from the fob all the time. Now you are just describing game mechanics, it's obvious that "the less game mechanics there are, the more new player friendly the game is", so the most new player game friendly is tic tac toe. BF2:PR and Squad have different mechanics in play, does BF2:PR have more of them? Wouldn't say that significantly. In any way, dumbing down mechanics to make game more accessible is exactly modern COD/BF way, and exactly why many are opposing to it
  6. Squad Classic

    It sounds more and more like "beginner-friendly" in Squad is a synonym for "unpromoted and unrequired teamwork, arcade". I heard this term for so long, but I don't think there's any clear explanation. I've barely seen anyone having problem to play BF2:PR as a beginner compared to Squad, it's the same thing, you join squad, you ask questions, it's not rocket science, you can be effective from day-1 and nothing is secret. How is Squad more "beginner-friendly" than BF2:PR exactly? What's the reason to have teamwork? Mechanics, making you ineffective alone, unable to go rambo and required to communicate/cooperate/organize to have success. Squad is aiming to be more "frustration-free", meaning, whatever you do, you are not completely useless, i.e. even if you do it wrong, it's not punished, some called it rewarding failure. You went rambo, died and have no one to revive you? Don't worry, respawn is in ~45 seconds in 100m from the fight. You don't care about the squad and sticking together? Don't worry, most people you shoot at will give up anyway (respawning and keeping pressure is more important than reviving), and not having friends, making you successful even alone. Your team can't build fobs, secure vehicles, keep the map control? Don't worry, buddy rally of 2-men squad and teleportation will bring you to any point of the map in a instant. Your medic/squad doesn't know how to secure area before revive? Don't worry, there's no insta death, so you'll just act as a bullet sponge to spot the shooter and get revived again in 30 seconds. In the same metric, modern COD/Battlefields are a lot more beginner friendly and meant for a broader audience. That's exactly the reason why people playing BF2:PR don't want to play them.
  7. No Shadow has to go quick

    It should be public server setting available for every owner to restrict shadow/graphics level
  8. Gameplay benefit: - Zombie squads were a problem since BF2:PR. At some point, attempts were made to fix it, but "engine limitation" afaik Geneva convention stupid joke: - There's no unarmed / no threats in the Squad. Everyone gets up with a weapon in the hands, grenade, and never stops speaking and passing information BF2:PR heritage: - Explosions finish off people, i.e. most vehicles, grenades, C4 In Squad: - Topic is being moderated and discussion shut off with mentioned stupid joke. Realistically, I only hope for a mod to fix it. Additional read/info: https://www.quora.com/If-you-shoot-an-enemy-soldier-in-combat-and-he-falls-to-the-ground-wounded-but-clearly-still-alive-and-is-calling-to-his-buddies-to-help-him-is-it-a-war-crime-to-shoot-him-again-in-order-to-kill-him https://mackenzieinstitute.com/2010/10/on-shooting-the-wounded/ at 6:26 how it happens pretty much for everyone dealing with armed unsecured enemies in war
  9. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    @Zylfrax791 I love how you are being triggered by this. This is not modern political simulator or even milsim, show me where it's stated on kickstarter?
  10. fall damage not realistic

    you probably shouldn't post comments here
  11. 100 vs 100?

    https://improbable.io/blog/spatialos-gdk-for-unreal-launch Speculating about the state of code of Squad, it's beyond repair for such things, when downgrade is introduced as a form of required for choppers optimization, it will take a separate project with different implementation principles to push it above 100 players Some of the bottlenecks you can experience yourself: the main game logic process (probably one threaded) lags the whole server when a vehicle gets destroyed... but bottleneck is not the engine, it's the game, architecture, used principles, time and skill invested
  12. fall damage not realistic

    Everyone bunnyjump around anyway, as it doesn't reduce stamina faster than running, doesn't decrease speed and reduces chance of headshot, so your statement has nothing to do with fall damage to bleed of jumping of the tank turret after I just exited it
  13. fall damage not realistic

    Zylfrax791 needs to post a video of him getting shot in the head tank and then being revived by medic
  14. HAB disable by radio health.

    One of the changelogs had it as known issue that "only shoveling below 75% and not other sources" triggers hab disabling
  15. Hit-Detection

    video or didnt happen