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  1. Future plan of expanding team size?

    I’m sorry for being a terrible squad lead with a nasally voice. Hope you had some fun.
  2. Future plan of expanding team size?

    I haven't played since the new release. Over the last few months, every time I've connected to a populated server I've found all of the squads full and/or locked. In the past, I had just created a squad called "Leftovers" and did what I could. Put together some great squads of people that way, on very, very rare occasions. But it seems like everybody is playing the new maps, and without any experience on them, I don't feel comfortable starting a squad, even a "Leftovers" one. So I join a server, see the teams' squad makeups, get disheartened, and quit. So what I'm getting at, is maybe an increase in squad-size would be a good thing?
  3. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    I recommend removing all infantry optics from the game. Worst case scenario: players start complaining about AK weapons having superior iron sights.
  4. Regarding suppression and optic machineguns.

    I haven’t had an issue with MGs dominating a match yet. You claim you were in a match with experienced players and squad leaders racking up 120 kills between two gunners. I say you were farming kills off dingleberries who aren’t aware of all the tools and options available to them. The only problem I’ve had with HMG squaddies is refusing to give the kit up when asked. The only real problem with the game, currently, is the way players come in without any sense of teamwork and cooperation and gravitate towards optic-equipped kits that they fail to employ correctly because they’re focused entirely on themselves and get killed playing without support from the rest of the squad.
  5. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    Fine with me
  6. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    I’d agree. I would like to see splash damage range increased on all explosives though. Leave the lethal blast radius small and increase the range at which splash causes lighter damage. Would also like to see a concussion effect implemented, particularly for mortars and rockets.
  7. That isn’t what I said. Not even close. But let’s assume I did. You want realism? How about every time you get injured as a player you’re locked out of the game for few months as you wait for your avatar to recover from being gutshot? Maybe you have to do a few months of physical therapy and colostomy bag changing as well? Arguing for ‘realism’ in a game has always been farcical. Mil-sim or action shooter, the rules of the real world are always bent for the sake of fun, development expedience, and balance.
  8. What some of you are failing to consider is that Squad is a game and a game in Alpha stage at that. I understand the desire to be a sniper, particularly on maps where you feel entirely helpless without a scope, but what I’m reading here is half-followed tracks of reasoning that boils down to wish-fulfillment. In other words, you want to be a sniper, so you look for a reason to justify your wish without considering all the angles. Things like snipers make sense as a hard-counter to emplacements -but aren’t definitively needed. The dominance of emplacements on certain maps is temporary. These maps are designed with future implementations in mind: MBTs, helicopters, etc... We don’t need a dedicated sniper kit as a hard counter, we just need to wait patiently for the hard counter to be fully implemented and after that, we can still expect maps, kits and vehicles to be balanced further, thus alleviating at least some of the issues described here, if not all. At the end of the day, you have to do a cost-to-benefit analysis of what you’re proposing: the pros and cons. The pros of a sniper are obvious: the cons are the potential for abuse and inconvenience for the rest of the player base. In my mind, making 2 out of 80 players on a server happy, doesn’t justify even a few minutes of development time, but that’s me.
  9. Removal of marksmen from the game

    Yes exactly! But the developers have no control over the type of people who play their game, just the options available to them when they play. It’s not that the kit is entirely useless, or unrealistic, or that removing the marksman class would even entirely prevent the problems I’ve pointed out (riflemen and LATs can and will frequently do the same dingleberry things that nearly all marksmen do). It’s simply a cost-to-benefit analysis. The marksman kit, due to the player base, simply creates more problems than it solves. Will people stop playing Squad if you take away their sniper rifles? Or will the wannabe snipers simply gravitate towards the rifleman kits with ACOG scopes?
  10. Removal of marksmen from the game

    No thanks! I don’t know you and haven’t played with you and I’m sure my generalizations don’t apply to you, but I don’t see any kind of sniper or marksman being appropriate for a game like Squad. At all. It’s in the title: Squad. Now, I’m not saying every player should be role playing as a soldier in the military, following orders to the letter and never giving back talk (as if that doesn’t really happen anyway...) but communication and cooperation are keystones of the game and in my 100 hours of Squad, 99% of the marksmen dingleberries would hop in that role, steal whatever vehicle they could (probably a logi with full ammo load), lose it in some corner of the map and proceed to Tom Berringer they’re way through the match using the drone for their own kill-count and never communicate bupkis to the rest of the team. An alternative to removing marksmen completely would be to simply allow squad leaders to predetermine the kits they want in their squad, before and during matches. If a new squad leader takes over and you’re a Machine Gunner he doesn’t want, you’re forced to switch kits at respawn. Give them the ability to select from makeups they preset even, just to keep the game rolling.
  11. Removal of marksmen from the game

    Thanks for all the replies. While I have yet to read a compelling argument justifying the continued presence of the marksman kit in this game, clearly, I’m overwhelmingly the minority here. I’ll retire from the topic.
  12. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I have yet to play a match where my squad leader ordered his squad to focus on a marksman. More often than not, I’m told to ignore them. “Take cover” is the order when defending, “Keep moving” is the order when moving. Your tactical application of the kit (combined arms) sounds amazing, and when you’ve got a full squad of players willing to work together, I bet it works well for you. However, the more useful component of that fire team is the scout with the binoculars. At most engagement ranges a skilled grenadier is going to be just as effective as the marksman in that situation- or more so.
  13. Removal of marksmen from the game

    It was a carefully considered decision. Split the hair any way you want, label the kit anything you want: for all intents and purposes what we get from the Marksman kit in the game is, far far more often than not, a lone-wolf style player pretending he's some kind of action movie sniper. I do lead squads on occasion. This isn't a good thing as I have less than an a hundred hours in the game and still have much to learn in regards to map dynamics. My current experience with the squad lead role is that players are horribly over burdened with things to do and process. Retaining a recurring problem in the form of players' kit management -part of the larger problem of players not wanting to be squad leaders- is a decision that ultimately hurts everyone's gameplay. When a squad lead calls for LAT or HAT, they don't need that kit 60-360 seconds later: it's needed then and there. Kicking players who have already managed to be disruptive at a critical juncture of the match is no kind of solution to this problem. I could get behind something like this. Another possibility is simply allowing squad leaders to lock kits. That said, I think the simplest and best solution is simply removing the Marksman. Regardless of the real-world applications of a designated marksman, I don't see it bringing anything to the table in a game like Squad.
  14. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I’m thinking you stopped reading at “snipers”
  15. Snipers shouldn't be in the game. It is frustrating to be shot by them, but even more frustrating to have them on your team. I'm aware it's a mil-sim and that they exist in real life. I'm aware a lot of players really want to be snipers in video games. I'm also aware that in a game that promotes teamwork over individual glorification, the Marksman kit, due to its very nature, attracts players and encourages actions that are the antithesis of team players and teamwork. Too often, you see players jump at the chance to be a Marksman. It's clear your squad needs another medic, HAT or LAT, your squad leader even calls for it, and there he is: the dingleberry hogging up support points with a Marksmen kit that isn't needed, but he wants to get the kills. How many times have you seen your squad's Marksman running in the opposite direction of the squad and objective, looking for a good vantage point to farm kills that, more often than not, he doesn't even have the skill to get? Let him go play Sniper Elite please. I prefer playing Squad without him.