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  1. June 2018 Recap

    Can't wait for it. Keep up the good work!
  2. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    I think this is great! Don'T RUSH IT. Take your time.
  3. Fix Rocket Jeep "artillery"

    It takes so long becaue the Dev`s have other prioritys then fixing the rocked tec (at the moment). There are more urgent thinks to fix first, before the rocket tec. Stay com and give the DevTEAM more time.
  4. Close air support

    Ohh...sorry my bad. Yes it should be possible with out any problem, the thing is are the dev`s want that in there game.
  5. Just some props

    Keep up the good work.
  6. New player interested in the game.

    Welcome to the Squad Forum HF!
  7. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    30 FPS should be a "ok" experience in Squad. Everything below 25FPS you should be worryed, because you getting realy close to the magic 23FPS mark. If you want to start now with your laptop trying VR. I don`t think so tahts working for you with actual 30 FPS. The Human Eye is capable to see 23FPS smothly, everything below 23FPS ends up in a PowerPointPresentation (with pictures). Waht i want to say is below 23FPS you starting to see the classic slideshow of pictures. That´s the reason why a discussion over a 12ms or 5ms Monitor is realy pointless (in my opinion), because your Eyes are not realy able to see the difference. There are people out there, they can see the difference... i can`t.
  8. Close air support

    Is the compersion between RO2 to SQUAD not a little bit to big!? Waht i`am aiming at is the timeframe from 1945 to 2018, the blasting power of an A-10 bomb should be mutch more devastating as in RO2.^^
  9. Link Steam Account not working

    Thanks for the information.
  10. Aloha liebe Squad Community, ich bin der Wammbo aka Felix aus NRW. Ich spiele jetzt ca. 800 stunden schon Squad (natürlich nicht am stück ;D). Ich bin 31 jahre alt und ein alter Hase in sachen FPS Simulation. In meiner Freizeit treibe ich viel Sport (10 Finger System). Ich möchte neue Leute kennen lehrnen die genau so viel spass an Squad haben wie ich und tiefer in die Community abtauchen. Vieleicht sehen wir uns ja auf dem Server demnächst.;) Ich versuche momentan eine Community auf zu bauen mit dem ziel, Leute die neu zu dem Spiel kommen und erst mal etwas dazu lernen wollen wie der Hase läuft. Bei interesse schaut doch einfach bei unserer Steam grp. rein jeder ist willkommen. Steamgruppe: German Gaming Battalion mfg Wammbo
  11. Cool Squad Photo

    Some nice pics i made in 800H playing Squad.^^ HF
  12. Logi truck lacks horse power

    I think the bigger problem is taht the Logi Trucks jumping like a "Ping Pong Ball".^^ The Mass of the vehicle is defently to light and not correct. Am a Truck Driver and my Truck is realy heavy wehn he is loaded. Also the Truck is low on acceleration wehn loaded. In compersion the APC or BTR feels right. (slow acceleration because of his heavynes)
  13. I would like to see France Army because they get every time lost in Games like Squad.