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  1. I don't think the devs will ever implement something like this. It might improve the Medic gameplay, but it is more or less science fiction. I agree with your first conclusion though. Being a medic often fills like 70% of your combat time with fixing up your teammates. I hate that too. But there might other ways to improve the user expirience here. As of now, the Devs are planning to give 8 Bandages to the medic, while everyone else keeps two Bandages. If you want to reduce the "face-to-earth" time for the medic, you could do the opposite, take bandages away from the medic and give them to everyone else (like medic 4 Bandages and everyone else 3). You could also speed up the healing process for medics. Or you could reduce the switch time from Gun to Medic Bag and vice versa. And I do like your idea of combining the Medic Bag with the Bandages. That would be more realistic and improve the user expirience.
  2. Falling Damage nerf?

    Where is the Point in 1 or 2% HP loss after "falling" from a little over 1 meter. Realy, where is the point? It may be realistic, but there are tons of realistic things which are not in the game for some reason. Also: in Reality i could carefully climb down a two to three meter high wall. But climbing down anything (besides ladders) is simply not in the game. So yeah, It realy comes down to realism when i "fall" 1 meter, because i am unable to carefully climb down and afterwards the medic can heal me instantly in 1,5 seconds. So, back in the days, as a gunner, how often did your medic massage your ankles for two seconds for a realistic insta-Heal? On top of that: My game character might have 30KG of gear to carry around, but i can't feel that in front of my monitor. Thats why there is a UI Element for Stamina i.e. Again, i am not saying anyone should be able to jump from the second floor, all i'm saying is the ~2% HP loss at very low heights is annoying and serves no purpose.
  3. Falling Damage nerf?

    yes pls. i mean where is the point in 1% HP loss when you fall from like 1,5 or 2 meters? Nobody cares, only the poor medic is annoyed because he now has the stupid health symbol on his teammate.
  4. "smearing" during fast movements

    Thanks for your answer. I will try to solve it with the control Panel
  5. It's hard to explain, so here are two screenshots http://www.directupload.net/file/d/5157/gaywpr4m_jpg (outside the scope) http://www.directupload.net/file/d/5157/2yxg4l73_jpg (inside the scope) It's occuring when i move fast or look around fast, scoped in and not scoped in, when not scopped in, the ground gets some kind of blurry. On some maps more than on other (i think it's the map). I've tried several graphic options but it is not disappearing. Is this some kind of bug or it is intentional? In any case, it is annoying as sh**. It might not look as bad on the screenshots, but it is while playing. Windows 10 (up to date) Alienware 15 R3 (GTX 1070, drivers up to date)
  6. Cant make a fourm post on the support page

    i get the same error
  7. The rifle is always standard in any given army, but what about the other gear? I have never been in any military, so it's a honest questions. Scopes, grips, amount of nades/ammo etc. etc. Is there no modern army where the individual soldier can pick at least some of the gear?
  8. I have used the forum search, but couldn't find anything. Text-chat messages are only displayed for a few seconds. But some random squadmember mentioned there is some console command to display the chat history. Unfortunately he failed to explain it properly. Anyone knows the answer?
  9. New Revive ability

    Don't take it the wrong way please, but i feel like this is the standard answer to a lot of objections to new features or game mechanics. Let the SL supervise the right use of it. Like the SL has not already enough to do.
  10. About Radio and noise pollution

    In my expirience, as soon as the fighting starts, the squad channel is full with "enemys on my position", "enemy at 234", "contact in North" and "SL please mark xy on my position". It's kind of a double edged sword. You want and have to communicate with other squadmember, but sometimes it's too much and almost every sentence that contains "on my position" is stupid anyway. So maybe every Squadmember should be able to mark exactly one enemy positions on the Map? Just one marker per Squadmemeber and all the other markers for the SL as it is. This could help with too much voice chat AND could make the SL role a little bit more attractive, since you don't have to mark everything for everyone.
  11. New mechanic for kits and team play

    i think constantly switching your role during a game takes away some of the immersion and is too much like COD. I've already said it in the other thread, but i think the SL should get some sort of cotrol over which kits are used in his squad. Also, the point System would be kind of complex, players would have a hard time figuring out how they het their points.
  12. Removal of marksmen from the game

    This. And maybe the SL should be able to pick the Fire Support Kits. So that the SL simply unlocks the Fire Support kits he wants and the squad members can pick them... or stay riflemen. But before implenting any of this the SL role must be reworked. Currently a SL has to many things to do. I.e. FOB building, Squad managing, setting up ralley points, coordinate a strategy with other SLs, mark enemys and other stuff on the map, listen the SL voicechat . Which is why so few players want to be SL. In some games it takes 2 Minutes before someone gives in and opens a squad. That's stupid. Medic will get their needed attention with the reworked revive, SL must be next imo.
  13. Ticket loss for downed players

    Yes, that's the current situation, what i am suggestion is: Player gets downed --> Ticket loss for the Team Player get revived --> Ticket gain for the team Player gives up --> no extra ticket loss or gain @Zylfrax791 but what you are describing is the whole idea of beta/alpha/EA testing
  14. First of all sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand what i am saying. In some of my games i'm noticing a "problem", it's not a huge problem, but still. Lets say you are in a long and more or less even game and your team is running out of tickets. You then assume that the enemy team is also running out of tickets. So when the last 10 or 20 Tickets are reached, the SLs tell the players not to give up after they got downed, so your team is not losing any more tickets. If you are a good teamplayer you do that and spent the last 5 minutes or so watching the Map. If you don't give a shit, you respawn anyway. So teamplayers get kind of punished. So, here is my suggestion: Each time a player is downed, the team loses a ticket. So if your team is low on tickets and you give up (because there is no medic nearby) it doesn't change anything. If you don't give up and get revived instead, your team gains one ticket.