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  1. Hey, everyone. So I was just thinking while in a cam under the map on OP First light that there should be some underground areas included to add some depth to the map. I was thinking that The Castle could have a dungeon, the Storage Site could have an underground storage area, and the Village could have a bunker with the entrance to it in the concrete rubble on the northern edge of town. So what are your thoughts?
  2. So has there been any word on looking at moving to Vulkan for the API? From what I have seen there is almost NO reason to go to DX12 instead of Vulkan, @IrOnTaXi ? Companies supporting Vulkan: Companies supporting Dx12: I rest my case.
  3. The devs have stated over and over that this IS NOT a simulator - gameplay > balance > realism Why on earth would you want a high ROF 30mm chain gun with nothing to properly counter it at the moment? Your decision to jump on here and quickly rush a gripe about a weapon characteristic, BEFORE you've spent enough time to evaluate how much something like this would change the gameplay is short sighted and lacks creativity.
  4. Anyone who cries "unbalance" during an alpha patch release is a moron. Quit being so close minded and think about the bigger picture and what is expected to be released in the future - seriously if you have no idea just check out some PR videos, and for the love of whoever you pray to (lord savior Trump is mine), enough of the whinging.
  5. ^^ definitely keen - knowledge is power!
  6. one idea to perhaps fix the gamma exploiters?
  7. Just found out the hard way that if you clear your game cache, you are also deleting your HighResShots
  8. I can't wait for this to be implemented! To OP, check this out:
  9. And? I need MOAR!!! Hook it into my VEINS!!
  10. Where I agree with your point (because at this point, an optic will out gun an iron sight past 100-200m hands down every time), it's valid, but it's premature. This point has been brought up numerous times (pick a high number, double it, and you might find the post count on this topic). This 'game' has asymmetric warfare at it's core. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by saying "It's Alpha", or "there are more features coming that will balance the teams out", or something down those lines. But if someone is going to sit on a hill with iron sights and duke it out with someone else with an optic, they're either extremely confident in their skills or they're an idiot. Many iterations of Squad have played and tweaked the game towards something that the devs are looking for (see Project Reality). So yes there will be teething problems (you think it was bad now, should have heard the crying when the US had 2 ACOG's and everyone else had none). Try to think of Squad like a game of Rock Paper Scissors, 1 class will outshine others in certain areas where it will get dominated in others. Furthermore, there is more to Squad than just shooting as well. So if you're having problems fighting against people with optics in an open area, draw them into a closed in environment to get the upper hand.
  11. scopes

    I'm not sure if the dev's have done it deliberately, but a rifle round never travels in a flat line. I've shown an exaggerated pic for reference.
  12. So I was thinking. As an addition for later on down the track (when the polish comes out in the development stage), what do you guys think of having an animation play every time the 'R' key was pressed? So if you had a full magazine and you pressed the 'R' key, your soldier would check the mag/chamber. It would add some immersion to Squad as well as penalising those who panic in a firefight and button mash. This might not seem much to the regular player, but for playing competitively it would seem like a nice addition to the overall package for competitive play/videos. So what do you guys reckon? Is it a good idea or a shoddy one?
  13. He wants figure 11 and 12 targets that look like real people (human colored silhouette instead of white targets).