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  1. V13 broken steam inventory again.

    So, any word on this being rectified yet?
  2. Air Assault Mocap Session

    Gotta say this was a hoot - can't wait to see the results in-game soon!
  3. How the stryker actually looks like in combat

    Modders will add it for sure, but I highly doubt the OWI will due to balance issues. It's a game after all, and making something almost indestructible is kinda a no-no. It's called BAR armor btw.
  4. EAC is smoking weed

    Hrm, I've been having a similar problem as of late too. Squad has issues launching due to EAC. I tried the reinstall of EAC and everything but still no dice. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't... So you think it could be an internet thing? it's saying that I'm missing the EAC .dlls.... when I can see them still in the folder!
  5. Underground area in OP First light

    Also another great idea! I would think that it would have to run to the east or south-east from the US spawn, or long as it was far enough away from spawn that it didn't ruin the current flow of the map.
  6. Underground area in OP First light

    Rape dungeon if that's your kinda thing... Too PC? I don't know mate, possibly just like a stone walled basement that would have been built hundreds of years ago? I'd also personally like to see some more higher hills around the outskirts of the map. With the plentiful trees around, they'd make for interesting places to use as FSB's that wouldn't be too OP due to said trees. The map definitely needs some water too, whether or not it's smaller creeks or even larger washouts with rocks or something from one of the said larger hills. Something to add to the scenery, and also the creeks have a tactical purpose. Of course, I was only thinking about a single level small'ish possibly house or more sized subfloor areas.
  7. Hey, everyone. So I was just thinking while in a cam under the map on OP First light that there should be some underground areas included to add some depth to the map. I was thinking that The Castle could have a dungeon, the Storage Site could have an underground storage area, and the Village could have a bunker with the entrance to it in the concrete rubble on the northern edge of town. So what are your thoughts?
  8. Squad DX12/Vulkan Support anytime soon?

    So has there been any word on looking at moving to Vulkan for the API? From what I have seen there is almost NO reason to go to DX12 instead of Vulkan, @IrOnTaXi ? Companies supporting Vulkan: Companies supporting Dx12: I rest my case.
  9. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    The devs have stated over and over that this IS NOT a simulator - gameplay > balance > realism Why on earth would you want a high ROF 30mm chain gun with nothing to properly counter it at the moment? Your decision to jump on here and quickly rush a gripe about a weapon characteristic, BEFORE you've spent enough time to evaluate how much something like this would change the gameplay is short sighted and lacks creativity.
  10. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Anyone who cries "unbalance" during an alpha patch release is a moron. Quit being so close minded and think about the bigger picture and what is expected to be released in the future - seriously if you have no idea just check out some PR videos, and for the love of whoever you pray to (lord savior Trump is mine), enough of the whinging.
  11. Alpha 9 Ticket Bleed, Gain, Loss

    ^^ definitely keen - knowledge is power!
  12. Gamma Settings

    https://trello.com/c/2zCFnymb/240-idea-to-prevent-gamma-cheating one idea to perhaps fix the gamma exploiters?
  13. Awesome Squad pictures

    Just found out the hard way that if you clear your game cache, you are also deleting your HighResShots