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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, we proudly announce, that the Squad Awesome "-SA- Tactical Teamplay Server" is up and running and got it's license from Offworld Industries. We'd like to provide a great experience for everyone on our server, so please follow the server rules and leave feedback on the server's discord found here. -SA- Tactical Gameplay Server Rules 1. No hatespeech, no insults, raciscm or discrimination 2. Squadleaders (SL) should use a microphone, all players are requested to communicate with the rest of the team -but do not SPAM! 3. You can choose your squad's com-language depending on your squadmembers, but SL-Chat is either english or german 4. Apologize for teamkills via chat, intentional TKs will be punished with kick/ban 5. Don't use precious vehicles as taxi 6. Don't camp enemy mainbase 7. No locked one man squads, at least 2 players per locked squad 8. Specialized squads have to be named clearly and through that they have "first claim" rights for "their" vehicle 8. Help new players out, not everybody is a squad veteran 9. No glitching, cheating or hacking! 10. Unassigned/AFK players are subject to be kicked 11. SL are free to kick players out of their squad for any reason For reporting players join our discord and contact the admins via @server-admins in the #report-players channel and provide all details for your complaint (reported Playername, Team, what happend, etc.) You got banned from our server and want to appeal? Join our Discord and talk to an Admin! Greetings Master_Walker