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  1. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    Instead of personally attacking everyone who stands up to your "know it all" attitude, I think you're better off getting back on topic. End it from here on out - back on topic please.
  2. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    You do realize that the Export Abrams have little to no defensive properties (e.g. DU Armor/Turret Kevlar Plating from the Weapons compartment), unlike the American Abrams/British Challenger II's. From your knowledge, that is common sense for something you should know- that's a useless comment unless you're specifically referring to the export models. IIRC the US doesn't use the BGM-71B/C anymore, which is being supplied to the Rebels. Current TOW systems the US uses are the TOW-2B, which explodes above the turret - which Im sure you also know. Agree, back on topic now.
  3. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    This isn't a "Russia makes everything the best" thread. You guys really need to get back on topic, and take your nationalism elsewhere.
  4. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    IIRC The US was vastly outnumbered in Desert Storm in the 90's. It's more/less Quality of weapons/Superior strategy that won it the gulf war. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/02/28/world/war-in-the-gulf-strategy-outnumbered-and-outgunned-allied-forces-outfox-hussein.html Back in topic now.
  5. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    Where do I go to look at posts/activity I'm involved in? The only one I see is posts I follow, don't see anywhere I can look at the topic's ive made posts on.
  6. Controller Support

    I just plugged my phone charger cord to the front of the controller, and the other end of that cord (USB port) into my PC.
  7. Controller Support

    I've tried it with a Xbox One Controller. It actually works pretty well. However, there are only two things that make it unplayable The way the mouse/weapon moves (on the right stick) acts like it's only orientated towards moving on the X and Y axis only Its a bitch to sprint considering you have to hold down the left stick the entire time. Outside of those two issues, if the devs were to get that sorted, I would find using a controller more comfortable/enjoyable than a mouse.
  8. February 2016 Recap

    How's the work going on the US Player models? Didn't see much about it in the recap
  9. Possibility of Suppressors, Knife, C4, NVG ?

  10. Possibility of Suppressors, Knife, C4, NVG ?

    NVG's are confirmed as a solid no. And considering this game is based around standard infantry, I doubt there'll be suppressors either.
  11. Squad Menu Image

    The OP isn't joking, there is a hidden image. I wen't in, did some filtering, changed some saturation settings and there's actually some vehicles and some content we havent seen yet :o
  12. To be fair, I don't mind squeakers as long as they're good at their role and not annoying. I remember playing last week, and there was (what I could guess to be) a 12 year old kid, squakish voice; But he did a decent job at keeping his Mic chatter down, letting the SL know that he was a Sniper, and that if the SL needed him somewhere, to let him know.
  13. Squad Menu Image

  14. Perfection - What does it mean to you?

    A Squad that Actually talks to each other on a mic.A Squad Leader who has a decisive plan, and a mic who gets his squad motivated. A Squad Leader who chooses to not place a FOB in a objective. As far as actual perfection? 2-3 Squads forming up to attack an Objective, with each approaching from a different direction (North, East, etc), and moving in all at the same time in a coordinated attack from at least 3 separate flanks. Been fortunate enough to be involved in in this two times, and it was fuckin beautiful.