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  1. CPU optimization priority? (1 thread heavy load)

    not for a linear real time shooter. less cores at a high clock-rate/command rate has always ALWAYS been the way for shooters.......... and will always be.....
  2. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    that guy will have a nice bruise when he gets the armour off @[email protected]
  3. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    looks like the i3-7350K is the route to go if you're a FPS gamer on the cheap/midrange still the best ryzen to buy for value is the 1700 --- overclocks well and is ~100usd cheaper? --- definitely buying a ryzen or the 32 thread version in the near future however, bargain if you're after compute power
  4. Unplayable FPS on 8320E

    really? server fps at 0 (tickrate 0) is savage as FOOK on the clients... but ok
  5. Unplayable FPS on 8320E

    you sure it's not just the server being crap, crippling under the load --- xeons are no good when what you need is super fast IPC / 4790K overclocked etcetc to run a full server responsibly!
  7. looking forward to ANZACs and a DRZ painted sand colour -- moar motorbikes goooo!
  8. Zen Ryzen

    very nice, 16 threads and still amazing game fps at lower clocks --- wonder when/if ryzen will support ECC
  9. Zen Ryzen

    among a few benchmarks I've seen which showed IPC very similar across the board, heres one example - http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-1700x-benchmarks-leaked-beats-kaby-lake-ipc/ I find it funny people are lovingly defending a major international company such as intel, market manipulation and technological hold backs have kept computing down for a long time, to the point that RISC processors are now more mainstream and market leading...
  10. Zen Ryzen

    it's a great shakeup, much much better IPC on par with intels latest, at a slightly lower price point with a few more features, good boards in the mix and chipset it's a win win for both amd and intel fans alike, should run squad very well.
  11. New Build of gaming rig

    32GB is overkill, 16GB is ample and even then 8GB is fine.............................. unless you're gonna run a ramdisk or a couple of virtual machines heaps of ram is useless (and slow / hot / power wasting)
  12. 100 man server. CHECK!

    it always will be for game logic, since you can't parallel code the result of a dice roll and have things happen from that result
  13. Fatal Error: D3D unit lost.

    overheat? squad does cook your card
  14. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    can I just get the skins without playing, being a founder? ;-}
  15. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    great work!