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  1. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Super! I think a lot of inspiration could be taken from RTS games in terms of game flow to address many of the issues mentioned here and elsewhere. In the update you guys mentioned possible Command Points (CP), or something to that effect, to be used in lieu of Commander ability cooldowns. Would love to see those tied into vehicle and supply acquisition as well. All assets in the game could be given a CP value for purchase and holding objectives could grant additional CP per minute, much like holding an expansion in an RTS. Was thinking along these lines for a mod anyway, but if you're taking ideas..
  2. Helicopters & Rallies

    Just get rid of the rallies already. They're a hindrance to using vehicles and FOBs as intended. I want to see less fire and more manoeuvre. More time to recover from an assault. More time to plan a better attack. More Country Roads and Flight of the Valkyries out of Main! More ambushes. More hot drops and evacs. If anyone here watches StarCraft, what we have now is basically Wings of Liberty PvP warpgate meta. You can both teleport units into your enemy's base so early the game just becomes a constant battle on two fronts, your base and theirs, until one or the other is overrun. It was lame in SC2 and Blizzard nerfed warpgates into an early mid-game tech. Now there's much more depth to the match-up, with plenty of tech and strategy options to deal with a warpgate rush. I'd like to see that happen in Squad. Take out the easy teleportation and I think you're left with a much better experience. Besides, we should be playing TvT anyway.
  3. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    I didn't know there was an HC mod. Where is there info on it? The rest was in response to the OP.
  4. Only necessary if you want to win Yea, this is spot on. The way I manage it as an SL is to create sensible fireteams with a good kit mix for the objectives that present themselves, and update fireteams as conditions change. For instance; that LAT will need a rifleman's ammo bag to finish off the Abrams; the DMR or AR will want a medic nearby for heals and revives. It's easy enough to do, as you're already using the strat screen to drop the marker for the Abrams and the compass point for the fireteam. That way, everyone has an idea of where they are meant to be based on their compass, map, and position of their fireteam members. Or just play with folks you know will play their roles and support one another without instruction Otherwise, leave a lot of room in your plan for noobs to do noob things and teaching them to do the right thing.
  5. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    Say what? HC mod? @DualFlameBlade : I like the idea for its simplicity, but I don't think it's workable. It's just too powerful. In the case of a squad wipe, you're taking out 9 players from the team for as long as it takes to bleed out. Those minutes could mean losing the HAB, the point, and getting to the next point before the enemy. It's just too big a penalty for the team. In instances where there is no hope for a revive, and enough players downed, one wipe could mean the effective end of the game. Would love to playtest and see what happens, but I think it would mostly result in nasty steamrolls.
  6. The kits aren't the problem with lone wolfing, poor leadership is the problem. If there's no coherent plan, your squad will do whatever they think is best. If a player isn't communicating voluntarily, just periodically ask them what they see. Usually it's just a matter of having not developed the habit for giving call outs. If they don't have a mic or refuse to talk, you can always kick them. If you need different kits, tell them to change ASAP. Again, you can kick if they don't comply. If they want to play a kit and you don't have any reason for them not to, then what's the problem? Send out fireteams to help those with the so-called "lone wolf" kits accomplish their objectives. Help them blow up that FOB, or lock down a wide killzone. Tell the scout or engineer where you want mines and where you don't. The kits are tools for the SL to use just like any other. Communication and leadership are required to get the most out of them, just like everything else.
  7. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Make vehicles purchasable at Main for its supply and ammo cost, with a timer for arrival after purchase. Give Main limited supply, ammo, and tickets at round start. Remove ticket bleed from capturing objectives and add a supply and ammo regeneration at Main for holding points. This would more viscerally reinforce a vehicle's value as a shared team resource, and provide a less gamey mechanism for gaining advantage by allowing the winning team to field more vehicles and FOBs (as opposed to simply eating away at enemy tickets). Vehicle purchase would also increase the variety of tactics seen in the game as opposed to the layer-dependent vehicle sets, and would cut down on stale meta gameplay. You could make vehicles purchasable by Commander, or by SLs with a vote to approve the purchase.
  8. So tell the marksman where you want him. Put him in a fireteam that provides overwatch or set up a crossfire the enemy will have trouble dealing with. It can be on the point if you need the bodies to cap, just find a spot with some elevation and they'll be effective.
  9. I don't think lone wolfing has much to do with the marksman kit. As others have said, the scoped assault rifles are about as effective as the DMRs at downing enemies at most ranges encountered in Squad. If I were to go lonewolfing, I would take the optic rifleman kit for the ammo bag, or optic medic for the self healing. The marksmen kits have a tendency to run out of ammo long before I need to back off of a good position, and damage sway greatly reduces a marksman's effectiveness. The assault rifles are also more versatile. I can more effectively move from position to position and engage enemies along the way with an AK or M4. What the marksman kits do encourage is setting up wide crossfires, which I think is what most folks see as lonewolfing. The INS marksman in the tower south of Refinery on Al Basrah for instance is covering the outside of Refinery while his squadmates clear the buildings. That's good teamwork, even better if there's communication. I don't care if someone wants to play marksman, but as an SL I will put them where I need them. Usually with medic support and an AR. AR and marksman are a great combo as AR tends to get pinned down at long ranges and a marksman can counter effectively, while a marksman alone can't deal with a rush on the point that an AR can shut down. The problem isn't the kit, it's SLs not knowing what to do with them.
  10. What's next?

    The MGs are better than you're making them out to be. Remember these are additional weapons to what you are already carrying. If the enemy has the MG locked down, switch to your rifle. You have to wait until the moment is ripe for a good strafe, for instance when the enemy pushes behind smokes or takes cover behind a wall to reload. You can't expect to just camp on them and lock down your field of view (unless you're really good at tapping heads). SPGs are also good as is. Since the addition of the optics, that limited field of fire was pushed out to cover so much area. I'm not against your suggestions, but it's not like these things are worthless. Just worth less than a Kornet or TOWs, as they should be.
  11. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    There's been a lot of suggestions about increasing ticket costs to discourage wreckless play, but I don't think that will work. Hear me out: New players don't know their negative impact. There will always be a sizable portion of players that simply do not know what their life or asset is worth to the team. They will learn (largely by the flaming they get in comms), but there's always new noobs to take their place (as there should be for a healthy game). Ticket values are abstract. Only when tickets become low (<50 or so) do they seem to have any impact in slowing the game down. When tickets are plentiful, who can say how much they are worth in exchange for gaining ground on the active cap? Especially when factoring in ticket gain/loss and bleed should you let the other team take it. Try and work out the math in game and communicate that to the team, and watch the toxic aftermath. Everyone's worked out a different calculus, and the variables from game to game are too much for a golden rule of ticket conservation. Everyone is selfish when it comes to fun. It's a game and we all log in for a fight. Nobody wants to sit out of the action for any great length of time and no amount of ticket cost is going to convince the average player to forego fun. Nor should they. The point after all is to have fun. This is a good thing too, as it drives the action. The problem is that game assets and mechanics now provide too much opportunity to empower that drive. Tickets should be balanced to provide a reasonable average game time (30 min - 2 hrs or so), and I think OWI is doing an admirable job in achieving that. Game tempo should be adjusted by tempo mechanics (e.g. spawning, ammo use, vehicles). These are the hard limits to tempo. Increasing ticket loss will just decrease game time, not reduce game tempo.
  12. What's next?

    Emplacements have always been one of the more difficult to use tools in Squad. They certainly aren't worthless and their value is based on high risk/high reward logic. They have insane damage capability, armour and cover penetration, suppression/splash, but they generally require good support to stay effective (so as not to get flanked/sniped). They use resources other than the set vehicle limit to put more firepower on the map, but they can't be packed up and moved if they are misplaced or the action moves on (that could be fixed, but would require reworking the supply mechanics to avoid cheesiness like switching emplacement types). They overpower any known targets, but there is no quick way to take cover when shots rain in from elsewhere (we've been asking for a duck mechanic since v9 at least). So some ease-of-use could be added, but even now they're worthwhile if you know how to use them and have a good squad in support. Check out MoiDawg's Twitch stream for some good emplacement action, among other Squad things I think the risk/reward system is good, just that the risks are artificially inflated by missing game mechanics.
  13. What's next?

    Not sure if you're just being funny, but you've got that backwards: game design should slow down gameplay to allow for more players, not the other way round. Hoping future changes to spawn mechanics and game modes will address any current tempo issues. The maps are certainly big enough for 50v50 if there was more impetus for spreading out and holding ground, as opposed to the current "zerg rush the point" meta.
  14. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Or slow down a lot. Would like to try playing with no rallies or HABs, just using vehicles to get around. That would make people think twice about getting shot or blown up
  15. The few seconds spent switching seats and finding your target is already disincentive enough for most to ride with a gunner given the opportunity. I don't think there's a need to add an unrealistic delay on top of that when it's already enough to get hit by a TOW or Sabot round before you can line your sights up. Add to that the need to switch ammunition or reload and the delay involved in that, and soloing becomes a huge liability as the effectiveness of the vehicle is greatly diminished in vehicle battles. I'm not sure if the gunner needs to stay in the seat to reload now or if you can just press your reload key and switch seats and take cover. If not, adding that feature could be a more realistic nerf to soloing (even though in real life there's a dedicated loader.. but who wants to play that in game?)
  16. vehicle tickets :D

    Consider also that the team loses the asset for the time it takes to respawn. There's still plenty of reason to flame the Rambo-tankers, even if the ticket impact is reduced. There's a balance to be achieved between vehicle and infantry ticket loss, and their respective opportunity costs due to respawn timers.
  17. It is strange that the European maps have little to no battlefield damage. I suppose we're meant to assume that fighting in Narva and Skorpo has just begun. That image is from a warzone, correct? I wouldn't call that "true" Eastern Europe, as most of the region enjoys a tenuous peace today based on Post-Soviet power structures developed during Post-Soviet conflicts. The damage today is highly localized to relatively small conflict zones compared to the past.
  18. Happy New Year OWI (2019 sucked)

    Generally I agree. Given that success in Squad relies so heavily on teamwork, all this designing for trolls and non-compliant noobs slowly eats away at the core design elements. The game should not be designed for the lowest common denominator, but for those who want to play to its strengths. That said, a balance should be struck between punishing poor play and allowing a comeback based on good play. For instance, the vehicle cleanup could be balanced as it costs the team tickets and takes time. When the team loses a vehicle it still puts them behind. When they get a new vehicle it gives them the chance to come back with a better plan. The punishment should be severe enough to discourage carelessness but not so severe that mistakes can't be rectified. I still think the new system is more complicated than it needs to be, and prefer a solution based on purchasing vehicles at Main (with tickets and/or commander points), with no automatic respawn of destroyed vehicles or destruction of abandoned vehicles.
  19. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    This is probably up to modders, for instance the SquadOps crew or anyone else up to the challenge. A cohesive realism mod would be fantastic, but AFAIK there's not much point in doing it now when base game systems are still in heavy development. It would be great if they treated it like Counter-strike: holding angles, communicating enemy movement, coordinating assaults with grenades, doing everything you can to stay alive and control the map.. The simile you're looking for is COD or Battlefield. You know, the ones where you respawn every 30 seconds
  20. Can you Pickup a Grenade on the Ground?

    Would be neat but definitely not a priority. Anyway the best grenade users lob em high/far enough to detonate on first bounce
  21. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    Re: Vehicle Recovery I would add that the in-vehicle collision damage mentioned earlier should discourage reckless driving, if it is punishing enough. If you want realistic vehicle use, there needs to be realistic consequences for recklessness. I hear you about the UE4 limitations though. Best of luck balancing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Re: Vehicle Bay Addition Love this! Would suggest adding SL ability to requisition vehicles with a faction-wide SL vote to confirm, so that a team without commander can purchase vics. Some design questions: Do we need a vehicle cleanup system if vehicles can be purchased with CRPs? Can the layer-based vehicle pools be replaced by layer-based CRPs at round start (for greater gameplay variety and player agency)?
  22. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    Relieving the SLs making teamwide decisions does not mean they should stop watching the map or using their squaddies for situational awareness. It just means that there is a dedicated team planner that can synthesize situational awareness on a team-wide scale. This was already voluntarily done by some SLs most games, but now these SLs can take commander role and have a bit more legitimacy based on the voting system. SLs should be able to focus on the local concerns of their squad and leave team planning to the commander, whose focus on the strategic map and team assets will augment, not detract from, map-wide situational awareness.
  23. Sulphur hexaflouride is an enert gas 6x heavier than air that will deepen your voice when inhaled and used to speak. Only good for a few sentences per breath, so probably not economical. Fun nonetheless.
  24. No Shadow has to go quick

    How is my ego boosted? I have shadows on. I play with low fps. I'll still frag the shit out of everyone on the server. What I'm saying is that even folks whose rigs can't handle shadows now shouldn't be left out in alpha. I'm sure a lot of people abuse it, but the effect on the game at this stage is minimal. If you can't understand living on a tight budget, I'm not going to explain it to you. Exactly, so why complain? Your experience still counts way more than someone having a graphic advantage. Just live with it through alpha.
  25. No Shadow has to go quick

    Seen in multiple dev responses that optimization typically occurs after adding new content, so likely there will be major optimization before beta release. That would be where I hope they enforce shadows, so that slower rigs can handle it.