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  1. Love these suggestions LugNut, except maybe #2. Not sure squad roles need to be managed beyond SL comms and coordination. Nerf HABs and Rallies is IMO the most crucial thing. Would love to see some playtesting of no rallies & limited respawn HABs. How that would change the importance of securing supply/reinforcement lines from Main and really controlling the map, as opposed to creating TDM on objectives would be very interesting to see. Tying supplies to the logi itself makes sense. Some things would have to be tweaked. For instance, an emplacement could be given ammo by proximity to an ammo crate. Ammo crates could be refilled by logis.
  2. What is really going on with Squad?

    All of the above + Squad will get much hype when fully released. I'm sure there will be an ad campaign.
  3. Game depth and role significance

    I personally don't have any problems with squad comms. If a player refuses to shoot the shit in local, he gets kicked, no excuses. Make it clear at the outset (when introducing yourself at round start) and you won't get back talk from other players. I also encourage good use of squad comms. If a player isn't relaying information I'll tell them to speak up. Placing squadmates on overwatch to be eyes and ears is in my mind an important tactical ability. If only the fireteam leader can relay information, they would have to take those roles, which I don't think is what's intended. I'd rather have a fireteam leader on the objective or controlling a killzone than on overwatch, depending on their kit. The glory of this game is when you've reached that level of coordination in your squad that you can tactically dominate of as much of the map as possible. Limiting squad comms would diminish the ability to do that and lower the skill ceiling. I get what you mean about need-to-know, but I think the grunts can handle a little strategy chatter and if they're inexperienced maybe they'll learn something. I'd just wait and see how the fireteam mechanic plays out as is.
  4. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    That first vid: reticle is behind the player who is moving away from it. You compensate for the first shot but don't keep pulling through the burst. First shot hits, second and third are high and wide. Your "center mass" includes his backpack, which has no hitbox. You were peeking predictively, while he was keeping his sights on the corner. He rightly got the jump on you as you were looking at the wall.
  5. Yea that's basically what I believe as well. This rally nerf will help with the illogical appearance of munitions (mines and AT in particular) at random points in the map. Personally I'd rather see rallies gone once FOB mechanics are balanced. Better vehicle requisition would also help get people where they need to be while enforcing an overall logic to the movement of assets on the field.
  6. On Behalf Of All Scouts - CHECK YOUR MAP

    I once saw a responsible scout who, on two occasions, placed his mines on the enemy side of an objective and dug them up when we capped the objective, allowing vehicles to move on the the next point. He babysat the mine and the IED he'd placed further up the road, and, after blowing up a transport with the IED (a triumph in its own right), proceeded to dig up his own mine when enemy vehicles were no longer coming and the mine was more likely to impede our own vics. This gave me a huge banana grin Yes, drivers should use the map and be aware of mine placement. Scouts should also be aware of friendly objectives and the needs of friendly vehicles
  7. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    Me too! Though there have been a bunch of NA SLs that would go on my list. Backpack & koodoo from FFO are fun for gamey rush strats and meta making. The guys at SigTac are good for fundamentals and multi-level organization. Kakapopo on Thunderdome does wacky things pretty much every game. Myself, I like to foster noobs and coordinate with other SLs; though if I've got some killers on my squad I'm all about the aggression.
  8. True dat, for me it's mostly an aesthetic thing.. definitely secondary to gameplay at this point
  9. Direction Indicator when hit

    Could be a nice effect. As it is, with experience you tend to know which of the various gunshots around you was the one that hit you (by direction and range of the sound, and the associated pattern of bullet impacts around you). But yea, for the noobs
  10. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    A gentle nudge in the right direction Hopefully this works
  11. +1 for this. As Dirty notes, this is probably one of the most suggested ideas.
  12. Switching squads to spawn

    eh, not sure if I like this as switching squads for legitimate reasons like joining your friends or when the SL wants to kick to change the squad's role (logi, mortars) is best done when you're down and can spawn with the squad you join. Maybe if they implement you can't leave a squad when down but can ask to be kicked.. but there are times when you just want to leave a toxic squad ASAP (eg inappropriate mic spam, toxic SL) and getting SL to kick probably wouldn't happen.
  13. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    The rally changes in next update (wave timers) should help with spawning squad cohesion. As for giving up, I feel it should be disabled until the next rally wave is up. The wave timer should be displayed on the fade-to-black screen, with a hotkey to respawn on rally that is only enabled when the wave timer reaches zero. HAB timers should be higher than rally waves so this wouldn't cut into to HAB respawn times, and this would discourage players from spawning on the HAB instead of with their squad.
  14. Lol yea pretty much, though it looks like the enemy team was simply throwing infantry at you. Looks like it was a winning strategy as your team couldn't capitalize on your covering fire
  15. IMO it would be nice if defences were forced to snap on top of what they are placed on, not just for expediency but also to eliminate ugly and unrealistic floating sandbags. As Squad is in general such a beautiful game, it's a shame that FOBs often look like hastily-crafted elementary school dioramas.