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  1. Fireteams are great. You can split the squad up into overwatch and assault elements and not have to give orders by individual names.. Just "alpha team overwatch from mark, bravo on me for assault". Easy. It facilitates all kinds of tactical manoeuvring. You can give fireteam leader to a mortar team and they have their own ranging marks. Same for AT roles and spotters like optics/marksman. It lets you delegate leadership to experienced squadmates, so you can send out a flanking element that you don't have to babysit from the map. Personally, I disagree with OP when he says squads work best as one group.. I find that is rarely the case. The fireteams make it easy to efficiently split your squad into supporting elements, cover various angles of attack, coordinate armour and infantry, etc. No downsides so far as I can see.
  2. Yea, this happens quite a lot, but there are benefits to playing on the losing side. You get better by playing against competent players, and you'll have more targets if your team can't get any kills. Always join the losing side and and aim for the top K:D on the server, and you'll improve your shooting and gamesense much faster than anyone on the winning side. Then when you're posting 50 downs per match and you win that first 1-ticket game against the clan stack, who cares about those earlier losses?
  3. Stabbing prone enemies

    You can pounce on top of them by run-jump-crouch-stab. Hit them in the back
  4. It already goes on the map when it's built though...
  5. Just an ease of use suggestion for SLs who want emplacements built: put the emplacement on the map when the SL places it, not when it's been built. Frees up the marker for uses other than the shovel
  6. V12 no ammo

    3 mags is plenty to do some damage... get good lol /s But seriously, conserve your ammo.

    They wouldn't be abandoned if the logi could pick the ammo back up. That's AT rounds and grenades you'd be leaving behind!
  8. One suggestion I'd make since playing with persistent ammo for a few games is to add particular equipment items to the radial menu for rearming. There's plenty of space to do so on the dial for the rifleman ammo bags, but it would require some restructuring of the ammo crate menu. Separate options into mags, bandages, grenades, kit munitions, with point costs for each. 1 click picks up one of the selected equipment. Keep the resupply all option bottom right. This would give us the most control over how to allocate precious resources and keep it intuitive (without implementing complicated systems like automated equipment prioritization I've seen mentioned elsewhere). Would feel a bit like buying at freeze time in CS
  9. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Frequently I find myself creating a squad if my SL is being stupid and/or abusive. Doesn't take long for others to get tired of their BS and join me. No words exchanged, no grief. Just walk away.
  10. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    I've been using the burst aiming at the enemy's stomach at close range and finding it to be effective. It puts those first 3 rounds into them before they can get 2 of their own off if I've got the jump on them and I usually come out on top if I'm accurate. The trouble is, with suppression and weapon sway, accuracy is harder to come by . The SL red dot M4A1 is automatic, and godly.
  11. Increased LAT/HAT rounds for infantry is my favoured solution to this problem. This would follow the same design principle of the weapon sway and suppression system increasing the duration of firefights. As LATs do less damage now, give them more rounds to continue the fight if the vehicle decides to stay after taking the first couple hits. Vehicle operators and their squads could respond by retreating, taking cover, attempting fire superiority, or popping smoke while the LAT reloads. Better than the one- or two-and-done vehicle explosions of v11, and better than the armoured impunity of v12.
  12. Struggling with this game

    As folks have said, you gotta roll with a crew. If you join a squad with some folks with clan tags there's a good bet they have their shit together, so do that. You're in the UK, so I'd say try to get on the Mumblerines server and get on a squad with some of them. Be happy and helpful and ask questions if and only if you need to. Should get along fine.
  13. Love these suggestions LugNut, except maybe #2. Not sure squad roles need to be managed beyond SL comms and coordination. Nerf HABs and Rallies is IMO the most crucial thing. Would love to see some playtesting of no rallies & limited respawn HABs. How that would change the importance of securing supply/reinforcement lines from Main and really controlling the map, as opposed to creating TDM on objectives would be very interesting to see. Tying supplies to the logi itself makes sense. Some things would have to be tweaked. For instance, an emplacement could be given ammo by proximity to an ammo crate. Ammo crates could be refilled by logis.
  14. What is really going on with Squad?

    All of the above + Squad will get much hype when fully released. I'm sure there will be an ad campaign.
  15. Game depth and role significance

    I personally don't have any problems with squad comms. If a player refuses to shoot the shit in local, he gets kicked, no excuses. Make it clear at the outset (when introducing yourself at round start) and you won't get back talk from other players. I also encourage good use of squad comms. If a player isn't relaying information I'll tell them to speak up. Placing squadmates on overwatch to be eyes and ears is in my mind an important tactical ability. If only the fireteam leader can relay information, they would have to take those roles, which I don't think is what's intended. I'd rather have a fireteam leader on the objective or controlling a killzone than on overwatch, depending on their kit. The glory of this game is when you've reached that level of coordination in your squad that you can tactically dominate of as much of the map as possible. Limiting squad comms would diminish the ability to do that and lower the skill ceiling. I get what you mean about need-to-know, but I think the grunts can handle a little strategy chatter and if they're inexperienced maybe they'll learn something. I'd just wait and see how the fireteam mechanic plays out as is.