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  1. Sulphur hexaflouride is an enert gas 6x heavier than air that will deepen your voice when inhaled and used to speak. Only good for a few sentences per breath, so probably not economical. Fun nonetheless.
  2. No Shadow has to go quick

    How is my ego boosted? I have shadows on. I play with low fps. I'll still frag the shit out of everyone on the server. What I'm saying is that even folks whose rigs can't handle shadows now shouldn't be left out in alpha. I'm sure a lot of people abuse it, but the effect on the game at this stage is minimal. If you can't understand living on a tight budget, I'm not going to explain it to you. Exactly, so why complain? Your experience still counts way more than someone having a graphic advantage. Just live with it through alpha.
  3. No Shadow has to go quick

    Seen in multiple dev responses that optimization typically occurs after adding new content, so likely there will be major optimization before beta release. That would be where I hope they enforce shadows, so that slower rigs can handle it.
  4. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    In another turn towards 20th century American-style capitalism, Russian oligarchs begin employing PMCs in the middle east to secure investments along China's Belt and Road. 50 years later.. Metal Gear Solid. Or just the Wagner Group in Syria
  5. No Shadow has to go quick

    Oh how you must suffer all those beautiful visuals I play competitive settings (medium shadows, high view distance) with a ~10-20 fps drop I can hardly afford and I still waste all you high end PC bois. Frankly, low settings are there for a reason. Many of us have other priorities for our hard-earned $ (school, saving for down-payments, kids, real life shit) and can't be bothered to upgrade with every generation of games. E.g. I built my comp while working full time, but now I'm in school and saving to buy a house in 3 years. I am pinching every penny, and this is normal for many of us. That said, minimum graphics should be competitive. Not locked on high , but made to be as similar as possible in terms of spotting. I imagine this would come later after game assets are added and optimization is done.
  6. Squad / America's Army connection.

    Those tutorials sound like a lot of dev work to do what a good SL can do on the fly. I understand AA put a lot of effort into those tutorials as it was part of their raison d'etre as a recruiting tool. Squad's goals are different, focusing on in-game leadership and teamwork. The main reason I find it hard to get friends to keep playing Squad is because they prefer a round-based FPS like AA or CS. My brother found Squad frustrating because so much of the game requires relying on teammates you don't know and largely can't communicate with. I got him to appreciate using the map to get the most out of blueberries, but he prefers squad PUBG for a tighter big-map squad experience. Never can know if that blueberry is actually covering their line of sight My point is, players come to this game with different experience and preferences. My friends who come from a competitive FPS background might not like being teamed up with a bunch of incompetent noobs, but I actually enjoy occasionally imparting my FPS wisdom and training a decent squad. To each their own.
  7. British Faction Bulldog

    The gun can be used in conjuction with infantry support. Useful for pinning down entrenched enemies and buildings as infantry close in. You need an optic close by to deal with snipers. Thankfully the Brits have lots of those As said elsewhere, a better ducking function in turrets would be welcome to increase survivability after that first shot rings in.
  8. Topographical Map Suggestion

    These are great, thanks Zylf! Out of curiosity, what's the workflow to create this? Does UE4 have a DEM function? Or is it an aerial of a retextured & relighted original?
  9. Camping Main

    To me this issue stems from the style of game modes currently available in Squad. Action is focused on middle objectives with little incentive to harass or protect supply lines (including MSR from Main). Rallies and HABs allow the majority of action on the map to continue without consideration for supply lines, aside from the initial logi. I've been toying with the idea of an RTS-style game mode where the objective is to cap/destroy the enemy Main: No protection zone, limited resources at Main (supply, ammo) with regeneration. Capping zones on the map gives more resource regeneration at Main. Supply and ammo can be spent on vehicles at Main. No ticket limit; victory is achieved by taking the map and finally steamrolling the enemy off their stronghold. Removing rallies and limiting HABs with ammo requirements to spawn is likely also in order. Spawns and resource movement from Main would create a more even spread of players and assets over the map, with higher concentrations at Main for the losing side as they are pushed back. This would make Main camping more difficult, but also more rewarding as more assets are dedicated to Main and MSR protection.
  10. A two-stage recoil pattern.

    This is the recoil pattern seen in the CS franchise. I think you're right that it better simulates the soldier's compensation, but I'll leave that assessment to those with more experience firing these weapons (only ever tried the AK47 myself). The mouse comfort issue is one I've learned to deal with in Squad by changing my hand position when swithing from semi- to full automatic. Low mouse sensitivity is required for accurate tracking at range, generally semi-auto sniping. To compensate on full auto, reposition your mouse higher on the pad in close engagements to give more room for recoil adjustment. Close engagements are generally rare, so the forward posture doesn't become much of a comfort issue.

    To the covering fire doubters: It can be extremely effective to slow down and pin an enemy. An mg that is well set up with bipod and full cover can outgun most any other weapon; has a big clip and low recoil, and large calibre bonus to suppression. These traits can let it cover kill zones like no other infantry weapons system. No matter the size of a hostile infantry force, they can be slowed to a standstill by a well-placed mg; waiting for smokes or engaging in a firefight out of necessity as crossing the kill zone would mean too many casualties.
  12. Any decent shooter with a high enough skill ceiling will see its fair share of "competitive" (aka mechanically good) players. The trick is in designing a system that encourages teamwork as the optimal way to play. Easier said than done with 40v40 servers. This is easier for smaller-scale games like CS:GO, or in PUBG squads where there are fewer teammates to coordinate with. In Squad if you manage to get a full 9 experienced players together you can run the objectives as a combined arms spec ops monster hit squad. I don't think this would be any different in BF2 or Arma. In pub games this usually means the match is decided by the few good squads who trample the enemy noobs faster than their opposing counterparts. The game would be better IMO if these monster squads actually had to rely on the rest of the team for support. Since I started playing in 2016 the focus of AAS has always been on throwing bodies on the caps, getting multikills, and rolling on to the next cap ASAP. Ideally, this is done with as many high-skilled "competitive" shooters as possible, explosively attacking and keeping the pressure on the enemy HAB. If you watch these squads' behaviour, it usually boils down to run-and-gun, using all the shooter tactics in the book to close on and eliminate the enemy. If they go down, they usually respawn ASAP on an aggressive rally and fill in the gaps of their squad's surround of the enemy; constantly pushing, leap-frogging, flanking until the enemy are dying on their HAB. As soon as the HAB is down, they're off to the next cap to rinse and repeat (if the opposing team was quick enough to even regroup). Generally they can disregard defence as there's a good chance they can double neutral or come straight back should the enemy counter fast enough. This behaviour translates into team deathmatch on the middle cap in competitive matches, or in pub games with teams of equal skill. HABs will be placed ~100 m from the cap and the firefight will last all game until someone loses all the tickets. It's a K:D fragfest. What enables this style of gameplay is the ability to respawn indefinitely without any regard for what goes on behind the frontlines. Apart from the odd ammo run or mortar FOB, logistics can be ignored and all the best shooters can stay on the field without having to rely on or support the guys driving logi, defending the HAB or capping the point. As long as the shooters focus on their K:D (with emphasis on the K), they are doing what's best for the team. I'd like to see this change, and this is coming from a frequent topfragging SL who very much enjoys shooting faces
  13. server order list - filters??

    I think he's saying he'd like to see filters in the server list, adding tags for mods, favourite servers, etc.
  14. I agree, and while this gameplay can be fun at times I'm hoping the modding community will come up with something different. Rallypoint with ammo could be cool if it actually took ammo to spawn on the map (to equip the 3 mags and 2 bandages). This would limit the rally and HAB mechanics to require resupply in order to keep troops on the field. Of course, this would have a big impact on the meta as maintaining supply lines would become more important than pushing bodies on the cap.