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    To the covering fire doubters: It can be extremely effective to slow down and pin an enemy. An mg that is well set up with bipod and full cover can outgun most any other weapon; has a big clip and low recoil, and large calibre bonus to suppression. These traits can let it cover kill zones like no other infantry weapons system. No matter the size of a hostile infantry force, they can be slowed to a standstill by a well-placed mg; waiting for smokes or engaging in a firefight out of necessity as crossing the kill zone would mean too many casualties.
  2. Any decent shooter with a high enough skill ceiling will see its fair share of "competitive" (aka mechanically good) players. The trick is in designing a system that encourages teamwork as the optimal way to play. Easier said than done with 40v40 servers. This is easier for smaller-scale games like CS:GO, or in PUBG squads where there are fewer teammates to coordinate with. In Squad if you manage to get a full 9 experienced players together you can run the objectives as a combined arms spec ops monster hit squad. I don't think this would be any different in BF2 or Arma. In pub games this usually means the match is decided by the few good squads who trample the enemy noobs faster than their opposing counterparts. The game would be better IMO if these monster squads actually had to rely on the rest of the team for support. Since I started playing in 2016 the focus of AAS has always been on throwing bodies on the caps, getting multikills, and rolling on to the next cap ASAP. Ideally, this is done with as many high-skilled "competitive" shooters as possible, explosively attacking and keeping the pressure on the enemy HAB. If you watch these squads' behaviour, it usually boils down to run-and-gun, using all the shooter tactics in the book to close on and eliminate the enemy. If they go down, they usually respawn ASAP on an aggressive rally and fill in the gaps of their squad's surround of the enemy; constantly pushing, leap-frogging, flanking until the enemy are dying on their HAB. As soon as the HAB is down, they're off to the next cap to rinse and repeat (if the opposing team was quick enough to even regroup). Generally they can disregard defence as there's a good chance they can double neutral or come straight back should the enemy counter fast enough. This behaviour translates into team deathmatch on the middle cap in competitive matches, or in pub games with teams of equal skill. HABs will be placed ~100 m from the cap and the firefight will last all game until someone loses all the tickets. It's a K:D fragfest. What enables this style of gameplay is the ability to respawn indefinitely without any regard for what goes on behind the frontlines. Apart from the odd ammo run or mortar FOB, logistics can be ignored and all the best shooters can stay on the field without having to rely on or support the guys driving logi, defending the HAB or capping the point. As long as the shooters focus on their K:D (with emphasis on the K), they are doing what's best for the team. I'd like to see this change, and this is coming from a frequent topfragging SL who very much enjoys shooting faces
  3. server order list - filters??

    I think he's saying he'd like to see filters in the server list, adding tags for mods, favourite servers, etc.
  4. I agree, and while this gameplay can be fun at times I'm hoping the modding community will come up with something different. Rallypoint with ammo could be cool if it actually took ammo to spawn on the map (to equip the 3 mags and 2 bandages). This would limit the rally and HAB mechanics to require resupply in order to keep troops on the field. Of course, this would have a big impact on the meta as maintaining supply lines would become more important than pushing bodies on the cap.
  5. At least a logi can ostensibly transport troops and equipment... I don't think HABs should be able to spawn troops indefinitely without resupply, but most folks seem against making logistics are larger part of the game.
  6. A lack of Mainstream Gamemodes

    The latest mod support update could be huge for this and OWI seem to be all for mods, so I expect you'll see more game modes and scenarios developed with some time.
  7. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    I wouldn't say it ruins the game though. You could set a HAB on Gas Station to reinforce Outskirts, and use emplacements and techies to control the desert approach. The best strategies will allow flexibility to respond to the variety of tactics the enemy can employ. If a tactic like MSR camping is causing trouble, maybe the strategy of putting all your eggs in the Outskirts basket is ill-advised. The meta will always change in strategy games. Once counters to MSR camping are found you will likely see less of it. Also we're talking about the InvasionV1 layer, right? Why even bother holding Outskirts if they have vehicle superiority at that point? Fall back into the city and use your infantry explosives to deal with vehicles.
  8. Lol yes. Militia vs USA though. Only techies and bikes. Teams are 60 players militia, 20 player USA, but give USA a spaceship with a big laser.
  9. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    40 players is more than enough to spot a Challenger moving across the open desert on Basrah. Was the team using the techies? Was there just no communication? Why didn't the team build emplacements to push it off? Or take the other bridges/fords to flank it? Sounds like this was a problem of skill more than anything else. I've dealt with that bridge camp many times. Sure, you got outplayed at the start but you can lose a flag or two and regroup after dealing with the problem. Can't expect to mess up and remain on equal footing.
  10. New Buildable Structure - SupplyDump

    I think this type of supply mechanic is open to some cheesy tactics, especially on large maps. It's much like the old cooker FOBs, though requiring returns to Main for more build and ammo. Even though this would be a nerf to cooker play, it could still be used in much the same way to simply build supply and ammo way behind enemy lines to set up a steamroll once the team takes that first objective. Suds' suggestion for linked FOBs makes sense as an abstraction of securing supply lines, but it's not very intuitive or practical for engaging gameplay. You would have to defend these stationary FOBs or run the risk of losing them (and those juicy radio tickets). It's overly complex and would require folks to babysit radios to be played "correctly". My hope is that we get a system that brings action to the logistics end more frequently, and perhaps a buff to logistics survivability to make these engagements more, well, engaging. Tackling the problem of boring logi runs shouldn't be to make them obsolete, but to make them more important and exhilarating. Squad is a shooter, but it's also a resource-based strategy game, or at least many of the mechanics suggest this. Unfortunately currently the game mechanics allow you to largely ignore logistics and still keep all your shooters on the field. Logis, fortifications, even HABs, are less important than putting constant pressure on the enemy, because the enemy have the ability to do the same (hence the meatgrinder via rallies). This is the major problem behind boring logi runs. They just aren't that important, so why bother searching for and ambushing enemy logis? And why bother taking an armed escort if nobody cares that much if you make the supply drop?
  11. why we cant destory trees ?

    Processing speeds and bandwidth are the limits. I can imagine games 10000000x better than what's on offer but there are really low limits to what consumer tech can do. Pray for quantum computing. Like, can you imagine a multiplayer PvE FPS on one lagless global server where the gamers of the world combat an equal army of machine learning robots with a Deepmind AI for every agent and real-time hive-mind strategic planning? Would be better than XCOM or Mass Effect MP, but there is not enough computing power on the planet.
  12. You can exploit picking up friemdly weapons by stacking kits. Say your friendly LAT goes down. Pick up the LAT, he spawns in again. Now you have 2 LAT. Then have a 3rd guy pick up a LAT when either of you go down. Now there's 3 LAT in the squad. Rinse, repeat until 9 LAT and watch everything go boom. Picking up ammo from friendlies with the same weapon as you might work, but that would be annoying for the friendly if they then get revived/spawn with less ammo.
  13. Awesome community

    Definitely this! Keep biting your tongue and moving on FatherTime, because there are plenty more good mannered players than bad and there's no time to suffer fools. Glad you're having fun with the community!
  14. Definitely do it. It's an important role, so you should feel nervous about it at first. Nerves tell you to watch what you're doing and take fewer risks. Just focus on your SL duties to start. Get that HAB up and defend it. As long as your squad can spawn in they'll be happy. Once you get comfortable you can start getting creative.
  15. In the matter of fall damage

    Just remove the bleed. Fall damage is fine, but losing a bandage to a slight miscalculation in height gets annoying.