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  1. True dat, for me it's mostly an aesthetic thing.. definitely secondary to gameplay at this point
  2. Direction Indicator when hit

    Could be a nice effect. As it is, with experience you tend to know which of the various gunshots around you was the one that hit you (by direction and range of the sound, and the associated pattern of bullet impacts around you). But yea, for the noobs
  3. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    A gentle nudge in the right direction Hopefully this works
  4. +1 for this. As Dirty notes, this is probably one of the most suggested ideas.
  5. Switching squads to spawn

    eh, not sure if I like this as switching squads for legitimate reasons like joining your friends or when the SL wants to kick to change the squad's role (logi, mortars) is best done when you're down and can spawn with the squad you join. Maybe if they implement you can't leave a squad when down but can ask to be kicked.. but there are times when you just want to leave a toxic squad ASAP (eg inappropriate mic spam, toxic SL) and getting SL to kick probably wouldn't happen.
  6. Lock & Unlock - GIVE UP, button :)

    The rally changes in next update (wave timers) should help with spawning squad cohesion. As for giving up, I feel it should be disabled until the next rally wave is up. The wave timer should be displayed on the fade-to-black screen, with a hotkey to respawn on rally that is only enabled when the wave timer reaches zero. HAB timers should be higher than rally waves so this wouldn't cut into to HAB respawn times, and this would discourage players from spawning on the HAB instead of with their squad.
  7. Lol yea pretty much, though it looks like the enemy team was simply throwing infantry at you. Looks like it was a winning strategy as your team couldn't capitalize on your covering fire
  8. IMO it would be nice if defences were forced to snap on top of what they are placed on, not just for expediency but also to eliminate ugly and unrealistic floating sandbags. As Squad is in general such a beautiful game, it's a shame that FOBs often look like hastily-crafted elementary school dioramas.
  9. What position do you play the most? Why?

    SL or optic as I like to play point. Will medic or AT if required. Really enjoy driving bikes with the HAT kit and a scout buddy as insurgents, and try to get this setup any time playing Basrah ("This in MY desert!" The most ridiculous matches played this way ).
  10. CrazyBear I like your suggestion. Particularly if you add the ticket resource to transport runs. Rallies could be replaced by transports filled with players and remaining spaces filled with tickets (represented by a player model in the seat). Players could spawn on transports until tickets are used, then the transport would return to Main to get more tickets. Same for transport helicopters when implemented. Transports could unload tickets to FOBs which allow players to spawn on HAB. All this simulates actual troop movement requiring secure supply lines. No more magic spawn points and random troops appearing on the map. Actual control of the map would become paramount, even in AAS/PAAS, and the ebb-and-flow of gameplay would slow down and become logical. For instance, if a team gets pushed off their supply line they will have to regroup at main and launch a coherent counter-attack, instead of current implementation of squads operating off rallies or spawning on the surrounded FOB until game end. Main camping could be addressed by map design and matchmaking for balance.
  11. Would love to try such a mod, but can't help but think all the extra physics would cause a hit in performance with Squad's server sizes. Maybe make a sniper map for server seeding, that could be fun.
  12. I find the Marksman class to be sufficient in fixing or interdiction at ranges relevant to the squad and current map objectives. A more powerful scope would help to give the class a leg up at range compared to the optic rifle classes and differentiate the roles. I'm all for that, but it would be a mistake to try to implement a class with a much larger effective range without adding confounding factors like wind and air density etc., as it would be either OP or low skill ceiling (if those effects were randomized).
  13. Pinging the map would be useful. Just a simple little circular ripple ping, with a limit and cooldown to stop spam.
  14. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Brilliant! Would love to see MRAPs repairable after a mine though, to encourage their use as a forward escort for logis. Maybe if engineers can put out a fire if they get to it fast enough? Techies and trucks just going boom makes sense of course
  15. Removal of marksmen from the game

    SL control over kits would be helpful. Doesn't happen often for me but sometimes it's hard to get a player to switch, or they're damn slow about it.