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  1. What position do you play the most? Why?

    I play Scout, and then watch my painfully stupid team proceed to run over all of my mines and then have the gull to ask " what happened " when there is a row of three skull and crossbones icons right on their dead bodies. Lol, but yeah. Scout is my favorite, then Machine Gunner or LAT/HAT. Medic is a grind but also enjoyable, as some games you win by 10-30 tickets, and when you have a bunch of revives you literally were a difference maker in the outcome of the game.
  2. I cannot count the times, just like in Project Reality that teammates in vehicles have driven directly into friendly mines. It is not hard to check your map every few minutes or when operating a vehicle to make sure your path is clear and there are no friendly mines. I would say about 1/3 to nearly 1/2 of all mines placed wind up being run over by oblivious team-mates in technical or other light vehicles. Skull with an X marks the spot. The spot you should not drive into. Thank you , on behalf of everyone who plays Scout.
  3. [420th] Member Get's 500M LAT Kill Mid Bong Hit

    My buddy Shwoogblasta, one of my old roomates and part of our little local [420th] clan. While goofing around and just after hitting the bong and coughing his lungs out, my buddy spots a BTR, zones it in and lands a solid shot.
  4. AMD Freeze Issue - Kill Me Please

    So, as title says. I am suffering from game breaking 2-8 second game freezes/hangups, some of which result in the game locking up and me having to force crash. It happens at random. Sometimes at the start, or sometimes when the game is near an end. However it really makes my blood boil when i am trying to squad lead with my clan and or do APC/Armor with my crew and i constantly am getting this problem. All of a sudden, bam I'm gone. No more squad lead i guess, or there goes the gunner/driver for APC. And everyone loves siting in a server quo that you just waited 20 minutes to join and instantly lagged out of. Is Squad or Post Scriptum's engine going to be adapted for compatibility with AMD software/hardware?, I played Project Reality for over a decade and was so excited to join the community here, and also was about to pre-order post scriptum. But it seems like i will need to build a whole new gaming PC just to play these two games. Audio is set to low, everything is on low for Pete's sake. I can post specs but i surpass even the Recommended, however i run AMD. Which your game engine seems to have clear problems with.
  5. How Long...

    As someone who just purchased this game, and has noticed it has been out for years and is still in Alpha...-...what's going on with updates?. I was a HUGE Project Reality player and am noticing this is the next PR. However it only has 1/6th of the content of PR so far, 1/6th the vehicles, weapons, factions, maps, everything. Not even any Main Battle Tanks or Air Trans or any sort of helicopters yet. How many years in updates until Squad has even 3/4ths the content that Project Reality had?. Not having air trans, CAS and all these other various vehicles and stuff really sucks. And it seems like with each update comes 1-2 vehicles, and the updates are not very often. It seems based on current update statistics and inclusions that it will be another solid 2-3 years before we get the same content as PR. I mean it came out 2013, and here we are in 2018. Not saying a lot has not changed, but still.