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  1. Insurgency

    Aha your talking about Insurgency the game Eagle Insurgency in this topic is about a gamemode for Project Reality (Battlefield 2 Mod) that we played!
  2. zTrooper new squad video

    Was actually quite fun at points
  3. As I said.. In the Humvee kickstarter update.. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1273448 I'll just let ya read it!
  4. Hence why I said "at this current time" Another $330 came in just after I typed the response Nice to see we hit it
  5. I believe we are roughly 120 CAD short of the Stretch goal at this current time (This includes the Paypal amount that was given out in the Humvee Update) 364,380 CAD + 9300 CAD from Paypal = 373,680 CAD (Stretch Goal is 373,807 CAD for Russian Forces) Looking good I would say haha
  6. Star Wars

    Meh, £5 difference... No biggie tbh, just some stuff you'd probably take a little while to unlock doing some campaign/co-op stuff I guess. Not game breaking etc lol The DICE team were super enthusiastic to make this game and it looks fucking awesome to be honest so I'm looking forward to whatever. So I don't think it will be super bad DLC stuff, time will tell, but looks great nonetheless
  7. War Faces of Squad

    May as well get the Cavalry going! (Too many Horse pictures, not enough time for real life)
  8. Star Wars

    Standard: £50 Digital Deluxe: £55
  9. Star Wars

    Lol £5 more than the Standard Edition? All your getting is a few weapons you could probably unlock in a day or two of gameplay anyway. Both get the first DLC as well for free anyway in December but if you pre-order you get like a week or two early access, honestly thought the game looked OK in the gameplay trailers yesterday! Don't get me wrong, I hate the DLC band wagon that EA has going on (experienced it both with BF3 and BF4.. Didn't bother with Hardline) but people seem to really rip the shit out of it when the game doesn't look too bad itself. You don't have to buy the DLC, seen plenty of people play Vanilla BF3/BF4 with loads of servers up for the purpose of that and they were still great Your own fault if you decide to throw money to them lol
  10. There is a limit I guess to advertisement, would you like it if a rival company as such started posting their products (To sell, not discuss) for it in your forums trying to gather money? Discussing it would of been fine, but not to say, "Here's the kickstarter guys! Let's go ;)"
  11. CAD (computer aided design)

    Ah Catia... God I had no clue when I started doing some work with it when I was on placement with Bombardier Aerospace Good software but sooo expensive too
  12. User Titles

    I wouldn't PM Katarn. Got ignored and still no response, PM Spec I guess since he was the one who finally got me sorted out
  13. No idea why, but as soon as I seen mini Americans I thought of; Hehe What I'm working on right now: