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  1. Special Forces

    For clarification, Special Forces terminology herein I believe is being use incorrectly. Here below is a quick rundown of the forces which have greatly been developed in the last two (2) decades. There is only one Special Forces (SF) better know as the "Green Berets" such as the those of the 10th SFGA, 7th SFGA, 5th SFGA, etc... and other SF Groups (units) which are under the command of the 1st Special Forces Command. Watch the movie "12-Strong" http://www.soc.mil/USASFC/HQ.html What I believe that is being referred to here are special operations forces which each of the US military branches have: US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. The following are Special Operations Forces (Special Operators) that are not SF Units which are within USSOCOM; https://www.socom.mil/ Delta Force US Navy SEALS Ranger Battalions Combat Controllers Marine CSO (Marine Recon) and, several other support and specialized units such as the 160 SOAR(a) and SYOPS There is lots more to the above so feel free to click on the links or search for it. so special operators being added to Squad, would be good. They operate in Teams, Squads, Squadrons, etc... then for the OPFOR (Opposing Force) you can include the non-US special operators such as the Spetnaz, Jeagers, SAS, GSG9, "the French Foreign Legions", etc.... However, this could be a game within itself due to the different type of missions as compare to regular military units. respectfully.......
  2. A Bit of Merlin on Early Access Exit

    First and foremost got to get all the menus and options therein working such as Favorite Severs, etc....as well as controls and options. get all the basic added, enabled and/or fixed before adding more maps, weapons, etc.... could use a bit faster on changing weapons, getting up and down, and player in-game still runs slower than 'Granny'.... lets get them code writers to turn on the afterburners....
  3. Scoreboard - what does it mean

    Thank you CO CMDR
  4. i have played Squad since the free weekend in June. However, to date i have not been able to find any description of what each of the Scoreboard Columns means primarily everything to the right of your name and the last your ping. so where the heck is there an explanation. thank you verri mucho..........
  5. Server Favorites

  6. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    the simple answer is you get what you paid for: most of the times. free games suck....... free trials, Alpha, Betas = OK
  7. 10th Special Forces Command (Formerly 10SFG)

    I filed an application but no response yet. DOL
  8. Devil's Brigade - A community changing the rules

    been looking to play on your server but its usually empty. what time do you guys get on? also hope yous guys have some knowledge or association with/of the FSSF (First Special Service Force) AKA the DB