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  1. Cannot wait for risingstorm 2
  2. I love when a fire fight gets more intense, more rounds coming at you, getting pinned down.
  3. funny moments
  4. Thank you
  5. Op iron strike
  6. korengal

    looks amazing dude.
  7. As of now, not really i think everyone (That was new) has gotten used to playing as a team. For me at least.
  8. Correct. But it is a big performance hit. Seems like i cannot find the thread. Ill keep digging. It will take a good hit on the game, the reason why RO2 doesnt have that big of a hit is cause it is on UE3 or UDK. While UE4 is still under development, also squad has way larger maps than RO2. We're talking about 4km map's. Also you would be rendering 2 cameras for the entire map.
  9. New insurgency video!
  10. if you like arma ops, here is a new one with cinimatics
  11. Moved topic to "Hardware Tech Support"
  12. You wont have the entire game, this is just a mod kit basically. So you will be missing some files
  13. I only give one verbal warning. I am watching this thread, if anything continuing with verbal abuse towards Squad Dev/Mod team or any other member of squad forums. I will take action. First and final warning.
  14. Can you please list your specs. Also, let squad load first. When it is a black screen after the logo, it means it is loading. Should try shift+tab default for steam overlay with messages and what not.