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  1. getting more loot!
  2. some more escape from tarkov gameplay!
  3. But your roots are me shooting m203's at you across the map on accident
  4. Escape from tarkov gameplay
  5. Exactly, i love the new sounds! Hopefully he adds more of a echo to the shots in the cracks
  6. Yes i noticed that too!
  7. Some of it made me jump Like that is new! I love the new FP camera with the AK's, they sound so nice! M4's got a tweaked as well. Same Ah he meant the M249 SAW That is why i love this game! The sounds are just amazing!
  8. In the V9 release, what do you guys think of the new crack echos? Personally i love them. What are your thoughts?
  9. Operation 22 | Gone But Not Forgotten
  10. New improvment from arma
  11. Ah thank you, was looking for that
  12. Thanks! Im planning on doing a squad one as well!