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    Play Guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, and trombone, airsoft, realistic shooters, US Army Reserved. Hoo-ah
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  1. New place being put up.
  2. first win in Battlegrounds!
  3. Added a photo of a oil well that i am currently modeling
  4. Glad you're getting back into it! I also got RS2
  5. Streaming Sarau Right now!
  6. Added photos of the bunker.
  7. I have something special i've been working on for Sarau
  8. I havent heard from you for a long ass time dude!
  9. No clue
  10. added a new video of the day and night cycle, you can see the clouds change, cloud shadows, lighting change when clouds are present at night
  11. I will be uploading a video soon of how the day and night cycle is.
  12. mine do move, they also change density over time, cloud shadows as well
  13. Added a photo of the tunnel system i started on!
  14. I am using Ultradynmicsky. But i am working on the dynamic cycle, about 24 minutes for a day, i at least want the game and players feel like the map is alive, i know 24 minutes for a day is not realistic but still want it to feel alive, if you know what i mean.