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    Play Guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, and trombone, airsoft, realistic shooters, US Army Reserved. Hoo-ah
    Find me on steam at wetred13, noxxid3. either should pop up with me.

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    i7- 6700k - 4.0ghz
    MB- z170-A Asus
    GPU- GTX 1080
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    HDD- 2TB
    Aircooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    Case- 450D

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  1. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    looks great! keep up the great work!
  2. ...any aspiring voice actors out there?

    Look up my friend shado_temple he has a good voice, he streams as well. www.twitch.tv/shado_temple
  3. Noxxid3's Video Gameplay And Funny moments!

    Haha Yeah it was a great night.
  4. Noxxid3's Video Gameplay And Funny moments!

    New funny moments
  5. 24 Hour Live Stream Charity!

    The Stream is starting now!
  6. 24 Hour Live Stream Charity!

    Hey guys, on the 29th of may. I will be doing a charity stream on twitch for 24 hours, starting at 4pm CST on the 29th. My goal is to raise $100 (Since i am a small streamer) realistic goal. Please help me to reach my goal. The money will go towards military families in need. This stream is dedicated to the one's who lost their lives. In Valhalla my brothers. Thank you for reading.
  7. Devblog - Out and About

    ppft why wasnt i invited? jk.
  8. Sarau (Inspired by Kashan Desert)

    Added a new photo. Updated textures, bunker almost completed.
  9. Noxxid3's Video Gameplay And Funny moments!

    That's why I play with them I know one of them IRL
  10. Noxxid3's Video Gameplay And Funny moments!

    Funny moments in Player unknowns battlegrounds!
  11. ViolentlyHappy here!

    Welcome to Squad and our forums!
  12. Sarau (Inspired by Kashan Desert)

    Updated textures, adding Lights to the tunnels, added a 2nd entrance. Added a new photo of Dusk.