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  1. More buildings added, check the wrench for updates
  2. Song has been updated. To something more appealing to the original map and PR.
  3. Changed out the Material for Mutaha's, its more optimized and all around looks way better. New screen shots.
  4. Major Progress, added new screenis. Added the first black hawk down
  5. Song has been updated
  6. https://imgur.com/a/3tQiwY6 New comp screens. Just got off of work, did some quick work
  7. Yeah, ive been busy. The map is going very well. Oh i know
  8. added a album, comparison
  9. Worked on a the sound track a bit, so far its a quick idea of where im going with it. I wanted to create an feeling of "going back" or going back into the fight, more of a emotional track for the map.
  10. So i created a quick tutorial on how to grab a height map from PR. Note: You must have permission from the original map maker in order to recreate their map in squad. Leave some feedback, questions and what not. This is the first time i've done a tutorial, if anything i may remake these tut's. Enjoy Thanks creative Realms for the help on the macro.
  11. I plan on finishing it
  12. I am reusing the assets from Mutaha. And adjusting the map. There is like 4 buildigns that have to be redone, and 3 of them are in black gold. Ramiel might not need them.
  13. I do not have an ETA, but the factions will be US (Possibly other factions like brits) vs Militia and Insurgents. I would say most of the roads so 15% is done right now. It will be awhile but i will be working on it everyday. I will need help with modeling as that isnt my strong suit. Im currently making new songs for each map as well. Thanks Im really looking forward to get this map done. Excited, hopefully they will add little birds