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  1. [WIP] Sarau (Revamped and reworked)

    Yeah that is still a heavy work in progress. I've side tracked with my personal project that should be launching on steam lately. So that is taking more of my time. But im going to raise the area surrounding the tunnel higher to make it more realistic. I was thinking of that yes.
  2. [WIP] Sarau (Revamped and reworked)

    Added a tunnel
  3. [WIP] Sarau (Revamped and reworked)

    I was thinking of something like this. But I feel like it wouldn't fit my map. Mountains may be too big Ill try it when I gert gone tomorrow. Ill up the scale to see how the mountains look
  4. [WIP] Sarau (Revamped and reworked)

    Awesome thanks man! I was looking for more options for flag points ect
  5. Inspired by Kashan Desert from Project Reality which was originally created by Duckhunt, Sarau is 16km2 map focused on a combined arms combat.The centerpiece of the map is a large military facility in the Sarau Desert. The facility itself offers medium to close quarters engagements for infantry while you can expect most of the vehicle combat to happen in the wide open desert and oil fields around the military facility offering medium to long range engagements. I revamped the map to have better visuals and better gameplay. Heightmap Imported: Birdeye View: Map Legend: Red: OPFOR Spawn (Ignore the X, couldnt load old photoshop file) Blue: BLUEFOR Spawn Yellow: Villages/City (Maybe) Purple: Factory or Oil Facility Blue and Green: Upper and lower bunker (North/south) (Multiple bunkers). Orange: FOB (Inspired by Korengal Valley aka' Restrepo) Brown: Dirt Road Grey: Highway Black: Tunnel Im thinking of adding something next to that highway thats near that Bunker, something major. Day and Night cycle (From Previous Map Preview): New Screenshots with mountains/Valleys: Road Tunnel: The mountains are a WIP (Seem too tall in the background). But Day and night cycle is up, including Cloud density change and shadows (Depends on how bad performance drop is). I am using Ultra Dynamic SKy. Added Materiel to the landscape. I will update the videos to suit the new map. Currently working on the new MAT along with the Materiel functions. Please give some Feedback on what you would like to see on the map! Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.
  6. The Russian Army arsenal?

    Cause in reality we do use red dots, quiet a few of them. We do have m4a1's, reserves/NG have m16's. I never used a m4 vareint yet, but I believe we do have the a1's.
  7. Night map?

    No it wasnt me, but i do know who it was. He was looking for help too.
  8. Night map?

    I will be working on it after work, but I updated now my textures are missing but should be able to fix it. I am a level designer for another game not squad, but still learning ue4. And thanks! Thr burned down vehicles are Inspired by hells highway in iraq. Thanks man, what i did use wqs ultradynamicsky which helps a lot, the map is 16km2 so 4x4.
  9. Night map?

    Im actually in the process of making a map with day and night cycle
  10. Two Solutions for C++ Error

    Did you fix it? Sorry when you sent this message i was at BCT.
  11. NOTE: This fix can also fix windows update problems If you have received this error "0xc000007b" while launching Squad or other issues related. Here are a couple fixes that could work. 1: Download a small .bat file that i created which runs through windows and scans to see if any protected system files may corrupted and replace them. If they are corrupted you may have trouble installing/running EAC, Battlenet ect ect. This includes windows updates. File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B91mMaTerrjfdEpGbnZiNy1nNDg/view?usp=sharing Once downloaded, right click and run as Administrator and CMD (Command Prompt) will pop up and begin's the scan. Note this can take a while. After it has done scanning it should say that it repaired any corrupted files. Restart your pc and try windows update, reinstalling EAC/Squad. 2: If the above did not work, and CMD stated that it could not repair any corrupted files, please message me/comment on these forums. 3: Sometimes .NET framework could be causing issues. This can easily fixed by re-installing latest .NET framework Video^ 4: Since C++ Could cause an issue, try my other thread for help with C++ go to here: 5: Reinstall Direct X . Video: For some people, these troubleshoot solutions may not help you in the slightest. If any of you need help, ill do my best to fix your issue. PM/Add me on discord/Steam if your issue continues to exist. If you have discord, link is below. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041159889 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ca4PcvH
  12. key remapping advice

    C:\Users\"User"\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor it is usually located in your C: drive. Make sure hidden files and folders are on: (Make sure you replace User with your user name, do not put the quotes in) http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/26/ It should be inpute.ini Hope this helps
  13. Cannot login to game

    Im pretty sure he has it fixed.
  14. Will we have a desert flat map one day ?

    Yes But i've been focusing on my own game i've been making
  15. Will we have a desert flat map one day ?

    so something like this