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  1. RX 5700XT

    Real life is where you expect a 300 dollar card to play a game better then a 200 dollar card from 3 years ago.....
  2. RX 5700XT

    Lmao yeah, 5 month old product but i'm just a beta tester. Meanwhile there is no acknowledgment from AMD on this crippling problem. Idk what compels people to shill for corporations like this but they do.
  3. I get extreme stuttering and in general garbage performance with my 5700. Never had stuttering with my 480, and the frame rate on the 480 was only slightly lower at the same settings. Meanwhile in games like the bannerlord beta the 5700 is a massive improvement over my 480. A google search of this issue has yielded me zero solutions for this problem and was wondering if anyone else has, hasn't, or had this issue and solved it.
  4. RX 5700XT

    I have a 5700 and its a total ****ing mess in this game. You dodged a bullet getting the 2070 instead.
  5. Challenger 2 ammunition count.

    As a result of this balance the challenger is not a good mbt
  6. Challenger 2 ammunition count.

    So what's the justification for the challenger 2 having nearly half the ammo other mbts have. According to wikipedia, the thing can hold 47 rounds for the main gun. The challenger is by far the worst modern mbt in the game, primarily because of the low amount of ammunition. I don't see any reason for why it was made to be this way.