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  1. The Doughnut Shop Server Rules

  2. Hey everyone, GlazedGolden and friends decided to open a new Doughnut Shop in town. (And by that I mean we've opened a new server!) The server is called The Doughnut Shop and is based in the US. Server Rules 1) Respect all players, mods, and admins. Racist, bigoted, and/or hateful behavior will not be tolerated. 2) Do not camp at enemy main bases. 3) Do not share ticket counts with the opposing team. 4) Apologize for any accidental friendly fire. Intentional and/or repeated friendly fire is not allowed. 5) Mic and/or chat spam will not be tolerated. 6) Squad leaders are recommended to have a mic, and to communicate with each other for maximum teamwork and efficacy. 7) Do not impersonate a moderator/admin. This will result in an immediate ban. 8) Starting a squad and then leaving / making someone else SL is not allowed. Do not start a squad unless you intend to lead it. 7) Keep it fun! (In summary, don't be a jerk.) Please report any rule breaking to an admin. Punishments for rule breaking include, but are not limited to: warnings, kicks, temporary bans, and permanent bans. --Doughnutshop Manager GlazedGolden Do you want to know more? Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/QrzAvTs, to learn about the server and other activites that we may be doing with other games!