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  1. My opinion is that veichles (trucks) should weight more, as their point of equilibrium is perceived as too high - meaning that they flip easily. When it comes to an example of bad driving instead... well, if you break an egg do not expect to fix it (no flip back button, please)
  2. PAAS layers are great, they add a lot of uncertainty on direction of attacks, and give added strategic depth to the game. I can't see them in rotation anymore on any servers, so I give for granted they have been removed. Are they planned to come back? If not, why? They were probably the best kind of layers (along with the recently introduced RAAS).
  3. Skirmish Maps

    With the sad departure of the Operation First Light map and the contemporary inclusion of tanks, we see a growing attitude of rushing to heavy veichles and playing as loners. Skirmish maps are a way to have infantry-only battles, forcing the SLs to play together as a team and possibly improving the overall experience on the other maps. That said, I still do want more infantry-focused maps, in thight urban or dense forests setups, where veichles are mere transports rather than battle influencer.
  4. Stuttering

    I have and AMD graphic card, so in my case can't be Shadowplay. I'm keeping troubleshooting, anyway.
  5. Stuttering

    I think that there is an issue with 15.4, in this regard. I have stuttering as well, but I can't relate them to any specific action. It comes out of nothing and goes out of nothing, but while there it's impossible to play. I had to kill squad.exe a few times as my PC became almost unresponsive. And it happens only with Squad.
  6. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I understand your point. I hope that the commander role is somehow regulated in any case, as it will be more impacting than SLs for what I see so far!
  7. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    It is a good idea, and I would expand it a bit: what about having the CO purchasing ANY veichle, including those at the beginning of the round? In this way we may see asimmetrical approach to the same battle, and put and end to the rush to veichles requisition at the beginning of the match. As Slavinkje says, no magical respawn of abandoned/damaged/far veichles should be implemented.
  8. Alpha 15.4 Released

    I couldn't test the changes yet, but they look a step to the right direction. I would still decrease a bit the revive window (half of it, probably) in order to force people being more cautious and less rambo. In the end Squad shouldn't be a frag-fest, but a game requiring some caring; also additionally increasing the rally respawn time compared to the HAB one would probably count on this matter. About self-destructing veichles: keeping a strategic integrity should be a big part of the project. If a faction charges carelessly in the middle of the fight and loses all the veichles, it is their problem. They should have planned better and this should be a lesson for them to improve how to play. As someone said, the issue of isolated veichles will be solved with air strikes and helo transports. Costly, but you brake, you pay. Buddy rally: can't wait for them to go once and for all. They make no sense and do not lead to a better reasoned gameplay. I like the idea of helping a bit the insurgents; as they can place 2 HABs per FOB, the FOB area may be increased so to allow HABs to be in far places. At least, ask permission to have your rally used as buddy, as someone suggested. Replying as medic: 5 secs are most of the time not even enough to realize if some around you has been hit.
  9. Just stumbled on this post on reddit, which clearly describes why all the strategy and tactic part of the gameplay is going to the drain:
  10. Agree. Maybe a little less punishing, bur definitely agree
  11. In the matter of rally point

    And in the meanwhile, the annoying and unrealistic buddy rally points are still here...
  12. I agree with the OP. Following a FTL is not that easy at the moment, he can only use the dynamic marker that is often used to alert for enemy presence.
  13. It would be great to see more infantry-focused maps available in Squad. Operation Flashlight was great in this sense, with dense forests almost impassable for veichles. All that counted was infantry squads coordination and maneuvering. I would love to see it back, I miss it so much. For the same reasons I would love to see much more urban maps, something that may represent city warfare like Narva in western Europe (possibly more claustrophobic) and suburban areas like Mogadishu's slums, where the close quarter combat was ruling.
  14. Autowalk key

    In the settings you can enable a double tap to keep moving (not running). It would be great, and easier, to get a rebindable key to autowalk able to capture when you press the run key (and possibly to toggle it as well). When you spend most of the time on the move as a grunt, keeping the forward+run keys pressed for minutes is more than annoying.
  15. IMHO, the recent (or not so recent) changes in the gameplay, namely on veichle usage and rally point dynamics, are killing the game. Back to Alpha11 we had only a few fighting veichles, and none of them was unbeatable by the infantry. A BTR or a Stryker would have gone to the heaven with a few RPGs; and losing such an asset was considered a waste, both for the amount of tickets lost and for the tactical disadvantage (usually there were 1 max 2 armored veichle per faction... and not on every map). This forced the players, and the SL mostly, to join the forces and coordinate their infantry attacks. Now, when you lose a tank, it is a matter of 15 tickets or so, much less for an APC. Even the Logis have indirectly become disposable asset, unluckily. When a round starts, there is a rush to get the veichles, lock the squads, and that's it. There are so many times you can see 1-2 tank squads, a few APC squads, and if/when you are lucky 2 full infantry squads (ignoring the fact that there are many SL that lock their squads at 2-4 players). I feel so strongly that there are way too many veichles in every map, compared to the number of soldiers. There is no balance and there is no incentive to cooperate (most of the people rushing for veichles aren't interested in winning a match, only in killing targets). At the very same time, the rally points have been made so overpowered that they completely lost their original meaning and made the HABs so less important. In the past, a rally was a temporary measure to ensure that a squad was not completely removed from action in case of bad luck or a poor SL heading directly towards the enemy. The 9 spawns system required coordination and team-effort, being a fragile and delicate backup option. Now you can easily give-up without any visible consequence other than losing a ticket (and so many people lately seem not to care about losing tickets). Also, respawning on a rally with a few mags and a patch is more than enough to allow people keeping on giving up. If at least they would respawn with very limited resources... Not talking about the buddy rally system, that completely destroyed the reward of being good tactician. If a SL performs poorly or if the squad performs poorly, there should be consequences. It is too easy to teleport a full squad on the other side of the map because of the good work of someone else. You should deserve what you get, and not viceversa. As a consequence of what described above, the HABs placement is now being neglected. Too many times I see SLs not only not coordinating, but completely ignoring the deployment of a couple HABs on the initial stages of the match, and possibly even later. HABs are dependent on FOBs, which mean FORWARD OPERATING BASE. It make sense to spawn there primarily, not on a generic, abstract point on a map where a few backpacks have been dropped. And talking again of tickets, the drastic reduction of tickets lost when a FOB is dismantled by enemies is not punishing enough: if you aren't good in placing a good FOB and defend it, you should pay the consequences. I'm not a fan of realism at all cost; not at all. I just miss the dynamics of Alpha11 so much. It was probably the perfect balance between a milsim and an arcade game. Now the game is heading to some flattened gameplay I don't understand: it is still too hard for casual gamers and unsatisfactory for those more dedicated. I strongly hope the devs can spend some time on this topic and make their decisions accordingly.