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  1. I sort of expect all of these things to be mentioned once or twice maybe alot of times but this will be a personal brainstorm and i will constently update it with new feelings about the game and what id love to see in it or improve on as feedback wise and feature wise, To mention i am well aware that probably all of these ideas or brainstorms i write down wont be in the game or will have a low chance of coming to it so please dont try and say this or that about an idea like for example... "That would be stupid to have etc etc" Just note your opinion is aloud of course just dont be arrogant towards the ideas that are writen by myself... Alright so ill list the ideas i have below and enjoy just a reminder feel free to have your own OPINION about an idea thank you. P.S Aware that its currently only in ALPHA. #1 Bipods, Id love to be able to rest my lets say LMG/sniper onto a broken wall or covering area to overwatch and provide cover fire to your squad as to sitting there and having a bipod as an option and an alternative to sitting over a wall to provide said siturations also to reduce recoil and prevent other nasty things from happening in a close quarters situration. #2 Wall Mantling, Currently you just hop over a small sized broken wall but what if one wanted to go over the wall instead of walking down or up the road he could just jump right over into a better position or opening for easier engagements now this i would personaly love to see the animations for. #3 Flashbangs, Now this idea was handed over to me ingame with a couple of mates we were about to clear a compound going into the house/building and to end up flatterned beacuse the only other alternative = NADES didnt work out as well after the nades were thrown the moment we steped foot inside said structure we were laid upon, now if we had a flashbang i would surely see a better outcome to the onslaught which again i would love to see this happen.. ;) #4 Ability To Customize, At the moment you pick a class and spawn in with the default choice's id like to be able to choose my scope and or attachments for my weapon because right now if you want to play the role of a medic you are forced with an ironscope which im sure this will definitly be a thing in the future as an update but for now its lacking the ability of choice the game is still highly enjoyable but i for one would enjoy this upcoming or suggested feature. #5 Animations (TEAM), Okay heres just an idea that i love seeing in films and real life siturations if you are back to back with a wall and you have a teammate infront of you and you decide to push ahead or clear a building id love to see an animation of your character holding onto the teammates back or body armor as he pushes forward for me this would make me feel more powerful and immersive. #6 Cam Control, Okay heres one pulled out of ARMA as this feature is amazing instead of having to move your entire character to face a new direaction why not have the ARMA feature where you press and hold a key and only your HEAD would move with the mouse and holded key that why instead of having to get up and rotate it would make it easier and more immersive and it would end up giving a better game experiance to the players.. Id love to see this one :D Okay ladies and gents thats all i have so far i feel better getting it out there AND if an idea was and or has been said more then once i appologise thank you for reading and please dont forget to be open minded i wont bite anyone with an opinion just hope these things have been heard and or are already coming out! ENJOY! Sorry if my english is off! :P
  2. Personal features "I" would like to see ingame.

    @Chance Yep, Also cheers i have had a game with you before ingame name is known as Nuseel_ @Lord i was hoping realistic types of choices.. :P @Elerik Thank you for the warm welcome.. :D
  3. Personal features "I" would like to see ingame.

    @Chance Well an AUSSIE mod nice meeting you and thanks for the link! also that is awesome! Can't wait any longer for updates such as those but for now the gun is able to soak in alot of hours so i should be well and truely occupied for another update or two! the fun never stops ;) @Company thank you for your reply and thank you for your kind words :D