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  1. Map vote system

    Right but like in PR the admins will choose what maps will be voted on so it won’t be the same 3 maps over and over again
  2. Map vote system

    So I was just in a server and we played Al Basrah PAAS v2, which is mil v ins and it just seemed like EVERYONE in the server didn't like the map. So does anyone else think that Squad needs a map voting system like PR where the admin chooses 3 maps that the server can vote on to choose the next map?
  3. New gamemodes

    Yeahhh i think some of that stuff should be more for community nights and stuff. Squad ops do 1 life events. I do think they need to spruce up they're current game modes though. And maybe put some of the AMAZING player made map mods into the base game
  4. Im really hoping for a MEC like faction or somthing similar that the Western forces can go up against. I honestly thing fighting the insurgents and militia can be fun but fighting a modern faction like russia is more enjoyable. So getting someone like MEC or China would really add some much needed diversity to the US and Brit enemy's.
  5. randomized soldier uniforms?

    I think they are going to do a customization update, tho I cant believe it will be very very modest and non immersion breaking.
  6. Need advice

    The only ping issues ive had are with the servers themselves and all or most of everyone on the server laggs really bad. I do get some really bad frames and stuttering on certain maps as well.
  7. Vehicle reset feature

    Idk about realistic haha It seems like most of the vehicles should go faster while on roads, And i have been thrown off bridges from bumping the sides of them as well. I think the vehicle reset feature would be a good place holder until they can implement a tow system like in PR. Logis and maybe transports could be able to town and recover disabled vics. I just find the wheel trick immersion breaking and something we shouldnt have to go through
  8. Ok so let me start by saying that i am NOT complain or wining. I have almost 1000 hours in squad so i have definitely gotten my moneys worth. That being said I really feel like OWI need to come up with a road map of some kind and stick to certain goals. Right now all we have are teases but I really believe they should do what Post Scriptum has done and release a road map. I don't even think we need dates or anything just how much they are going to put in before it leaves alpha, and then beta. I know developing games take a while but its been in development for almost 4 years. Im just curious what the devs opinions are in terms of what features squad needs to start beta, and then fully release. Once again I've gotten my moneys worth with this game and I am not complaining! Just curious and excited to think about what the final game will look like.
  9. Vehicle reset feature

    Ok so i was playing some squad last night and I was driving a btr and drove over a tiny rock which inturn flung my vehicle on its side. I thought " no big deal ill just use the vehicle reset feature." Then i remembered i was playing squad and not post scriptum... DEVS why isnt this a feature yet?? If your games physics are crap pls put in little fixes like these.