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  1. Items, Props and Furniture

    Thats excetly why i am proposing this but i feel the lack of replies means no one feel up to it... what a pitty...
  2. Items, Props and Furniture

    Edit: Here is a tutorial i found: Unreal Static Meshes
  3. Items, Props and Furniture

    I´ve seen a lot of Mods and Mod WIP so far but all focus an Fractions, Weapons, Vehicles or Maps... What Squad is missing for me is Props and Items in the World. The Maps feel very Empty! Large Industrials Halls EMPTY all the Houses EMPTY! Farms EMPTY. Aswell there is no cover in Buildings or an Farming fields, which in reality would be different. You would have at least visual cover like Heystacks on a field or abandoned farming machinerey on a field once in a while. Same goes for indoors! No doors, no tables, no benches, toilets, and so on... Quick reality check on Afghanistan as an Example: Indoors in and outdoors Indoors 2 Russia: Indoors Indoors 2 Indoors 3 Outdoors (Note The Stuff hanging on the House) Outdoors 2 (Note The Stuff hanging on the House) So i think what Squad needs are some Props, and lets be honest they should be easy to make! They dont need to be high detail, they dont move and they usually have easy shapes (Tables, Chairs, Generators, Trucks, Machines, Cabledrums, Pallettes with Goods on them an so on). The Props of course have to fit the Locations so Putting a Plasma TV in Afghanistan or Russia wont do... To Give you an Idea yere are some Suggestions: Industrial: Props 1 Props 2 Props 3 Civilian: Props 1 Props 2 Props 3 and the List goes on, you can do a set for Afghanistan, Farming, Gasstations, Trainyards, Municipal Roads... Basic should be that they fit the style of the Game, Textures and meshes are made with Performance in mind and there should be a way to assign the "Material" type to it for Projectile penetration (I need to be able to shoot trough Woodboxes and so on). Im aware that Squad wont handle tons of extra items in Buildings but at least some should be managable! And of course if Mappers design with these Probps they need to keep in mind that FOBS need to fit in some Buildings! So who wants to Join me on this? And who has got a clue what is needed to create these Files? (I did modding before just not for Squad) Maybe in a perfect World the Devs start putting Stuff in the Standard maps aswell!