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  1. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    Moving it to my SSD reduced the amount to a minimum and the duration to 5 seconds max so it has to be Drive related
  2. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    I tried that but it didn't help, the freezes were reduced to around 5 seconds after moving the game to my SSD though, thanks for the advice anyway. I thought this was the place bring technical problems to, I guess I'll write an email linking to my post here.
  3. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    Oh and before anyone asks, I exhausted everything the settings screen offers to try and fix it to no avail, also checked file integrity on steam. Turning it off and on again didn't help either
  4. Hello, two days ago I bought Squad and have been enjoing it a lot. There is something that really hinders my enjoyment though, in form of irregular freezes and stutters that last from 5 seconds up to a whole minute or more with what feels like one frame every 10 seconds. The problem can't really be my Hardware (except maybe HDD judging from the logs but that must still be software related) as my fps during "normal" gameplay is stable, I have 16GB of fast RAM, a GTX 1060 6GB and a dreadful but sufficient FX-8150. After a long search online I checked my log file to find a couple of errors that spam the log of my last (very frustrating) session but I can't pin down the problem myself. - thousands of "LogSquadVoice:Warning: Excessive data buildup in voice input, dropping frame." - about 850x "LogSquadTrace: [Client] USQScoreboardTeam::CreateNewPlayer_Implementation(): The player was already tracked" within about 25 seconds -this interesting part right here: LogStreaming:Error: Couldn't find file for package /Game/Art/Items/M9a1Beretta/Sounds/Foley/Splitted/Undeploy/Switch/m9_undeploy_switch_Cue requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/Art/Items/M9a1Beretta/Sounds/Foley/Splitted/Undeploy/Switch/m9_undeploy_switch_Cue [2018.07.01-12.24.56:938][966]LogStreaming:Error: This will hitch streaming because it ends up searching the disk instead of finding the file in the pak file. [2018.07.01-12.24.59:916][ 50]LogLinker:Warning: Hitch on async loading of StaticMesh /Game/Gameplay/Deployables/merged/Kord_ru_bunker_mid2.Kord_ru_bunker_mid2; this export was not properly precached. also with lots of entries for "LogLinker:Warning: Hitch on async loading of MaterialExpression" and Int-/Object-/Float-/Bool-/Function-/Byte-/StrucProperty, chunks of these appear several times in the log - a bunch of "LogSquadVoice:Warning: Unknown remote talker (TiVo [0x110000103A2B43A]) specified to UnmuteRemoteTalker()" sometimes with different references, sometimes the same over and over. - lots of "LogNet:Warning: UIpNetDriver::ProcesRemoteFunction: No owning connection for actor [many different things here]" Any suggestions that might help me fix this mess? Probably most of these actually don't matter at all but I have no idea which do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Looking forward to playing the game without: - standing in the open - being unable to quickly place a crucial FOB/Rally/Defenses while enemies approach - give orders while my dear squad is under attack while not being able to do anything about it for one or two minutes, usually at the most unsuited of times possible The whole log file (no idea how to make the log an "existing attachment" sorry)