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  1. Monitor upgrade

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. Was browsing through the site you linked above and when I used their recommendation feature the Asus PG279Q IPS still came up first on the list. Only problem is the low QC of IPS panels and the need to purchase from shops where replacing a defective model must be easy... That asus is almost 200€ more expensive in Greece than Germany or Amazon Will still go for it thought, thanks for the top notch recommendations guys! Making a future-proof purchase seems the best thing to do, I'll just have to wait for the next-gen gpu's for optimal performance
  2. Interesting trick on the presets. What monitor do you use? Posted a new thread about upgrading to a 2k 144hz monitor on a gtx1070 right before seeing your post Your fps seems better than what I get on a slightly newer rig... will try the presets as soon as possible! I would wish for higher effects though (explosions are amazing in this game) as well as high foliage over shadows.
  3. Monitor upgrade

    Hello there! Have been getting into Squad lately more than it is healthy, but my almost 10years old 21" 1080p monitor feels, well, old. To the point of hurting my eyes after gaming a couple of hours... Thus I came to the conclusion of finally upgrading to something with higher refresh rate and possibly higher resolution as well. My rig currently is made up of: Intel i5 6600k overclocked to 4.2ghz (though this setting is not final, I might opt for a better cooler and higher speeds) gtx 1070 16gb ram Usually I'm getting smooth performance but obviously in a game like Squad and its massive maps, smoothness is not a requirement all of the time. I've been generally aiming for a fps average of 60 so far, raising the graphics settings just as much allowed before taking a hit in performance. So here is where you guys can help me out to my eternal gratitude! Considering my current setup what kind of monitor do you think is best suited for games like squad/post scriptum and other similar large-distance FPS's? My first thought was to go for a 144hz 1080p (karmakut's ASUS VG248QE has been on my sights and have tried it once at a friend's). On the other hand, I'm also considering going for a 2k 144hz monitor (eg ASUS PG279Q) as an improvement over the pixel hunting that often takes place in realistic engagement distances as well as offering the smoothness of the increased refresh rate. Does anyone has any thoughts on how a gtx 1070 will handle Squad on a 2k monitor? Will medium-high graphics be achievable or will shadows etc take a severe hit due to the higher resolution and refresh rate? Mind you I wouldn't say no to an expensive monitor (~600euros) if it's gonna last me almost a decade like my current one has, just as long as I am not forced to downgrade the visual aspect too much. Furthermore, a possible gpu upgrade might also be an options in a few months after buying the monitor, but unfortunately selling 2nd hand stuff in Greece is not that prompt as it can be in America, so it might take a while to get a gtx 1080ti or similar that will guarantee taking full advantage of a 144hz IPS monitor. Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text! tldr: 2k 144hz monitor on a gtx1070 possible or should stick with 1080p?