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  1. Brainstorming Helicopters and Air Assets in general

    maybe have the helicopter spawn similar to how the heavy tanks do on some maps. delayed and long respawn timer
  2. Random Invasion (fog of war)

    well, have fun relocating all of those assets when it is a coin flip between bridge and ruins
  3. Random Invasion (fog of war)

    I believe that fog of war would benefit the invasion gameplay not only for Offense but Defense as well. It allows the offense entire team to coordinate an attack on a single objective instead of some squads breaking off and preping for the next objective. The Defensive team will also benefit from fog of war by being able to set up a proper FOB at the defend location.
  4. Thank you CHG for Invasion servers

    Being British on Al Basrah is my favorite
  5. I play SL most of the time, and enjoy it
  6. Thank you CHG for Invasion servers

    just wanted to say thanks to Coffee house Gaming for having 2 servers dedicated to invasion
  7. convoy game type

    what if there was a 1 life game type. where 1 team has to successfully get at least 1 of 3 logi trucks across the map, the enemy can see the logi trucks general location on the map but not the supportive armor and infantry.
  8. Buddy rally poll

    the legitimacy of this poll is questionable
  9. please fix the vehicle flipping

    also the freggin trees
  10. someone put 2 c4s on a BTR on this map and when they exploded 90% of the players on the server crashed, but i didn't because i was incapacitated im guessing
  11. Bipod limitation

    sometime the bipod wont go down in areas where you could easily do it IRL, i bet its the same issue that causes you to not be able to place emplacements down on perfectly flat ground sometimes lol like when the emplacement is green and when you click an error pops up
  12. Buddy rally poll

    running 1500 meters across the map is very tactical...
  13. destructible environment

    we have all thought about this one too many times. why cant i drive through this? or how am i stuck? It could be possible for vehicles to leave behind tracks. i know its a daunting task to develop. it might make the game harder to run too, but imagine if the game had a destructible environment. i think the development team is doing pretty good. i think you guys should focus on the vehicle physics for now.
  14. Destruction game mode tweak

    yeah thats why i thought it being random might be better, because if they sneak a fob in the future location the D doesnt have time to do anything. that could also work, not allowing construction within a certain range of that area until the current cache is destroyed.
  15. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    ... anyways, give us a car bomb please lol