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  1. Squad cause Internet disconnect

    i called and they see masive internet disconnect's ... but only when im trying to play Squad
  2. Squad cause Internet disconnect

    Hello... So today (30.06.2018) i'm playing squad everything normal in the morning, but at afternoon i tried to play and everything is fine for solid 10 minutes, then mine internet connection failed ... on router DSL light is OFF so no internet ... few minutes after exiting game internet is back on... i tried to play again, i chose server and BUM internet disconnected, exit game waiting 5 minutes internet is back. and i tried everything played another games and all is ok and working. so i tried squad again and BUM same s**t again ... what is causing problem to ''Destroying'' mine internet connection ??? did someone had the same problem? how to solve this problem? (mine wireless and mine cable internet not working after this)