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    Hello there, my name is Kodabang. I’ve played Squad since Alpha 8 and have loved the game as well as the updates from the devs. One thing I’ve noticed is that there is a great potential when it comes to game mode design. Below I have written some information regarding what I would like to see as some fun new game modes in Squad. Please keep in mind that these are just my thoughts and they may not be feasible or even possible with the game itself. Name: Reverse CTF Teams: 2 Vehicles: Transport/Logistics Only Objective: Teams are given 2 minutes to prepare at their predefined FOB. A very large amount of build/ammo points will be stocked at this location, allowing for teams to customize their defenses prior to being able to exit the spawning area. Once a flag spawns, it will be highly visible on the player who is holding it while also having its current location shown to all via map (in a random 25 meter radius) Flags must be taken to your opponent's base to be score, which is viewed as capping the objective towards the top of the screen. Capping resets the flag and personnel (Defenses are left as is when round ended) and the second round begins. The first team to win two rounds wins. Name: Russian Roulette Teams: 4 Vehicles: All, one spawn Objective: There are 3 Neutral objectives in which teams can attempt to cap. Both tickets and resources are limited, Vehicles will only have one life, and will not spawn after being destroyed. Enemies would appear as individual teams so you would know who you are shooting. Successfully capping/defending an objective will earn you bonus tickets. Gameplay would be more focused on attacking/defending sole objectives instead of running around trying to frag. Kills vs holding caps would be stagnant. Holding a cap will earn you ~30 tickets per minute. Once your team runs out of tickets you will no longer be able to spawn in. Players still alive will be able to play out their life. Name: TDM Teams: 2-4 Vehicles: None Objective: Small map, FF disabled, enjoy some fragging with your friends in the 32/64 player TDM game mode. Bleeding is slower, but cannot be bandaged. Encouraging you to push and fight instead of camp. Ticket bleed as standard, 50-100 each. Name: Rush Teams: 2 Vehicles: All Objective: Per Battlefield; Rush involves attacking/defending multiple sets of objectives. These objectives must be destroyed by a planted explosive. All players attacking spawn with an explosive device to be planted. Defenders can also defuse the bomb to stop the attack. Tickets for this game mode would be fairly large, and you would get more tickets for successfully taking objectives. Defenders have no ticket limit, and must hold the current set of objectives until the attackers tickets run out. Once all objective are taken, attackers win. Name: Arcade Mode Teams: 2 Vehicles: Standard Objective: Arcade mode would be applied to any existing game mode (AAS, Invasion, Insurgency). In this game mode, bullet damage is decreased by 75%, squad leaders can place objects that will already be built, riflemen will have a larger selection of building options (will still need to be shoveled). Points for building will be earned (and carried over though death) by capping, killing, and any other form of teamwork found in the game. This will give squad a stronger independent feel, while still requiring teamwork with your squad to win. I would love to see any one of these implemented, do you guys have any other good game modes you'd like to see? Let me know! Thanks, KodaBang