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  1. Localhost - Server Not Responding on Client

    OK cool, sounds like you know what you are talking about Can I ask, which router needs to support it? I have the main router (Sagem) on which the server is connected to, 1 of the ethernet cables goes upstairs to my office which has a second router (TP-Link) on which has my PC connected to. Do both need to support NAT LOOPBACK or just the Main or Second? I find it odd that the same set up works fine for Arma Server and also Minecraft Server, not sure what is different in Squad Any advice would be super. Regards Jabbajaws77
  2. Hey Team Sorry if this has already been answered but searching didn't bring me an answer. I am running a server from home (I have done the same with Arma/DayZ/Mincraft without issues) however when I login to play a game on my PC I am unable to see the server but my friends can. When I search for the server in Steam Servers it is there under an IP address but says <not responding> same if I try connect via battlemetrics. Has anyone encountered this with Squad and resolved it? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Jabbajaws77