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  1. Artillery Jeep removed?

    Hey guys, The Artillery Jeep was my favorite Vehicle and I was very sad because there was a problem with the rockets (stuck in the turret) but hey, after a long pause, they finally fixed it and the "new" Arti Jeep looks very nice. BUT... i cant find any Map where i can pick or find this Vehicle... not a single map is played with Artillery Truck... So, what did i miss? They fix after a long time my fav. Jeep and at the end i cant play it because every one play "the wrong / old / or newest map? HELP ME?!
  2. Fix Rocket Jeep "artillery"

  3. Fix Rocket Jeep "artillery"

    Hey guys =) When will that finally fixed? It look like the rockets stuck at the turret. I dont get any news or infos from other sources. im little bit confused why such a little bug takes weeks / month to get fixed. i luv that little car =)