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    alright I am glad you said that because I have a 1060 on the way already

    I am wondering I run the game with a i5 6500 and a 1050ti with 8GB of ram. In a lobby my CPU=98% RAM=7.0 out of 7.9 and GPU=99% are those numbers normal and if not what should I upgrade so my random stutters stop and micro freezes. I just want to play the game with a steady FPS and not get into contact and my fps drops like no other TY for your hel.
  3. Problems with huge fps drop need help

    i already have that off, and while p;aying it shows I am using 7.9 gb of ram out of 8 so should I upgrade or am I reading it wrong
  4. Problems with huge fps drop need help

    could it possible be ram because when I am playing it says I am using almost all my ram or maybe my graphics card
  5. Problems with huge fps drop need help

    I need some help I play on SquadOps and when I join my game just lags like no other I can be at 40fps then mediately drop down to 10fps and back up and it does this back and forth. Then I also get like freeze spikes were my game will freeze for a while then it goes back to normal. What I am running for gear is a i5 6500, Gtx 1050ti, 8 gigs of ram. So what parts should I upgrade or what do I need to do to get this to stop.