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  1. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    Should I use a software in specific? Or any will do?
  2. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    Thats what It looks like for me aswell
  3. UE4 Crash

    What would you recommend as page file considering I have 8GB Ram?
  4. UE4 Crash

  5. Unreal Engine 4 Crash Reporter

    Same happens to me, my game will freeze with some of the audio still working for some 10 seconds, then it will crash to desktop
  6. UE4 Crash

    System specs: i5-7300HQ @ 2.50GHz 8GB RAM 1 TB HDD GTX 1050 (notebook) Windows 10 x64 Now, for the crash log: https://mega.nz/#!Zd0RiY4C!AupTibxCJ7qAfaHQlya_lrnA6wQ8ZxKEJyy0Z5irm_Q I have tried the following: Reinstalling Windows 10 Reinstalling GPU Drivers Reinstalling Squad Disabling any kind of overlay or software running in the background Clearing Squad cache Playing on low quality audio I don't know what else to do, Squad is such a wonderful game, yet, I cannot play for longer than an hour because eventually, I crash If it helps, my game freezes for some 5 seconds, both video and sound, then after a while, I can hear audio back, however, the video is still frozen, and audio goes back to crashing aswell and returns, only to get a CTD a few seconds after