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  1. O3R | Outcast Republic Squad AAS

    O3R | Outcast Republic Squad We are a multi-game community with dedicated active staff and development! Please be sure to read over the O3R Community Rules and the O3R Squad Rules. Server Name: O3R | Outcast Republic Squad AAS Server IP: Slots: 60 Server Location: Canada Website: www.outcastrepublic.enjin.com TeamSpeak: outcastrepublic.teamspeak.network Discord: https://discord.gg/uJvrU6E O3R | Squad Server Rules: Trolling - Trolling is defined as actions taken for the intent of causing frustration to other players outside their gameplay experience. If you are told to stop, you will correct your behavior and not continue the behavior you demonstrated. If it becomes an issue or routine behavior, you may be administered corrective action Hate Speech, Racism, and Toxic/Offensive Topics - Any use of Racism, Hate Speech and or Toxic behavior will result in a permanent ban from the O3R Squad Server and Community. Team Killing (Friendly Fire) - Killing a member of your own team can result in a ban from the O3R Squad server. Of course accidents happen and we encourage players to apologize to other player they accidentally team killed. Promoting other Servers & Communities - The promoting of an other server and or community will result in a permanent ban from the O3R Squad Server and Community. Squad Lead MUST have microphone. Squad Lead can kick members for any reason. No Glitching or Exploiting of any kind. No Camping Main Spawn. No 1 manning vehicles. - Director of Development & Community Manager Beevers