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  1. January 2018 Recap

    Awesome work, as always...
  2. November 2017 Recap

    Sweet Christmas. All the suggestions and features I fervently asked for updated and accounted for in this recap. Joy tears. I haven't been here as frequently as I'd like, would love to know this as well.
  3. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Sweetness. Had a thread long ago where Chuc confirmed, glad to see it's still in the pipeline. Love you guys.
  4. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Before hitting the second of the animation preview videos, I was chanting "Vaulting, vaulting, vaulting". When it was vaulting I gave out a school girl giggle. Hopefully, this system opens up the feature of crouch running, which is the last of my way early on gameplay suggestions and wishes to be completed. Keep up the great work as always.
  5. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Great stuff as always. I expect nothing less. Hopefully with the optimization focus, our AMD brethren can enjoy a smoother experience soon. For future reference, is the crouch running and waist high wall mounting (instead of the silly looking hopping) still on the table?
  6. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Fucking beautiful. Astounding work, gentlemen. Social life takes a hit, Squad game time soars.
  7. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    These recaps are my favorite thing to look forward to on the start of a new month. Beautiful work, guys.
  8. Recently had some hands on with the latest build of the game and phenomenal work, gentlemen... I must say. I'm happy there has been some updates to general control options such as Aim Hold (Instead of toggle), and having Focus as a separate entity from Sprint binds (BIG improvement, loving it). One thing I would love to see and implore you guys would be (optional) separate sliders for mouse sensitivity during aiming (ADS) and when not aiming. Having this with native in-game sliders instead of resorting to workarounds would be fantastic and pretty much round off the controls to the point of perfection for me (since my prior suggestions above are already implemented). If I have to send beer and pizza to make this happen, just give me the address and tell me when.
  9. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Kewl. Great work, fellas.
  10. March 2016 Recap

    Beautiful work.
  11. February 2016 Recap

    Understandable for current polishing but are we ever going to see a mantling animation implemented for these (mostly waist-high) world objects and obstacles that doesn't look as rudimentary as simple jumping over them? Something akin to current Battlefield titles but less wonky and ridiculous looking? Unrelated but the crouch sprinting, or "roadie run" still going to be a thing? Haven't been around for a while. Just curious. As always, great update and great work, fellas.
  12. Alpha 4 Released

    I kind of understand though. Not necessarily a fan of the new swap mechanic, regardless of the right click function to begin the transition sooner, it just feels unnecessary in my opinion.
  13. Alpha 4 Released

    Nice update. Keep up the great work. Hopefully those future QoL improvements include separate sensitivity sliders for looking and aiming, and allowing us to bind the Focus Aim into it's own dedicated key separate from Sprinting (currently Shift). Those two little improvements would literally make my life perfect.