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  1. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    2 of 1000 = 2%? mb 0.2%? 65,23% stats don't think so stats don't think so, mgs with optics kills a lot. In my stats indirect fire - mortars, GLs and even hand grenades(because I consider it is right for the game)
  2. Table with weapon effectiveness analysis based on 2 SWC games with good teams. ~2000 incaps. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kMw2Chn0m2ASTIfhaRtfDAYTzFKfWAg0vET3hSuLLG0/edit?usp=sharing Toxic(and most important) part: What you should pay attention to: 1.Standard assault rifles with optics(AK-74+1p78/L85+acog/M4+acog) incap 42,9% from the total number of incaps. 2.All small arms with optics incap 65,23% from the total number of incaps. Welcome to pixelhunt world. (If number of kits with optics will grow in v13 situation will worsen.) 3.All small arms without optics incap 21,95% from the total number of incaps. (If number of kits with optics will grow in v13 situation will worsen. Also, I think I heared that this game isn't about specops, but about standart inf units? Hmm... It probably seemed ...) 4. In v12 number of incaps done by combat vehicles increased from 2,8% to 7,9%. Anyway: 2,8% or 7.9% - just crumbs. In v9 was much better, even considering lack of coaxials and frag shells. 5.FOB assets - not important at all. Well-deserved, honorable 2.7% incaps. Besides, as everyone knows, is incaped by mortars revived much more often. 6.Pistols and knives in its current state can be removed from the game and nobody will notice. Pistols do 2 incaps from 1000. There is no sens to get a pistol from a holster. We are constantly asking to make them usable since v9, but no reaction. 7. All MGs are OP. 8.Hand grenades do AS MUCH AS 3% of incaps!!! But in authoritative(no) opinion of armchair millitary experts: if players will have more nades, as I asked earlier, it will instantly turn whole game to HORRIBLE MEATGRINDER! 9. GLs do AS MUCH AS 0,95% of incaps!!! But in authoritative(no) opinion of armchair millitary experts: if squad will have more GLs, as I asked earlier, it will instantly turn whole game to HORRIBLE MEATGRINDER! And now the cherry on the cake. Squad = large scale, combined arms combat? So why 93,48% of all incaps are the results of direct aimed fire? And 87,15% of all incaps - with small arms? You say combined arms? I don't feel anything what I can call "combined arms" when I look at numbers. I repeat a n y t h i n g. If you have combat vehicles/mortars/etc and they are useless - you don't have it. Let's go back to the direct/indriect fire(93,48%/6,52%). What's wrong with that? Meta directly depends on this ratio! Repeat: Directly! If we add to this fact crazy fast crawling speed, bipods without recoil, huge number of optics(even more in v13), huge amount of grass, in which you can crawl being almost invisible, as a result we get infantry-meta - "snake/prone/crawl/chriskyle bush masturbation". Why bother about something? Just crawl in the grass! Just lie in the bush! You are invisible! Invisible=immortal. These losers won't do anything to you. They don't have much grenades/GLs. No tools to kill proners. Still not clear? I explain: In Squad player isn't a regular army soldier, he is ****ing bum, "slave of assault rifle". Kit doesn't matter, the only what's importan: do you have optics/bipods? 95% of firefight time players do pixelhunt, because they don't have any effective tools, and freaking pers ammo stole the last few things they had. One useless GL for 9 man Squad can't deal with 9 proners armed with optics on the other side. What is the most insulting - technically game already has all mechanics/assets, but they tuned horrible. Let's look back in 2003 and Counter-Strike 1.6. In 1.6 player has: main weapon, realy usefull pistol, knife, 4 different grenades. I envy... Now let's make an armchair millitary expertise of "Large scale, combined arms combat". As well-known armchair millitary expert I can say: Main reason why IRL you don't want to stay in one place outside specially prepared for that shelters - the danger of being hit by indirect enemy fire increases with every second. Up to 90% of injuries IRL - indirect fire. In preparing the defense of objects all terrain folds/natural covers, which can be used by enemies as direct fire shelters - entered into the "gunner's reference card" of all weapons which can do indirect fire(GLs/AGLs/mortars/etc.) etc. etc. etc. About this I can write a lecture here, but is it necessary? The most commonplace example will be better: Forest>field 100-300m wide>enemy position. Squad: take position in forest line> peek-shoot for 120 minutes. IRL: take position in forest line> shoot 2 minutes> you are under AGL/GL fire> after 5 minutes you are under mortars fire and further incrementally. As statistics shows: we don't have enough useful FOB assets! But lets make BRDM with 5 TOWs, and Bulldog, cause they are super important assets(no). As statistics shows: we don't have enough useful indirect fire tools! But lets make pers ammo and suppression system, these systems will be the best in our game(no)! Do I personnaly want 90% incaps by indirect fire? Answer: OF COURSE NO! But I don't want to hunt 5 pixels tall green figures! Something like "40-50% incaps by inf direct aimed inf fire, 25% - combat vehicles and 25-35% - indirect fire" will be nice. I belive, that it can be done without new systems/assets. AGS-17, Mk-19 and a lot of work to bring everything from inf kits to armored vehicles and FOB assets into proper form. Anticipating answers like: "In v13 helis and comander will kill prone-meta! Commander will cover fields with arty and A-10 runs!" No. It will not happen. Commanders abilities mb will have 1-3% of kills, no more. Also: "Yours 2k sample is shit!" Answer: Do you have something better?