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  1. Hi there, im new in Squad Modding so im asking you for help i have installed UE4 and the Squad SDK on my PC ands it works fine, but this week i have resetted my PC so i have saved the Full Epic Games- Folder to an external drive an played on my new System. I have installed the EpicGames Launcher there and copyed the files from the external Storage the Launcher accepted all the Files but when i hit ready the loading screen appears then he closes and i get this error linked https://privatebin.net/?3f1531cb694f0ba2#XnEo12CED9sbzrGSbg+4pXv9gXSU5cPzniYLHJG4W5k= I have installed UE4 Engine 4.19.2 and 4.18.3 -Hannes