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  1. Well thats sounds a bit weird. You're turning things around like "extreme pc users that artificially gains advantage by turning everything off" is wrong. Fact is that low hardware -> low settings player got the advantage not the other way around. I AM THE VICTIM HERE STOP MAKE ME THE MURDERER. to make things clear "extrem pc user" want to play on extrem settings but why should they when they got the disadvantage? Your idea is kind of very old and i experienced that in battlefield before. They did it this way and it went beyond worse for the low setting/low hardware player. i know that because i was one of them. Also an interim solution on this specific topic might make things worse. I would recommend some pizza and an hours of talking with the optimization team to find the best solution for your game. Thanks for your reply and may the debug with you
  2. Thats some good points there. Would love to see devs. taking care of this problem.
  3. Hello everyone, So im very excited about the game and really enjoy the good work u guys doing and i really love the community and had so many great moments in squad. Now its coming the big **BUT*** BUT there is this little thing called Antialiasing and shadows which troubles me around. I've played the first 90 hours in Squad with TXAA and every setting on epic/ultra and i was just ****ing horrible at the game. Now im playing without distance shadows and low shadows not using any AA and i can see every single enemy it doesn't even matter if he hide in brush/tree or whatever u can see EVERYTHING and i transformed into a killermachine. So the point i got here is that this game is so less fun playing it that way but its effective and everyone wants to be effective but i also want to play a great looking game without having such a huge disadvantage. So can u please fix this abuse somehow. I know its almost impossible but u can force the players to play the settings u want. I mean i can understand that u want to deliver the game to everyone but we live in 2k18 and everyone should be able to play this on proper settings. Anyway u might want to take a closer look into it because it effect so many parts of the game. I am very concerned about that. All the tree's,brushes,cliffs everything is useless when u can spot that fast. I hope i didnt make the "shitty hardware hate train" rolin on me