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  1. Stylie's Videos

    well done - applause -
  2. ✪ British Victory Trailer and Full Video ✪

  3. Greetings!! New to the forum but not the game! Some of you know me as that dude who just wont shut up! lol - others know me as - the Observer. Yes its me the Bro from Total War Server Chicago!! / West Coast Tac - to share some fun - These two videos I am sharing - trailer and full movie, are shot in the perspective of the SOLDIER. With the intent to immerse you fully into the role being depicted (the SAW gunner) in this movie. Please be BRUTAL - hate love its all great for creating better material. thank you and enjoy the show! ✪ British Forces SAW GUNNER - Immersion Trailer ✪ FULL video currently in upload for completion within 2 hrs. TY (Have an amazing day everyone!) BRO
  4. agreed - u would have to use the unified camo of multi pat - just change the faces n flags a bit!!
  5. What about - a JTF style team ? You could Use British and US Models adding Canadian and Australian units without difficulty? ie each squad spawns as a different allied nation?