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  1. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    I think some saboteurs from EA games were employed to work in Offworld...
  2. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Thank you for support. I wish devs will read and im glad it's not only me with such point of view.
  3. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    I just think it's still ragdoll face animation which translated to others from server side too, i believe any animation have perfomance hit to pc and to server and work with network code (im not super technichian or coder, just some mod work with skyrim game, sorry if I'm wrong ). And it's still looks creepy, with gameplay it's change nothing too and as visual - ugly, better throw it to basket. Im not enemy of new animations, as i can deal with dead bodies with eyes which still blinking, but such lip movement too much for me:D
  4. Hello, i have more then 1000 hours in squad and after update just have to say what in my opinion very useless/gamebreaking and just bad features and of course with explanation and sorry for my english. Im big fan of this game from alpha 9, buy game without any sales to support devs.Also i play BF Project reality alot. But with all my respect to you and your work this improvements just terrifying me! 1. [runs counter to the spirit of game] SL BUDDY RALLY Gamebreaking, before that it was necessary to plan earlier where to place rally to hide from enemy and optimal distance from flag, also place rally somewhere near FLAG when defending for example, when enemy block your HAB, but you have support rally. When you attack outflanked in different way then attack HAB you have to hidden maneuver from back side and place rally safely, another words rally it's primary spawn point to attack and second priority to defend. When enemy burn rally you have fair penalty: disengaged from combat->spawn in main base->all that penality about 2 mins and reawrd for enemy who burn it, in defence they rewarded -some time off and ruin our attack from the flank for a couple minutes, as we have to spawn in attack HAB and start full-frontal attack or spawn in main base to start plan again, or walk from another HAB to start plan again and we still lose some time as penalty. NOW you just don't care!! don't care about rally at all, when your burned, you can just click to any buddy rally any other squad in any place on the map and spawn full squad.. there is no interest any more to trudge around in the woods searching rally, espexcially when searching rally was not easy, you make the way to rally by their corpses, you search and plan where they came from, just to stop attack for sometime from this side. 2. [Gamebreaking, runs counter to the spirit of game] "When a player is sent to incapacitated state, they will now not be put into the Insta-death state if they reach 0 HP within a certain time of being revived. Previously (Alpha 12), if an incapacitated player was revived, then sent to 0 HP within one minute of being revived, they were sent to the Death screen with no chance of reviving. In Alpha 13, players can now be revived regardless of the duration since the last revival." "goal of creating a more enjoyable experience " What are you talking about?What kind of enjoyable experience? War is a pain!!! Not a Battlefield 5-6-7-8-9 or Call of duty !! i'm not fan of super reality battles like in ARMA, but this is ridiculous!!! ALWAYS NEED SOME PENALTY!! Same i don't like in BF2 when you can unlimited time revive from bloody death just with "duct tape"[email protected]! You kill enemy,then mate revive him, you came again and kill that bastard with friend, but it's ok another boy with dact tape fix them and ressurect as duct tape necromancer!! I think 1 chance to revive and insta death if he dies permamently OPTIMAL CHOICE and we can live with that in terms of balance, not reality, like that was in alpha 12. We don't need another CAll of duty deathmatch mode, please. 3. [Gamebreaking, runs counter to the spirit of game]] Movement speed..... the guy with a huge military satchel on the back, full load with bandages,grenades or also RPG for example... He's running like a naked Usain Bolt which is three-time Olympic gold medalist. 4. LIP MOVEMENT?? JUST WHY??? WHY??? Why not spent same time to fix old bug with scopes of stationary guns, when you leave them, they keep stay in your face ...Visual side - it's looks terrible!! Gameplay side - NOTHING. an entirely unnecessary "improvent", it's just give more animation load your PC and game engine, especially when you set the purposeto bring to 100 players per server in future!!! It's all just my opinion and i wish devs hear ME! I wish you will not go same road with battlefield EA games or stupid brainless shooters!!! Little bug: Narva foliage on trees. can't shoot through leafs on tress... Armored leafs... and old one shoot through a metal grid fense same imposible.. when it full of holes... Other improvemnt like FOG of WAR, new vechicles, new recoils, good scopes for many kits, scope perfomance improvement, and alot others VERY PROMISING!! Balance russian vechicle!! I enjoy them alot!! And again SORRY for my english, please.
  5. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    Sorry to hear, i have nothing to offer else, i recommend send message to [email protected], when i send one, i wait about 4 days for first answer. But you have to tell devs more information, just send them dxdiag file as txt too with logs folder. Well, im not believe temp cause of my crash too, my logic not believe, but somehow it's work for me or maby devs silently update game/servers code and fix my problem, no idea.. Im understand,squad brutifur game.. good old battlefield 2 PR and it's pain when you can't play it without random crash.. To attach dx diag: In Windows, select Start and enter dxdiag into the search box on the taskbar. Select dxdiag from the results. In the tool, select Save All Information for an easily shared fo
  6. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    your log a bit different then mine. 80% Laptops have bad cooling system (only gaming laptops a bit better..), squad somehow often crash when your gpu 71+ degrees, technically no idea how when other games working without nvidia driver stop responding, but with squad my gpu driver stop responding at 73 degrees permamently. First of all if you have new or used laptop, check all drivers they should be up to date. Then check GPU temperature in-game/stress tests(like MSI Kombustor). From your logs you can also verify game client files from steam(steam library-find squad-> r. mouse button->properties->local files tab-> verify integrity of game cache). Your laptop also have Intel(R) HD Graphics 630, make sure game run with gtx 1050m not intel hd. (nvidia control panel->manage 3d settings->global settings->prefered graphics processor-> high-perfomance nvidia processor or you can do it directly for squad.exe in program settings tab which located near). My problem was solved for sometime by me.. all i do it's change power limit for my gpu in MSI Afterburner to 68-70% and my gpu temperature never step above 69 in squad now without anybig fps loss, maby i will change thermal paste soon too. Then download fps limiter tool like Nvidia inspector or Rivatuner Statistics Server and limit fps to 65, this will increase stability.
  7. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    Little update. temporary solution Ok after alot of researches, i find another solution, but this time working one:D As i say before my GPU gtx 770 and completely stock not overclocked and working all other game fine without problems, and what i noticed before any crash it's once temperature step above 71 - game client crash. The only way to solve problem for me was change power limit, i put 68%. I don't think temerature cause of crash, just because 72-73 degrees it's usual working temerature for my rock when it's loaded about 98%, but somehow it's affect to game stability.. :] The game no need tanks in updates - game need optimisation, it's like when you stay on desert map and look west you have 80-90 fps:D Then you look on east and it's drop to 30 and keep 30 on east:D Or when you use different aim types like kobra or other one, your fps will be different:D God knows how much new fps problems will come with tanks:D Most important it's how setting power limit to 68% affect fps - well it's not affect fps.. i lose about 5 fps:D After i return power limit to 100% game crash again like i say after temp jump above70. TIP: If you have different video card just when you set your power limit try to look at temperature just keep lower power limit till your temperature will not jump above 70 after 10-20 mins of game. Lower power limit safety, it's can't burn your card, if you have same issue as me just try my solution, but if it's somehow by miracle destroy your video card it's your responsibility, all you do - you do it at your own risk.
  8. Crashing Consistantly

    I can agree with ErdoganGoat. Clear cache not help, problem absolutely random , crash happens very often one day, then can simply dissapear for couple days. "Direct3DDeviceIMContext->Map(Texture,0,D3D11_MAP_READ,0,&LockedRect) failed at d:\g\pipelines\release\S\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11RenderTarget.cpp:1110 with error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" It's game problem. Optimisation problem etc, or from server side somehow affect driver not response, or maby it's EAC conflicts with files inside game or Engine problem. Sometimes it's crash when server lag and freeze once or sometime it's lags with some freezes, then they gone without crash, you can play ~5 mins and game crash, sometimes lags appear when you SL and open map , mark enemy then lags gone,you play 5 mins and crash again. Sometimes you can play 4 maps without single crash. Map name doesnt matter, you can play gorodok and no crash with full server, then you play next day and it's crash. I do almost everything to fix with alot info inside my topic:D Looks like It's can't be solved by user. Other replys like you have not enought CPU, RAM, VRAM, your HDD broken, your windows broken - it's bs by 3 simple reasons; 1. My PC not lower then minimum system requirements written by devs 2. VRAM,RAM working fine on other UE4 games, RAM,GPU was checked for health bench and stress test, same as HDD. 3. Windows clear re-install with all updates. All we have to do, it's wait when devs will work to fix this OLD issue since v9 where crash was not so often as now.
  9. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    Already talk with support Morgan from offworld couple weeks ago and post it on steam tech thread. All what he recommend im already complete without succes. At that moment he told me, support team have no any other fixes, they still thinking about problem i don't use razer at all, i don't like razer products, all of them. The reason i post problem on forum, maby it's helps devs resolve crash problem in future. If i fully reinstall windows for your game, i can do any other steps you recommend simple and fast. I will post all my autorun programms, all task manager active applications. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SgdRdTMwa97CLrnsTSEAkS2df7pU41rs/view?usp=sharing It's 3 screenshots my taskmanager and autorun - clear as baby skin. Before screens i try disable windows defender but it's not help and i turn it on again. Just keep us in mind, we suffer when game crashes!! I create squad, drive car anddddd... and car without driver, squad without leader ...
  10. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    Added dxdiag file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QEQ5UPemxS8bQ8wHShuxMXVeEWSW59N1/view?usp=sharing UPDATE:09/06/18 I play without crash 2 maps. Thats prove - crash absolutely random. It's can happen whole day or it's can dissapear one day for awhile. Added screenshots with INFO OVERLAYS about temp/power/fps. Today all was fine 2 hours without crash, but im not sure about tommorow. Update: 10/06/19 New crash logs today https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZzxwXcAD0-giiCUJN7_i2mfDVTardheu Today was only one crash
  11. It's happens when i play any map. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad" After 15-30 mins of playing it's crash... or sometimes really rare i can play hour or maby two without single crash ..what i read from logs it's just tells me my gpu driver stop responding after i play sometime Same problem you can find on steam from others "Lucky" like me,also inside UE4 devs forum. But they have way better PC (1070 - 1080ti GPU) and still same problem. "Direct3DDeviceIMContext->Map(Texture,0,D3D11_MAP_READ,0,&LockedRect) failed at d:\g\pipelines\release\S\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11RenderTarget.cpp:1110 with error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" My spec: Settings i use: Analitics about my hardware temperature About my fps with listed settings My fps 45-88 depends on map, but never lower then 40 in city maps like Gorodok, also on latest 11.1 patch i have 50-60 fps Gorodok. other maps plays 70-80. What i already do! NOT ONCE and try it several times after its not help me. LOGS latest for june https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pWYb-z9meggkJygRHe482qaFmkWJnYu8 04.04.18 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wRaftnV4o6TZgXeeR2KjaWibzfO14zCT/view?usp=sharing other old logs with same crash feb 2018 or other don't know i have alot logs... https://drive.google.com/open?id=18vNCV16KwTbWzEhu7UklqU1VfYjzTMkO https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lyOsNHcjTSkMZRGbiuBqKeNXbTbSg0Nm Also have to add, sometimes after i exit game without crash EAC after game closed tell me violation detected, no idea what he want but i have no other programms he just braindead eac... which found paranormal activity when i exit game.. For the end, i have to say. I wait for help and need to know will anyone help me or not, game just unplayable for me and my granny pc, wish i list all needed info. I will agree with low fps as i can't ask more but i not allow random CRASH since alpha 9. It's maybe Engine problem or maby server side problem which affect to my gpu driver or maby optimisation problem. no idea. But you have to help me!!! I love your game more then BF3-4-5-6, more then arma where you run 5 km and die, also you have no $$$$ DLC and i will kneel and wait when solution fall from sky. Don't ask me how i play your game about 700 hours with such crashes:D PS. sry for my english.