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  1. Personally, I like the suggested "doable with 2, but more efficient with 3". Otherwise, the future huge asset maps might turn into vehicle warfare with almost no infantry. Plus I like this as a 3player group where playing Squad with 2 other mates is always too big for 1 vehicle and too small for an INF squad.
  2. Alright, good to know that further improvements are planned for the future and the current status of BLUFOR vehicles is not the final version.
  3. With the release of Warrior for the British and Bradley for the US I have been missing a vital piece of equipment and that is the commander's/driver's periscope. As if the driver's role wasn't already "boring" enough. I still enjoy it but let's be real here, sitting in a steel box with a restricted vision for the duration of the whole match is not the most pleasurable gaming experience. As a driver, I can't see anything nor I can do anything when we stop and wait in an ambush position or just covering infantry's advancement. Sometimes I am forced to go out of the vehicle and use my SL binoculars to help my gunner cover the side and increase our spotting capabilities. Is the addition of periscopes/any vision improvement for the mentioned vehicles (+ Stryker) something the devs are working on? I know that in Alpha 10 the Russian BTR-80 and BTR-82A received periscopes as the F3 seat. Is something similar planned for the BLUFOR counterparts? A10 excerpt: BTR-80 and 82A variants now have a "Commander Periscope" (and thus an extra seat) like the BRDM-2 has. The goal is to one day roll this into the driver position, however for now there is an extra asset for the vehicle.)