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  1. The Military Media Thread

    I'm sure you've all seen this but if you haven't this is a must watch WARNING: GRAPHIC AT THE BEGINNING (After 7:46 its fine)
  2. V-sync input lag

    That's what V-Sync does.
  3. Recoil

    I like higher recoil, I actually believe the recoil for some weapons should be even higher. It slows down the pacing of firefights, and it makes you think about shooting a whole bunch of guys when you're by yourself. It also removes the twitch-shooter like play styling, that low recoil will induce. With higher recoil, players will be encouraged to maneuver closer to the enemy before/while engaging, encouraging flanking tactics and covering/suppressive fire. Fire discipline will also be an important factor, which (by all means, correct me if I am wrong) is also an essential element of engagement in IRL too.
  4. My first time using photoshop

    Wow! This is actually fantastic for your first time! Those jets look seamless.
  5. Avatar issue..

    Same problem here
  6. Flight model.

    I liked PR flight model. The only problem with it is that it lacked momentum physics - meaning your chopper would not retain its energy when pitching up. I think the way Tooner did it was brilliant.
  7. Battlefield 1

    Looks fake. They forgot the 's' in star wars
  8. Found some MTLB sounds

  9. Charley Dont Surf

    Charlie don't surf*
  10. Steam Achievement Ideas

    Go ahead, make my day - Kill someone with the last round of your pistol Serpent team - Get suppressed by 5 enemies at once I see dead people - revive 1000 friendlies If you build it he will come - Kill 100 enemies with emplacements I'll be back - Avenge yourself Just keep swimming - Swim a distance of 50km Why so serious? - Kill an enemy with a pilot kit (Kill an enemy with a knife?) Who's on first? - Come first Those with loaded guns, and those who dig - Build 100 emplacements You're gonna need a bigger boat - Destroy 50 boats Smells like victory - Win a round Charlie don't surf - Kill someone who is swimming Don't call me surely - Shoot down an aircraft? Take no prisoners - Make someone unrevivable
  11. AK Ironsights are WAY too small

    Are you sure about this?
  12. Top Gear fans UNITE!

    Fukin loved top gear. Although towards the end of top gear, it became too scripted, less about cars and more about entertainment. But I did love the challenges they would do.
  13. malcom turnbull

    The media (left) hated abbott too much. I guess it is a good change.
  14. M4 Vs AK74 recoil Build 2003

    Don't make the recoil reset [period]
  15. Old (really old) Retro Games

    First game I ever played was lego loco. I was four years old.
  16. Support AI

    Client crashing is something you will rarely have to deal with in Squad. So rare, in fact, that the resources, money and time needed for an AI compromise for the extremely uncommon experience will not be necessary.
  17. This is ridiculous. This is squad, combined arms. Not call of duty. One of the main reasons why Project Reality and even Battlefield are so popular, is because everything is player driven. Players fly, players laze, players drive. This is much better than getting some AI controlled jet on rails, to fly boringly to the target. You say that you understand the players who like to fly, and have been looking forward to it, yet you give no compromise for those players. The fun in flying comes from being inside the jet, flying it. Not looking at the jet.
  18. Sounds a little bland. I know that one of my favourite things to do in any sort of fixed wing aircraft in a game is land and take off. Maybe have two airfields completely off the map for the two teams, where the aircraft can land/takeoff ought to be a better idea? But of course the problem of notifying the player where the airfield is can be an issue.
  19. What Headset Do You Use?

    Razor Megalodons -Quality is pretty good, but not the best. -Comfort is very bad, makes your ears hurt because they don't grip tightly around your head, they just sit on it loosely -Mic is shitty, because of the background static -The options on it are pretty good, you can adjust base, treble, and stuff. Probably would not recommend them, but they are okay.
  20. Please note that the following suggestion values are hypothetical. Equipment - Carries a standard assault rifle with portable 60mm mortar. - 5(?) rounds of HE and smoke. 2(?) rounds of illumination on night layouts. - Bandage/Patch - Entrenching tool - No smoke grenades, no frag grenades - Knife/Bayonet Description The kit would require 6 people in one squad to be requestable. There can only be one person using the kit in the squad at a time. The deployable mortar would have a range of about 800(?) metres, and a minimum range of 70 metres. The mortarman kit could possibly substitute the grenadier kit, making the 40mm grenade launcher a limited attachment? EDITS: - 3(?) mortarmen allowed per team - Portable mortars are inaccurate - Mortarman mortar has less range then FOB mortars - Does not substitute FOB mortars (80mm?)
  21. New Class: Mortarman

    You could also get ammunition from a rifleman, making it a more important class. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by, "overestimating the amount of people who like to play logistics." I know and see a large numbers of people including myself who enjoy flying helicopters and supplying my team. Lastly, lets not forget that the class is also equipped with an assault rifle too.
  22. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    It's so beautiful. Moar! I need moar!
  23. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Operation Northwoods ​Search it
  24. Vehicle Repair Station

    hmmm. APCs camping FOBs, basically making them invulnerable, sounds like a bad idea. The portable repair station was useful when your vehicle was tracked, and guarding the APC from an ambush while it was repairing was the main balancing aspect of the repair station. I don't know about this idea. It basically makes the almost impossible task of talking down a fob even more impossible.
  25. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Maybe move the switch team button on the top next to the flag? Looks absolutely fantastic otherwise!