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  1. Error code 30007

    dont worry im fixing my windows 10. something to do with the updates and how they didnt install properly thanks for the reply
  2. Error code 30007

    i have not been able to load squad because i have to boot my pc with driver signature enforcement disabled as booting it normally doesnt work ( it just says booting error and doesnt tell me anything else) but when i try to load squad it tells me that because of the way i boot my pc the anti cheat doesnt run therefore not letting me launch the game. I am just wandering if theres a way for me to get around this, without having to get a new pc. is there a way to force the anti cheat to run? or a way to trick the game into loading? also I have tried running the command app as administrator and typing bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF bcdedit.exe -set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF but I have had little success.