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    Want to join the jolly green giants who have been walking the earth with guns since Nam?


    We offer:  Team play, Rank progression, Unparalleled camaraderie and a custom private server.


    Don't believe us? Listen to what our members say " If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is "poontang"." -Animal Mother


    Join the Hogs today : https://discord.gg/JM2SGxt






    Royal Tank Regiment -- Fear Naught 
    The Royal Tank Regiment is currently looking for lads who enjoy team work and communication to join our milsim community. Our group portrays the Royal Tank Regiment during World War II and Modern Conflicts.
    We offer full rank progression , real tactics, and specific job roles.
    Available Roles
    Armoured Corps Officer
    Armoured Calvary Crewman 
    Armour Engineer 
    Tank Crewman
    Vehicle Mechanic
    Infantry Officer
    Infantry Soldier
           Machine Gunner
           Designated Marksmen
           Combat Medical Technician