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  1. Hello King Night accepted welcome to the team. Be sure to join the discord.
  2. Hello Dan22 accepted welcome to the group.
  3. Thanks Smith for the kind words and welcome to the team.
  4. List of active clans and communities

    Name: 1st Battalion 1st MarinesTag: [1/1Marines]Link:https://discord.gg/QvUBE6hLanguage: EnglishDescription: "Milsim roleplayers”Members: ~23We also play: War of Rights, Blackwake,Rising Storm RO2, and more
  5. Hello Creamy Cheese welcome be sure to join the Discord .
  6. Welcome Rattlesnake911 be sure to join the discord thx
  7. Welcome thatguystoner Bootcamp tonight 2100 EST be in discord by 2045 EST oorah!!!! Hello Novak welcome Bootcamp Tonight 2100 EST be in discord by 2045 EST oorah!
  8. Hello lucksmod welcome Bootcamp tomorrow night at 2100 EST be in discord by 2045 EST oorah!
  9. Recruits your Greyhound bus will be arriving at MCRD San Diego for Marine Corps Boot Camp at 2100 EST on Friday June 8th 2018. We still have spots left so head to your local Marine Corps Recruiting Station and enlist to be a one of the few the proud the Marines.
  10. Hey SaladSnake 10 welcome accepted
  11. Accepted welcome Ninjastar Welcome Badnoises Accepted
  12. The 1st Battalion 1st Marines is always looking new recruits feel free to apply!