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  1. Sound related fps problem

    i think i ve fixed it, played a couple of times and didnt had any problem... possible solution here: a couple of days ago i ve noticed that my cpu speed (ghz) was dropping a lot when this sound related fps drops where happening...so i ve researched a little and found some things you could do to fix this throttling issues... went to the BIOS and searched for any enhaced C1 or Enhaced Intel Speedstep Technology and disable it...if you have doubts just google your motherboard or the bios info to be safe...or search how to fix this drops in cpu speed... After that, my overall fps seems little bit lower, but without any sound related drops... i ll keep testing and will let u know if its completly fix in a couple of days. ty all.
  2. Sound related fps problem

    hey Kriptkori, yes i ve tried that, and i ve lowered the audio quality, no changes. still bugged ty for the response
  3. Sound related fps problem

    short story: every sound (firearm, vehicle, mortar, etc) my game freeze for 1 sec, my fps drops from 60/70 to 5/10 and freezes for half a second... Everytime someone fire a weapon, granade, mortars, vehicle firing, etc (you get the idea), my fps drops at least 30/40 fps and sometimes more...when a couple of guys are shooting or an AR is supressing its worst...30mm same... from 60/70 fps to 5/10 fps for 1 or 2 sec and freezes. Depending on the map its even worst...before v11 was better, altho 30mm or striker sounds would kill my fps, but now in v11 its everything. * Ive already tried clear cache multiple times. *tried low graphics and efects, low sound quality, low everything. * ive reinstall the game from scratch. * reinstall sound drivers, graphic drivers, and updated them. * ultimatly ive tried fresh install of OS Windows 10 home. nothing solved the problem. my rig cpu i5 7600k @4.6ghz gpu RX480 4gb ram 16gb ram @2400 ghz os Windows 10 paging file set to automatic manage by Windows. mobo gigabyte z-270 game and windows on SSD Im playing at 1080p. My temperatures are fine, cpu around 60/65 celsius ingame. Any ideas?