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  1. Squad on Vulkan / Linux?

    Is there anyway we can talk to the devs? They got EAC to work for us
  2. Can I run squad?

    Are you sure, I can get squad over 70 FPS (sometimes) with a 1050 Ti, 16gb ddr4, 2200g, on Linux of all things
  3. The Military Media Thread

    Anyone have pictures of the possible new 6.8mm rifle for the army? I’m on a blocked network
  4. Marksman Changes.

    Would bolt actions be considered?
  5. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    How is squad ever going to be like CoD or CS? The gunplay is nowhere near good enough to be the main focus of the game
  6. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    Oh Jews, “battlefield fanboys”? Really? How so
  7. Squad on Vulkan / Linux?

    I’m kinda new to the Linux gaming crowd
  8. Squad on Vulkan / Linux?

    Might lutris be an option, or is it the same thing?
  9. Squad on Vulkan / Linux?

    V13 isn’t? Oh no
  10. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Maybe giving rally’s limited waves would be a good idea? Kind of like a hybrid of the old and new systems?
  11. Marksman Changes.

    I feel like the squad player base is almost scared of a powerful marksman, it might be the fear of those “dirty casuals” or that calling someone a CoD play is an insult
  12. I like this idea, sandstorm has it. The problem is I’ve had instances where I’m reloading near enemy and I yell “NEW MAG IN!!”
  13. Squad For Linux

    Using proton it works just fine,
  14. Veteran Skins

    REE! it’s to close to CoD!!!1!! If we add skins all the casuals will start playing, that would ruin our game, our precious game!
  15. Anti-material rifle

    Personally I think the unconventional forces should get as many tools as possible, the 14.5 mm WW2 tank gun sounds like a good idea
  16. Squad and Google's Stadia?

    Don’t you think the nature of the game would turn people off? The “casual-immature” people
  17. How can I help?

    Give really advice and don’t be a ***, pass judgment carefully (not sure if this counts as silly)
  18. Anti-material rifle

    Might be a little over powered in that state, also if a AM rifle can destroy an IED why can’t a standard 5.56 round?
  19. Squad is dead or not ?

    I feel like people want it to be project reality 2.0, and the say “well we had this in PR....” so? this is a different game, if you want PR then play it
  20. Mounting a TOW weapons system

    Mount *snort*
  21. Display unfinished emplacements on the map

    How bout a toggle on off feature?
  22. Logistics Mechanics

    I really like the crate system, I just don’t think it’s being considered, why?
  23. What is Squad? Director's Cut

    Looks neato, one thing though I didn’t see the insurgents at all