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  1. NWI Discord

    Hey i wanted to join the NWI discord server because ima a fan of ins and DOI, can someone get me an invite?
  2. NWI Discord

    thx i already got it, should have said something
  3. Music!

    the vids kinda werid but the muzac is good
  4. Music!

    i dk why i like this one
  5. M1 Abrams Crew

    there are on BTRs already
  6. The Doughnut Shop Server Rules

    sadly its not that common
  7. How Long...

    oh no.....
  8. that shock wave would kill you if you stood next to it right?
  9. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    personally i think insurgency did it right that game is scary it gets the adrenaline going
  10. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    red orchestra or hell let loose
  11. Welcome to Duty Commander

  12. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    ive never been shot at but, do the bullets really jerk you around?
  13. Too "realistic"/Slow?

    i see
  14. Too "realistic"/Slow?

  15. Too "realistic"/Slow?

    this might be dumb but if you were under fire could you throw your equipment to up switch speed?
  16. SPG-9 Visual Glitch

    this glitch is surprisingly use full it gives you a cross hair lol
  17. if we do have a loader how would it work? is it automatic or do you actually have to do something?
  18. Veteran Skins

    i remember those i was wondering what they were for
  19. Reinstall issue

    i got a new SSD and wanted to transfer squad to it but when i tried the first time it didn't work. so i tried again and this time i still have the files but steam wont recognize them so now its trying to reinstall them. any ideas?
  20. Pistol size.

    all of them or one specifically?
  21. June Free Weekend

    that is how you hold a gun
  22. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    i have a 1050 ti and i get a like 30-60 depending on map!