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  1. What FOV are you using

    yeah the optic thing is kinda annoying
  2. yeah, making the crew get out and repair might be a good idea
  3. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    will it be fun? i dont think so
  4. NVG, Suppressor and other suggestions

    theres a post that im to lazy to find, but in it are a bunch of features that wont be added, NVGs is on that list, i think night ops were too
  5. mic issues while using proton

    not sure why this is happening but people in my squad say that "his mics ♥♥♥♥ed up" or "its a hold button" i dont have any idea what it sounds like or how to fix it some one said morse code?
  6. Eyeball Elevation/Height

    they see out of the goggles stupid, why do you think they have glasses? it hides their empty sockets
  7. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    any idea about proton compatibility?
  8. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Of these 3 groups the large majority will say that they fall into the third just because it’s the most neutral.
  9. FPS limit Setting

    Yeah I guess there is that I mean I don’t use sync and never have, but yeah if you don’t I think the benefits outweigh the cons, to each their own I guess
  10. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    I mean taking away rallies might not be bad, I’m just not sure what we would replace them with
  11. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Rally points entirely? What on earth would we replace them with?
  12. FPS limit Setting

    I don’t get why people lock thier FPS, having an FPS above you monitors hertz gives the monitor more frames to chose from allowing it to refresh faster
  13. Brainstorming Helicopters and Air Assets in general

    Holy ****in shit, can you write my English essays?
  14. Idea - Backup/CQC Sights

    Hump de bump lol
  15. Buddy rally poll

    Well when I don’t like an idea, i call the owner a “CoD player” and a “dirty casual” then completely dissmiss thier opinion, even though it has just as much value as mine. Oh and I have 1000+ hours which means I’m much better at the game and definitely have the correct vision for it.
  16. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    Gore is a confirmed no
  17. Is recoil broken?

    How did you calculate this?

    I believe you can edit the cache in settings, I haven’t been Ingame recently though, am using Linux now

    Did you check how much memory the game is able to use? That is if you can get to the main menu
  20. convoy game type

    Not sure about anyone, but idk
  21. Body scratching and idle movements

    Might be kewl to do, but what if an idle animation starts and then the player moves or raises thier weapon
  22. Question, what direction is this game heading? Is it going to become more “arcadey” or continue to become slower and more “realistic” I have no preference either way and I bet you’ll catch flak for either option
  23. My Squad is broken

    Wow, that is really strange Specs, os, pls?
  24. customization / ranking

    Hey, maybe we could rank people based on games finished?
  25. customization / ranking

    Alte Ast we didn’t have some die hard screaming at the tread starter, the customization sounds like a good idea. Im always a black man (nothing wrong with that), I hope it will be considered closer to release