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  1. Marksman Changes.

  2. Bipod limitation

    What if the turning slowed down as you reached the edge

    Did you just repost this?
  4. car bomb question

    The suicide aspect wasn’t the goal I guess
  5. I really like the idea of a crate system, personally using infantry to move supply’s might make logistics more involved
  6. NEW GAME TYPE IDEA (king of the hill)

    Hey squad with insurgencys gun play sounds like heaven
  7. Bipod limitation

    Maybe you could only turn 30-40 degrees outside of the bipod?
  8. Marksman Changes.

    The higher the magnification the more the scope sways (in theory) so it isn’t just a one or the other type thing, if you up the zoom you need a bipod
  9. What FOV are you using

    120 gang
  10. Squad on Vulkan / Linux?

    Is there anyway we can talk to the devs? They got EAC to work for us
  11. Can I run squad?

    Are you sure, I can get squad over 70 FPS (sometimes) with a 1050 Ti, 16gb ddr4, 2200g, on Linux of all things
  12. The Military Media Thread

    Anyone have pictures of the possible new 6.8mm rifle for the army? I’m on a blocked network
  13. Marksman Changes.

    Would bolt actions be considered?
  14. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    How is squad ever going to be like CoD or CS? The gunplay is nowhere near good enough to be the main focus of the game
  15. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    Oh Jeez, “battlefield fanboys”? Really? How so