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  1. The Weapons Thread!

    hey isnt the US army or marines adopting the HK416c? that might be implemented right?
  2. NWI Discord

    thx i already got it, should have said something
  3. Music!

    the vids kinda werid but the muzac is good
  4. Music!

    i dk why i like this one
  5. NWI Discord

    Hey i wanted to join the NWI discord server because ima a fan of ins and DOI, can someone get me an invite?
  6. M1 Abrams Crew

    there are on BTRs already
  7. The Doughnut Shop Server Rules

    sadly its not that common
  8. How Long...

    oh no.....
  9. that shock wave would kill you if you stood next to it right?
  10. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    personally i think insurgency did it right that game is scary it gets the adrenaline going
  11. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    red orchestra or hell let loose
  12. Welcome to Duty Commander

  13. Omg Suppression punch yess!! Finally !!

    ive never been shot at but, do the bullets really jerk you around?