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  1. Squad For Linux

    i see.....
  2. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    I’m not sure the gun play is solid enough to have a mode mostly based around it (tdm)
  3. Squad For Linux

    What’s wrong with consoles?
  4. January 2019 Recap

    This is kinda of what i saw happen with insurgency sandstorm, people thought it would be a unreal port of INS source, this just wasn’t true it’s a new and diffrent game (I realize that squad wasn’t supposed to be an unreal port of PR, but I feel like some people don’t realize that)
  5. Horses for transport for insurgency

    We need donkey crews and a handler role
  6. January 2019 Recap

    Can we shoot down the UAV?
  7. Anti-personnel mines

    Maybe they could be like vehicle mines with a part sticking out above the ground, make spotting them skill based. Also how is dying to a mine good for “noobs” or “snipers”?
  8. (FYI I play mostly AT roles) so your saying that I can’t have a rifle for the sake of realism, this would make AT roles true glass cannons, possibly making vehicles even more powerful
  9. Is there a problem with semi arcade?
  10. I kinda like this idea the unconvetinal playstyle is to similar to the conventional one imo, there should be stark difference in how they operate
  11. Capture Speed

    I think it does, not sure though
  12. This is a very well written post good job! but based on what I’ve seen this will be to “unrealistic”or “COD Like”. If other more mainstream games use something it seems to get shoot down, the commo roes idea is a good one imo
  13. Snipers

  14. Banned From Discord

    Only if you denounce food and water being added
  15. Banned From Discord

    I have no phone right now so I just watch silently