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  1. Deployable Field Hospital: M*A*S*H*

    It wouldn’t be player operated right? It would be a passive healing while inside?
  2. Steam Inventory?

    Does anyone remember the Veterans Day skins? Are those gonna be removed? I would assumed they are just less common so people forget about them.
  3. Helo keeps pitching and rolling

    How are your key bonds set up? I don’t really know how the flying works, but it could be a false input on your keyboard?
  4. I’m a bit late, but does it work in steam chat? Or discord for that matter.
  5. Increase Realism.

    Can’t have any bad words
  6. UI QoL for Multiple Monitors

    I believe you can put a line in the launch options telling it in what window mode to launch in and on which screen.
  7. Some suggestions (SPG, Game)

    That would make the game more arcady, and that’s always a bad thing
  8. Some New Nations Idea

    It might be fun to see unconventional vs unconventional
  9. Infinite staging phase/Server connection timed out

    Could be an anti-cheat issue
  10. Squad Vietnam War Mod

    Yeah, it would be, but it would require a bunch of new assets
  11. Mobil HQ for Commander

    So positioning and defending a mobile “cache” is Arcady huh, maybe shooting a gun is too, having more than one player sounds pretty Arcady to me
  12. 100 Player Servers

    Well some of us aren’t able to buy the ultimate master race machine, and client side optimization will help you get even more frames on your rig, higher frames=better
  13. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Eh, I doesn’t really matter
  14. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Wait, how did this become vehicle capturing?
  15. So if my squad gets wiped out and the point we were defending gets capped, we are all penalized for attempting to help the team defend the next point as quickly as possible