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  1. The idea is that the gun is simulated as close as it can be in real life. irl you can shoot above your sights based on how they are zeroed, this can happen in squad. I think the collision on props (or ground) is a bigger part of the problem. I’ve had instances where my barrel is very obviously above the ground and I still shoot dirt.
  2. Attaching Bayonets

    I mean the sks has one
  3. Squad Classic

    Go play PR then, squad isn’t a port
  4. Increased Aim Punch to improve the flow of CQC

    Only if your hit? That’s a bit better, I thought it was like suppression where you aim gets a jolt when a bullet comes close to you
  5. Increased Aim Punch to improve the flow of CQC

    So I can have a shot lined up and someone fires a random shot into my bush and I miss. I feel a bit cheated there. Course this is pretty specific
  6. Pixelated textures/objects at distance

    Huh, I don’t really know how to help, hopefully a dev notices
  7. Squad Classic

    I’ve never played PR, but I feel like quite a few people act like this
  8. Question on Profile

    There’s a question under neath my rank on the forum, anyway I can remove it?
  9. NEW PC Build but game doesnt run well

    Thats cheating! Reeeeeeee!
  10. Squad Classic

    Well it would be more like PR and PR is a gift from god that I put on pedestal, it has no flaws what so ever and is perfect. in all seriousness though that is kinda funny
  11. Weapon customization or class customization

    Feels like an arcade FPS? Are you kidding me!? The gunplay in squad in nothing like any arcade FPS I ever seen, if a “arcade” game had this gunplay it would fail. I fail to understand how anyone would think the gunplay is “Arcady”.
  12. Increased Aim Punch to improve the flow of CQC

    For aim punch feels really unfair, like someone is pushing my mouse around while I’m playing. I come from a more fast paced shooter background, that’s probably why
  13. Pixelated textures/objects at distance

    I feel like it’s always been this way
  14. Can u guys add auto-run ?

    Is there a toggle option in controls or is that for crouching
  15. New Squad Communities

    Yeah, that sucks