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  1. Jokes Thread

    I’m already doing 60 in a 30 mph zone and still that guy is sticking to me. And now he’s blinding me with these fancy blinking blue lights. The world is full of psychos!
  2. Jokes Thread

    Newlyweds wake up one morning on their honeymoon and the man suggests: "Darling, why don’t you brew us some coffee?" Wife looks confused: "But that's your task, honey." “What? Why?” "It’s all over the Bible, dearest." "The Bible says nothing about who’s supposed to be brewing coffee!" The wife grabs hold of a copy and starts flipping pages at random: "See? Everywhere: Hebrews, Hebrews, Hebrews."
  3. Jokes Thread

    What’s the difference between glue, a tuna and a piano?" "No idea." "You could tuna piano, but you couldn’t piano a tuna." "Oh. And what’s with the glue?" "I knew you'd get stuck there."
  4. Jokes Thread

    An elderly couple talk in the evening: “Honey, I’m so sorry that I let out my anger at you so often. How do you manage to stay so calm with my foul moods?” “I always go and clean the toilet when that happens.” “And that helps?” “Yes, because I’m using your toothbrush.”
  5. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Absolutely right, great place to visit.
  6. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Yeah, you are right. Have you tried Blue Moon?
  7. Jokes Thread

    Husband takes his wife to a disco. There’s a guy on the dance floor dancing like a king –moonwalking, break dancing, head spins, the works. The wife turns to her husband and sighs: "You see that man? 25 years ago he asked me to marry him and I said no." Husband says: "Yep, it looks like he’s still celebrating!!"
  8. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Coors Light. Coors Light is a Canadian lager brand. It is light and refreshing, with a 4.0% alcohol content. The low-calorie beer managed to ride the wave of an increasing focus on health from baby-boomers, when it launched in 1978.
  9. Music!

  10. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    Newcastle Brown Ale, brewed in Scotland with a big presence on the international market. It’s a bit of a cult classic and I surely love the taste. Newcastle makes for a great session beer.
  11. Jokes Thread

    A man wants to do a new parachute record: The longest freefall without pulling the rip cord. So he jumps a plane at a huge altitude. His height gauge shows 30 000 feet. He keeps falling. In a while he checks the gauge again and now it shows 15 000 feet to the ground. A few seconds later it shows 12 000 feet. He continues falling. Now it’s only 3 000 feet left. He grips the rip cord firmly in his hand. At 1 500 feet he is singing in a shaky voice. Only 300 feet left. He waits till the last moment. Then it’s only 150, 120, 90, 60, 30 feet till the ground. The man shrugs: Ah well, whatever. I can handle 30 feet without a parachute.