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    Member of Those Other Guys, irresistible desire for any meat product..

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  1. [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Every evening we have people telling tales arround our camp fire, come join and DON'T forget to bring marshmellos.. <3
  2. [ToG] Those Other Guys

    [ToG] BluFanana is selling parts of his body, come join there is enough for everyone!
  3. [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Glad to play with some new squad players to learn them the ropes!
  4. V12.1 Performance

    for me i cant run the game with even a little sumper sampling on, and you had it on but i gues thats not the problem because you have it off now
  5. [ToG] Those Other Guys

    [ToG] Those Other Guys Our Community, Those Other Guys is a group of people with the same mature mindset from over 20+ countries across the globe. We are combining serious play with fun and so create a relaxed environment for us to play in. ToG also participates in many community clan fights where clans fight against each other on competitive level, so if you're looking for a more tactical experience in squad look no further. Striving for good teamwork, communications and leadership we are willing to become stronger as ever. Those Other Guys focus primarily on just having a good time together and making friends all around the world. Hope to see you guys soon! (Sign up on our website) Those Other Guys Information, Website, https://joinsquad.ninja Discord, https://discord.gg/stQMNBx Our Server [EU] The Coalition, The Coalition was formed in November 2018 by ToG, OpFor, HSR and F/T with the aim of creating a server that gives players the freedom to play in their own way and not be restricted by too many rules but use guidelines instead to keep the games balanced and fair. ( Rules are stated in the [EU] The Coalition forum post) The Coalition Information, Website, https://joinsquad.ninja/ Discord, https://discord.me/thecoalition Forum post,
  6. cant post a topic

    i seem to not be able to past topics... and now i can wtf?
  7. V12.1 Performance

    It's the supersampling
  8. [ToG] Those Other Guys - Now Recruiting

    A wonderful bunch of guys!