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  1. The Doctor's Office | New York - Server Rules

    And the rules at the end say aswell '+ Most importantly PLAY ON THE OBJECTIVES'
  2. Weapon Attachments - Classes are awful

    Amen brother!
  3. Squad song

    The song isnt there anymore.. ;( Edit: That song is amazing!
  4. Those Other Lithuanian Guys

    Our ToG brothers from Lithuania!
  5. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Apply on our website <3 we will be happy to show you the ropes aswell
  6. [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Hey chums!
  7. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    [ToG] BluFanana is running low on body parts, come and get some while they still last!!
  8. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    We are looking for more new players to broaden our horizon!!!
  9. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Every evening we have people telling tales arround our camp fire, come join and DON'T forget to bring marshmellos.. <3
  10. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    [ToG] BluFanana is selling parts of his body, come join there is enough for everyone!
  11. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Glad to play with some new squad players to learn them the ropes!
  12. Squad Clan Recruitment - [ToG] Those Other Guys

    Those Other Guys is participating in CCFN week 179 Week 181 Teams "LegendaryLateness‚ÄĚ Sunday 21th July @ 1730/1800 UTC Servers: CCFN 181 - COMMUNITY CLAN FIGHT NIGHT #1 / #2 / #3 Map: Gorodok AAS v1 Password: via discord #the_lightroom PLEASE NOTE: Each round will be limited to 90mins - Streamers/Hosts will end the match when the time elapses SERVER ONE: CCFN 181 #1 - Community Clan Fight Night Team 1 SSF HSR ToG FC Team 2 Guardians OpFor 508th 66th SERVER TWO: CCFN 181 #2 - Community Clan Fight Night Team 1 SR 13.Jg IR58 ToG-L Team 2 RB BRA WFT FLV RESERVES: 100% United Gaming (formerly known as [EXO])
  13. V12.1 Performance

    for me i cant run the game with even a little sumper sampling on, and you had it on but i gues thats not the problem because you have it off now
  14. [ToG] Those Other Guys Recruitment Page The ToG Community, Those Other Guys is a group of people with the same mature mindset from over 20+ countries across the globe. We are combining serious play with fun and so create a relaxed environment for us to play in. Everyone is equal and we don't use a Ranking system, we only have a small group of admin's and moderators to look after our infrastructure. ToG also participates in many Squad Competitive events/championships like Level Gaming, SWC (Squad World Championship), CCFN (Community Clan Fight Night), SCC ( Squad Community Cup) and friendly scrimms against other clan's. So if you're looking for a more tactical experience in squad look no further. Striving for good teamwork, communications and leadership we are willing to become stronger as ever. Those Other Guys focus primarily on just having a good time together and making friends all around the world. Sign up to ToG now at, www.thoseotherguys.com Or check out our discord at, https://discord.gg/stQMNBx Hope to see you guys soon! Those other Guys Achievements, 2017 - Level Gaming Season 1 Winners (ToG Leadership) 2017 - Level Gaming Season 2 Winners (ToG Leadership) 2018 - Level Gaming Season 3 Winners (ToG Leadership) 2018 - Level Gaming Season 4 Winners (ToG Leadership) Over 25+ CCFN Wins (Community Clan Fight Night) Our Server [EU] The Coalition, The Coalition was formed in November 2018 by ToG, OpFor, HSR and F/T with the aim of creating a server that gives players the freedom to play in their own way and not be restricted by too many rules but use guidelines instead to keep the games balanced and fair. Check out The Coalition's website at https://joinsquad.ninja/ (Rules are stated in the [EU] The Coalition forum post) Forum post, What you can expect... Add [ToG] Jan on steam for any questions or find me on the discord server, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198209137300
  15. cant post a topic

    i seem to not be able to past topics... and now i can wtf?