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  1. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    So I have played about 4 hours yesterday but things have changed. First of all I have upgraded my RAM to 12 GB which gives my system a bit more of room to handle things. Secondly I have given my squad some start commands which I couldnt tell if they do any difference (-USEALLAVAILABLECORES and the one with system malloc), because third reason: the v11.1 Update was rolled out same time with my commands. Since then I havent had a freeze anymore BUT sometimes a huge hickup in fps going down to 15 fps when I looked into a specific direction on a map.. which without the 3 reasons before may would have caused a freeze. I might will be looking into the log file upload soon if it bothers me anymore or might just hope for optimization of the game and wait.. Later!
  2. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    Hello I made an account just to confirm I have the same problem! With almost the same CPU, I can play the game for about 30 Minutes with (30 - 50) FPS untill I get a freeze for 1-2 Minutes usually after that it gets back on. The game never crashed for me so far. When the FREEZE is comming, the CPU usage cuts down to 5% ; RAM stays the same ; and GPU goes down to 0%. So I guess CPU stops sending data to GPU and it wont process anything. During that time I can hear stuttering from the Squad channels and some sounds are looping. I will get about 0-2 FPS and eventually a freeze where everything cuts of and I have a standing picture and no sound. My Squad is clean installed, the cache is wiped today and playing in the Video Options doesnt change anything. My Specs, with Squad running on SSD: (*while in Squad 80 man server, 50 Ping) Windows 10 64bit AMD FX-8320 Eight Core - (almost like OP) (55% Usage*) 8 GB Ram (92% Usage*) NVIDIA GTX 970 (40% Usage*) Im gonna try some things and if I have succes with anything I come back here. I hope this is of any help! Greetings Rocket Bunny