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  1. Technical problems aside.... http://bfy.tw/LeUw
  2. Comms seperation

    But right now the spamming of coms is a player problem, not a technical problem. While I agree a fireteam channel would be great, the SL channel is where the problem is. Having SL channel seperated into left or right channel does not really change anything. You must know this situation. You are at a party and cant hear what some girl is saying to you. You try to cover your one ear and listen with the ear closet to her. Just because you have SL channel in one channel, does not mean you will be able to understand it because you have noise in the other one, and you wont be able to separate the two from each other, unless you take one cup away from your ear. Right now we have the tools to mute SL's who wont learn a bit of discipline, but hey if you rather want a bunch of 11-13 years to play with...hint...read the link https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/12/171206090611.htm
  3. Comms seperation

    The tools for proper coms between sqds is already there, the issue is players not using them correctly. As always, players are hardcoded. Pressing 1 on keypad...Squad 1, this is 4 Wait for response.... Pressing 4 on keypad....Squad 4 this is 1, go ahead... Its common sense, you dont conference call everyone in your contacts to talk to you girlfriend, you call the specific number. It really isnt that hard.
  4. Insurgency supply

    Increased carrying capacity of Logistics Technical to 1400 points. From the 12.1 update
  5. Feedback about anarchy players/servers

    Play on the good servers?
  6. Inbuilt Mortar Calculator

    Name one mortar calculator that makes wrong numbers
  7. My Creative Sound Blaster settings for SQUAD

    Ive just bought this too. Sounds are amazing. But one thing that bothers me a bit, that perhaps you can help me with. When playing with the setting close to yours, dont think the Surround is so good though But when I enable Scout mode it gets much much better. It sounds better without Scout mode, more immersive though.
  8. Rally Waves Increase Squad Separation

    Why are you blaming the game for players action? So because you cant be decisive enough and either cant get your squad to listen to you, or just kick those from your squad who wants to play rambo, instead of working together - you go...its the game thats at fault. Yesterday I stumped my toe against the door frame because I was in a hurry, I blame the contractors because they build my apartment with doors.
  9. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    I think the logistic system is great as it is right now. It adds another level to the game besides "goto A, kill all enemies" Now its possible to overextend the attack and run out of supplies. Its an great simulation of how logistics is a vital part of any battlefield, and simulates the vital need to fuel, ammunition, food etc. Yesterday on Yeho, I drove logi for an hour or so. The enemy team had a scout car roving around taking about several attempts at getting supply to the frontline, and the teams assault was halted due to low ammo. The team then coordinated that a tank cover a logi returning from the battlefield, and another 2 logis and a bradley joined the convoy out of main. Rolling down the road in the middle of the map, 1 logi had gotten a bit further ahead than the rest(200-300 meters) and suddenly the enemy scout car turned unto the main road behind the logi. Seconds later the rest of the convoy passed the wreck of the scout car, the tank took out from the back of the convoy. 9000 pts of supply was brought to the frontline and the team then advanced again, bringing the team to victory shortly after. Dont listen to the Battlefield franchise fanboys here, who claim the logistic system is broken at the moment. They wont be happy until the game is just another copy of their beloved battlefield series. I will although agree that the traction of the trucks needs tweaking.
  10. Well, its easy to win an argument when you change your statement halfway through. You are correct in that the Insurgency team cant place rally's. But thats not what we were talking about. You said that rally's were disabled on small maps and insurgency maps. On Fallujah in both layouts, Brits and US, bluefor can place rally's Taliban and Millitia can also place rally's, which are played on both layouts on Bamyan, its not an insurgency map. But since a SL in insurgency maps can place a fob and shovel it alone, its almost like playing with rally's So let me make the better argument.
  11. Nope. Rally's where never disabled in PR, not on ins maps nor small maps. In skirmish maps they even made it permanent as far as I remember, but it could be overrun though
  12. Suppression system

    I know its possible to extract death and injury data from the game to make statistics about a player. How about you hook up a couple of cables to an 230V outlet do some magic with an arduino board, and each time you get shot, you will get electrocuted. Would that make you flinch with your mouse if you got shot at?
  13. connection to server timeout

    You have 8 GB of ram, which is shared with your GPU. Running shooting range and playing it online are two different things. Windows itself uses around 3 gb. With Squad running shooting range that goes up to 8.2 gb, joining a server that goes up to a little over 10 gb of main memory. Running squad, and I am just sitting in the main menu, and my 1060(1900 Mhz 6gb(4000 Mhz) uses around 3 gb of dedicated ram. Going into the shooting range takes another gb ram or so from the GPU and with joining a server its up on 4.8 with a utilization of 98% Ive got a Ryzen 5 1600x, its running around 30-35% utilization, And you want to run it with 8 gb shared between your cpu and gpu? Not to mention that the game is still in Alpha and lacks a great deal of optimization, and V12 hasnt improved the Fps for many. Im sorry but I dont think its going to run at any Fps that playable. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-630.187948.0.html "and therefore only suited for low demanding games like Overwatch or Farming Simulator 2017 (low details)."
  14. connection to server timeout

    Even if you fix that, i dont Think you will be able to run it https://squad.gamepedia.com/System_requirements