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  1. Under water Radio

    So tk'ing is fine by you? If I need the logi more than some random player then its a feature to get to use the asset for a more important hab. Or if the anti-cheat does not catch an aimbot, thats also ok since the game allowes it?
  2. Under water Radio

    The point im making that Zyl does not get is that just because its possible, is not reason to do it. Its called having a high level of integrity and moral. Its still possible to be glitched inside buildings, but that does not mean you should take advantage of it. It has nothing to do with global server rules or if devs has said its a glitch or not. But people like Zyl have this missing link somehow, having a hard time knowing the difference between right and wrong. I used to have a friend much like him, that had same behavior towards others, both in text and social interaction. He is currenly serving a life sentence.
  3. Under water Radio

    But its still a glitch since you knew it was unreachable when you placed the radio so far under water that it was impossible to shovel down, as you admitted yourself shortly before you got banned for placing 2 radios under water. As someone who often attacks and is condescending to players here on the forum, you sure set a low bar on your own integrity.
  4. Then you need to play on other servers. What you are saying is that because there is bad teamwork, you would rather have servers play maps, that are more COD like with more action and shooting than having bigger maps that require teamwork. Thats the opposite direction of what Squad is trying to be. Playing smaller maps will only make those players who dont teamwork play more on those servers that run these maps, how the hell is this a solution?
  5. No, I cant see that. Do you have any statistics to back up that claim?
  6. Discord link

    I got that...which discord
  7. Discord link

    link to what?
  8. @Nightingale87 I dont think he wants to know how to improve. Only to know his way is the right way
  9. So you rather mute the SL that talks directly to another squad directly, than mute the guy who spams every SL because he cant figure out to bind keys correctly Gotcha! Yeah its kinda like talking on the phone. You dont conference call everyone on your phone if you just have to order a pizza. Its amazing that ppl do that without having it written down and everyone agrees to it. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Proper+radio+discipline
  10. Or instead of being lazy, and spamming every SL with useless information in the game you could use proper radio discipline and talk to the specific squad using the keypad. Also given that many players have strangely written names, written in Leet speak, or just hard to pronounce for a non-native speaker can also add difficulties with using names rather than numbers.
  11. Its still in PR although its 1 ticket for wounded state, and one ticket for dead. What could be interesting to have in Squad is the time added to respawn timer like in PR From PR manual. Perhaps this would help to get players to actually defend flags. Every time you die your respawn timer will increase by 1 second (up to a maximum of 1 minute including the 30 sec man-down time). Insurgent respawn timers start at 20 seconds due to the skipped man-down time When your team captures a control point or destroys an objective your' respawn timer will be reduced by 3 seconds. For defending objectives by killing an enemy in that area your timer is reduced by ¼ second.
  12. Admin Camera

    If I saw the admin cam hover above a certain area, and there was no friendlies in that area, I would reach the conclusion that the admin was looking at the enemy, since im sure he wasnt looking at pine cones. So by having the admin cam visible to everyone it would give away intel about the enemy.
  13. Admin Camera

    Because usually the admin didn't just hover around some lone trees looking at pine cones.
  14. No Shadow has to go quick

    Then why should we care when you suffer getting shot due to low shadow(read low skill)
  15. Removed

    He didnt get the message