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  1. Its still in PR although its 1 ticket for wounded state, and one ticket for dead. What could be interesting to have in Squad is the time added to respawn timer like in PR From PR manual. Perhaps this would help to get players to actually defend flags. Every time you die your respawn timer will increase by 1 second (up to a maximum of 1 minute including the 30 sec man-down time). Insurgent respawn timers start at 20 seconds due to the skipped man-down time When your team captures a control point or destroys an objective your' respawn timer will be reduced by 3 seconds. For defending objectives by killing an enemy in that area your timer is reduced by ¼ second.
  2. Admin Camera

    If I saw the admin cam hover above a certain area, and there was no friendlies in that area, I would reach the conclusion that the admin was looking at the enemy, since im sure he wasnt looking at pine cones. So by having the admin cam visible to everyone it would give away intel about the enemy.
  3. Admin Camera

    Because usually the admin didn't just hover around some lone trees looking at pine cones.
  4. No Shadow has to go quick

    Then why should we care when you suffer getting shot due to low shadow(read low skill)
  5. Removed

    He didnt get the message
  6. Removed

    Btw, Lordas I still remember the great video you did when we where in Nwa back in the days. It still gives me the chills
  7. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Call it a modern Troy(the movie) story. Ivanka Trump escapes to Canada to be with Justin Trudeau. Jared Kushner is pissed and gets Donald to invade Canada to get her back. And hence it came to be known as the Battle at Nanisivik, 2019
  8. Battle Cry

    Ok. Then as russians yell Uraaaa, as Insurgent yell allahu akbar, as British yell Cheerio mate.
  9. Camping Main

    So by those statements, If I get glitched(ie the games allows it) into the ground or a building and is able to kill the enemy from within then servers should not put up rules against it since the game isnt adequately programmed and and its the devs need to fix it, not the server rules? Same thing could be said of cheat software. If the game does not detect it, then its fine...Your logic isnt.
  10. Solution: When the buck passes to you, resign the squad
  11. Because you cant buy a new CPU, you want the dev's to use time on this while not working on other more important issues?
  12. No Shadow has to go quick

    But since you want shadows gone because it makes it easier to spot enemies, shouldnt dust clouds coming from moving vehicles be removed? Follow my logic here. Low end pc's get advantage with no shadow. High end pc's get advantage at spotting moving vehicles by the dust they throw up Low end pc's cant play at the highest effect hence they dont get the dust clouds=disadvantage
  13. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    I often see logi squad, and have Apc's provide transport and fire support Has little to do with the game, but with people. All the tools to communicate and how to play are there. You can hardly blame the game for human stupidity. Ive never seen that. Again it has nothing to do with the game, but how people play. You cant lead a soldier to a tank so to speak. Again depends on the server. Squad has given players more tools to work with than PR had More markers, arrows, fireteams. If players are ignorant of these or chose not to utilize them, how is that the games fault?
  14. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    It also depends very much on the server and players. Join a server where no one communicates or just play run and gun, then yes, squad will feel like a COD clone but so will PR. Play on a great server with competent squad leaders, and the game will feel very different. I usually play on Tactical Gamer, and I rarely find above mentioned kind of play there.
  15. Insane update hassle

    Nope, game was fully updated.