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  1. Flashbang

    It poses the question...why? Why would I use a flashbang, blind the enemy and then enter the room and shoot him when I could just throw a nade and kill him And cheaper?...This isnt CS where you buy your equipment before entering battle
  2. LEFT ctrl crouch in turret

    Look up
  3. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    Nice Necro....
  4. Auto-run and logy runs

  5. Suppression

    I would say that with that comment you lost alot of credibility. SInce you dont acknowledge how suppression works for your squad when applying teamwork, and then belittle most commenters here with your 750 hours in Squad. Some of the best Squad Leaders I play with on Tactical Gamer have between 1000-2800 hours in this game, and they know how to use suppression to their advantage and how to break it when under it. That you dont like the current gameplay of Squad is fine, but telling everyone that your skills are more important..... You say you dont want to play unless skills are a major factor in the game, point is they are. Just not the skills you claim to have. Communication skills, Leadership skills, Tactical and strategic awareness and so much more vital skills are required to be good at Squad yet you dismiss them all for your twitch and shoot skills. Squad is so much more.
  6. Friendly down, medic is busy reviving other players and enemies are close by. MEDIC!!!! shhhh the enemy can hear you also, dont let them know a medic is around.... MEDIC!!! Shut up! MEDIC!!! Bang! Medic down because the enemy came looking
  7. So now we should try to do a "Trump" and force tax returns out of people, so we can see who is rich and can afford an big ass monitor?
  8. Under water gameplay

    At certain times and places, especially when being revived its possible to get glitched below the ground and sometimes into a wall. This has always been this way, and since so much time has passed the conclusion must be that its intentional. Your observation might be true, but im sure your conclusion isnt.
  9. Mortar calculator == cheat?

    You dont even need that
  10. Bad game culture at the moment

    An alternative to removing rally's could be PR's way of spawning. In PR, each time you died you got 1 second added to your spawn timer. Hence the player might try to stay alive more. On the other hand PR also gave players the incentive to defend flags because when you killed an enemy while defending a flag you got 1 second deducted from your spawn time ie. although the minumum spawn time never changed.
  11. Move your mouse pointer to the reload or kit selection after pressing F. If it stays in the middle, thats for entering/claiming it
  12. Kicked for swearing?

    Servers are private. You dont have freedom of speech there.
  13. We need more servers

    22:00 gmt+1 I stopped counting after 20 Empty servers in which many have ENG in the title indicating english language. Its not about finding empty servers its about finding room on full servers with good communities and teamwork. Adding more server wont solve anything other than adding to the list of empty servers. If owners and players are not willing to seed and and build up a good community server what exactly will adding more server accomplish? There are some servers where you can buy a reserved slot. Ive bought a slot on Tactical Gamer for 8 dollars a month.
  14. We need more servers

    Just now, local time 15:00 Gmt+1 ive counted more than 20 empty/half full servers. So no, I dont think we need more.
  15. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    Im sure there is. But I love the description. Does something.... Is told not to do it by admin Does something again....... Ban. Why am I not surprised? Or rather why is OP surprised?