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  1. Your assumtion could be wrong. He could be losing the fights because of low fps. With your line of thinking, anyone who would play this on a 52" 4k monitor would be cheating then, since they get an advantage. Cheating has always been defined as doing something thats not in the game. Ie. glitching, using secondary software etc. Its has never been defined as something thats part of the game and that the DEVS intended to be used.
  2. Actually, having shadows on might help depending on the situation. You might be able to see the enemies shadow before he comes around the corner. For some turning shadow off is the difference between 40 fps and 20 fps. A setting that's been put in by the devs can hardly be called cheating.
  3. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    If you want us or owi to consider anything you have to say, then yes, you actually do have to make a case for your argument. Otherwise you will come across as a kid who dropped his lollipop and DEMANDS a new one from a stranger. Well, you think squad is dead, so why are you here anyway beating a dead horse? Yet here you are. Why not be true to yourself and stay away. Its clear you dont like Squad, the community, anything else here. So the question begs, what are you doing here besides trolling?
  4. Game needs non owned servers

    So you would rather have 8 players join a logi squad, and then essential have a free kit squad, with no cohesion or teamwork, just a bunch of players grabbing kits and running around dying while the SL is supplying the habs? Some server allow 1-man sqds when appropriate, others dont. Just play on a server that has rules that you like, it aint that hard.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    So because you play on servers that does not encourage teamwork, and it seems you dont seek it since you dont try to change that by playing on better servers, you want OWI to make the game more like COD with even less teamwork? Try to seek out other server with better teamwork. Learn which squad leaders are better to play with instead of just settling with mediocrity. If I where to join a squad that you describe I would instantly leave either the squad or the server.
  6. Ping or No Ping

    I kinda agree with OP. It is still a game, and that in it self sets certain limitations to to the players to the environment they are in. I agree its not realistic in anyway, I consider it a trade of. In real life it would be soldiers trained in both communication and visual observation and not random pubs thrown together who goes, "enemy100 meters north of X" and the gauging distances in a game is quite different from a flat 2d screen. The game still contains certain helpful features, because it is a game. In real life I would know how the voice of my squadmates sound and would not need a neat little txt to tell me who is currently speaking, same goes for SL channel. IRL anyone who would have the position to use the radio would be educated in proper radio use and there would not be need for the number of the Squad to neatly be written. Game vs reality has some limitations in case of perception,and I think its fine to leave some features in, that helps with the fact that its a random bunch of players who often gets thrown together to play.
  7. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    Deploying smoke. Clearing the Area of any close enemies. Get a teammate to cover me while I revive. Communication the the wounded where to move after I revive. In general situation awareness when playing medic. I think you need to look up tactical in the dictionary.
  8. General Update

    Releases bug filled update fast: Dear Owi wtf did you release such a piece of crap Releases new update after intense testing: Dear Owi wtf is it taking so long, we want the update right now
  9. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    War!. Hours of boredom interrupted by seconds of sheer panic. This game does not pitch towards the bf5 crowd, but rather towards the tactical players. That means a slower pace. Maneuvering. Conversing ammo etc. If staring at a corpse for 15 seconds is to much for you when playing medic, well there are other options in case of games.
  10. [G]uardians EU

    Nvm. I cant read.
  11. No Servers (Tried FAQ not MSI)

    After I changed "in-game server browser:max ping in steam to 500 all servers disappeared. After I put it back on auto they came back
  12. Game needs non owned servers

    Wrong. Ive done one man supply squad tons of times. Your arguments would have more validity if they were rooted in reality. But now it also seems you want them to change the game itself besides having admin free server. Rally's are easily overrun and secondly rally's dont provide ammo. Your squad will pretty soon run low on ammo and run out of bandages, nades, LAT etc. And vehicles would have to return all the way back to main for repair and re-arm - You wont be able to put up tows against Armour, nor MG or mortars. So yeah FOB are vital. I get the impression from your arguments that you really dont know the game at all, and wanted to do some Call of duty play which resulted in you getting removed from server. Btw here are some more examples on how I single handed can grief on a server. - All these things are of course something I would never do, nor condone. If I ended up on a server with problems I would either report it, or find another server. Moderator edit : Have removed list of ways to grief, as it has served its purpose in the conversation. People barely read the sever rules. Players would join such a server and get a VERY wrong impression of squad. How would it balance? By having players on both sides leave the server in disgust at being unable to play?(read examples above) Im going to leave this discussion, since its clear that either you really dont know the game works and you base your arguments on wrong facts and conclusion.
  13. Game needs non owned servers

    It seems you havent played Squad that much. I can alone create a sqd and take a logi. No problem
  14. Game needs non owned servers

    I take a marksman spawn in main and take a logi to the middle of nowhere. Die repeat. Now the team has all its logis abandoned and cant build any fobs. Since im not tk's I wont be auto kicked by server, yet I have ruined the game for everyone. I can come up with tons of situations where I might ruin the game for others either out of malice or ignorance, and I wont be kicked. Yet in real life, the human race has yet to figure out such a system. Communism didnt work nor has Democracy or any other system have i have ever heard of. Its human nature. You will always have someone who will be either ignorant or a griefer who takes joy in inflicting chaos. And no system will ever be "smart" enough to outsmart a human.