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  1. Or the first clue, that your SL didnt know how to play, would be trying to get into the apc, without a crewman kit, or that he didnt reply to your "hello" when you joined. Why did it take you this long to figure out that the SL was a noob? Also, almost all servers require SL's to have a mic. Why didnt you report him?
  2. please do not release this patch

    Ive thought about buying surround headphones. Do you have those with virtual surround sound, or those with 3 speakers in each cup I love the new sounds and suppression system. First time I got shot at I almost got PTSD
  3. Old servers

    You mean right here? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/squad/416638
  4. Not to hate but In your rules: . All Squadleads are required to ensure the availability of a microphone for all of their squad members. Squad members without a microphone should be rememinded that a microphone is mandatory and finally need to be removed from the squad as a consequence in case of negligence. but: ~ Admins should not impose server wide rules requiring microphones, provided players are willing to use text chat in it’s stead. The two exceptions are that it is acceptable for individual squad leaders to impose a "microphone required" rule for their squad at their discretion, and it is acceptable for a server to require squad leaders have a microphone.
  5. Why it is so pixelated?

    Nice necroposting..... Is this one of your usual posts where you fire off a less than thought out statement and leave the thread never to reply to it again?
  6. Manual says 30, but it might be outdated. But losing none isnt true. People are just lazy and sound off facts they are not sure of.
  7. Muting Squad Leader

    Hence the wish for the ability to mute them I get the need to suddenly be in the situation of having to say "tank HAT behind you" without checking which sqd is using that tank, but talking and replying to a specific sqd over command channel is just rude and disruptive. If they can figure out to say 6 this is 4, you have bla bla, and have 6 replying and/or discussing some tactics then they surely can learn to press 4 and 6 on the keyboard instead of just talking on the Command channel. It was possible, and often needed in PR.
  8. Will this wiki be updated for v12?

    Update it yourself? The Squad Field Manual written and maintained by the players.
  9. Muting Squad Leader

    I Think he means the ability to mute other leaders in the command channel. Sometimes certain leaders just spam That channel and have longer talks with specific leaders, instead of talking to that sqd by pressing the correct number on the keypad and thereby disrupting internal coms for most of the other squads. A wish I understand and can agree with
  10. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    But sometimes people just want to play with their friends(clan members) too. There is nothing more annoying than having a bunch of pubbers join, and have to spend the next 2 hours herding cattle. Medics run off doing their own thing. People not being able to communicate, and yells enemy enemy enemy instead of saying 3 tango at 240. There is a reason SL's dont want to have to do this every time. @rainey06au an idea, make a 1-man locked sqd and run logistics. Most server allow that kind of sqd. Then next round join a proper sqd.
  11. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    I have never seen 8 medics in one squad either.... Tactical Gamer: An example I could find from their discord.
  12. Im more interested in how 10 meters became 984252 feet Brought to you by the player who thinks the game needs more: a) Cowbells b) Claymores c) Silencers d) Light e) Sliders f) Shift key g) Moar Weaponz h) Shovels
  13. Server Favorites

    It can have a philosophical purpose http://krystalrose.com/rosewood/library/BigButton.htm " If a tree falls on the Really Big Button in the forest when nobody is there, does it do something?"
  14. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Almost everytime I play. But again, I frequent only 1-2 different servers with 1 specific as the usual playground everyday, where medics have around 20+ revives. Back in the days, the saying in PR was that players are hardcoded. You cannot no matter what, change players behavior by changing game mechanic, you might influence a few, and make it harder for others,but those who are not interested in teamwork will always do their own thing. What remains to be seen is how this change will affect gameplay on those server where players think Team, before their own gratification.