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  1. Rounds are too long.

    Al Basrah at night oh god please no
  2. Some CQC maps/areas in maps?

    Thanks! CQC, I mean THAT close, is quite rare (basically fighting inside a building with tight corridors and rooms, 2-5 meters away, a leaning warfare tbh ^^), urban combat(found in a lot of maps) can be CQC but it's still 20-30 meters away at least. I would need more experience to join a clan, my aim's fine (or correct) but i'm still getting used to the overall feeling of the game (being accurate while being suppressed, managing your character's moves when he stands up/crouches/etc, aiming in R6 for example is easy compared to Squad. Time spent in buildings in Squad is very limited. Maybe a map only being a building, the attacking squad must conquers all the floors and the defending one holds her ground (ofc). Would be a very fast paced match, 15-20 minutes max.
  3. Hi folks, I'm new to this forum, and forums in general, and I bet this topic's been made lots of times. But here it is, yesterday I had the best fun I've ever had in Squad. I have about 100 hours now in Squad, love the game, fav FPS, etc, but I was used to mid/long range combat, a bit of urban combat in some maps, but nothing as enjoyable as I had yesterday. It was on Belaya (I think, a map with snow, looks like eastern europe :/), can't remember the name of point but there're several buildings with a green one, you basically have to capture some appartments. And we were holding this point with my squad alone, while several enemy squads were pushing us in the main building (maybe 5 or 6 floors). So as you can imagine it was very CQC, we were holding the 3 upper floors, killing whoever tries to go up by the stairs, holding angles and doors. Eventually they got some of us, captured the 3rd floor, we were pushed back to the 4th, then to the last, then we got wiped out after maybe 20 minutes of intense combat. Now I know what some of you may say, "go play some Rainbow siege 6 or something, squad's not meant to be played like that". But I belive that Squad could be an excellent CQC game with its own mechanics. If we succeeded to hold for about 20 minutes against 3times our number, it was thanks to our organisation and communication, the MG was holding a corridor, the medic was doing a great job at reviving us, some new "tactics" were used like baiting the enemy; the MG reloading while some other squad member holds an angle, faking badaging, etc.. It was overall a great time and gaming experience, very intense, the whole squad and enemies pushing us had a lot of fun, we spoke about it the in chat afterwards, we all agreed to this. So here's my point, would you play a CQC map on Squad, maybe a new mod instead of invasion and AAS? Is this question/thread even relevant to the eyes of the devs? What do you think about all this? Looking forwards to yoru answers, cheers.